Careers and Life's Work

What are some of your greatest accomplishments? How do you enjoy spending most of your free time? Where would you like to do what you do best? What are some of the skills you have used when doing your best? There are several books that helped me to answer these and other such important questions related to life's work.

Another activity was suggested to me by a friend, although I do not know the source. He called it the Glass-Bead Game (Yes, just like the title of the translation of the Herman Hesse novel). He told me to sit down and think carefully about all of the things I wanted to do. Then, make a complete list of all of these. When the list was finished I was then to analyze it and decide where I could go to best accomplish most of these things. The next day I began my list and within several weeks I had purchased a one-way ticket to Madrid. Soon thereafter I boarded a jet at Logan Airport. That 'game' changed everything. When I read the above books after the trip of several years, they helped me to organize what I had already learned.