Critical Listening

As one of the two T.I.E.P. components of University Preparation, the purpose of the listening component is to help you practice skills needed for success in U.S. university classes. The skills are discussed extensively in the Critical Listening classroom and include both language and study skills.

To practice the necessary skills you will participate in classroom and small group discussions. You will also practice note-taking skills with taped and live lectures of academic speakers. There may also be use of other media such as video or the Internet depending on the topics under study.

The course is largely content-based and thus will involve several content areas or topics for study. One example of a topic is the Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Egyptian pyramids. This topic is one of several in the textbook used in the course: Advanced Listening Comprehension by Patricia Dunkel and Frank Pialorsi available in the University Bookstore. Tapes of the lectures will be used in class and are also available in the Media Center in the University Library.

The Great Pyramid of Cheops and the Egyptian pyramids


Resources used in class for this topic:


Videos in the UT Martin library:

Internet Resources:

Materials from your teacher:


There are many books in the UT Library that relate to the topic above. If you want to explore, go there and look up related key words such as: Ancient Egypt, Pyramids, Sphinx, Egypt, and others.

If you need general information or definitions, go to the reference section, find the encyclopedia and look up some of the key words and vocabulary items. You should easily be able to find short articles that summarize the topic. The encyclopedia should be your first stop if you need to understand a topic or theme more clearly.

Interesting sources not covered in the course...

Secrets of the Lost Tomb (of Ramses II), Time, May 29, 1995, pp48-54

Tales from the Cript (of Ramses II), U.S. News, May 29, 1995, pp58-60

In Search of the Miraculous, by P.D. Ouspensky

Content Areas

These are some of the general content areas we choose from during the course. These are from the textbook Advanced Listening Comprehension, by Dunkel and Pialorsi...


Polictal Leaders


Social Issues

Intercultural Communication


We have covered a wide range of issues in the past and are not limited to the areas listed above.