Welcome to ESL Listening Comprehension...

This course will help you to understand spoken English and practice speaking with Americans. I think your listening skills will improve quickly and hope you will enjoy this course. There will be many activities in the classroom, but here are some out-of-class assignments that will help you too. For each, be ready to tell what you saw or heard at the next class meeting. The tasks below are all listening and speaking activities. If you have any questions about any assignment, ask your teacher in person or by e-mail.

Happy Caller

  1. Telephone 587-6000 and listen. Listen and press the number you choose.

  2. Telephone 587-9740 and listen. Choose one of the options, listen, and report to the class.

  3. Ask several people which radio station they listen to.

  4. Listen to a newscast, talk show, or discussion on the radio. (If you don't have a radio, ask your ESL teacher for a suggestion.)

  5. Listen to a song on one of the Internet web sites. In class tell which song/artist you listened to and what you liked or didn't like about it. Choose a song with lyrics.

  6. Make five index cards every week. On one side write any English word you want to learn. On the other side write or draw the meaning of the word or use it in a sentence. Bring all the cards to every class meeting so your partner can help you practice these new words. See example in FLASHCARDS above.


More Listening... Practice Every Day... More Listening Practice!!!

You'll need a computer that reproduces sound! Use headphones if there are other people nearby.

Eyes Closed

Posing is easier with eyes closed, isn't it?

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