The University of Tennessee at Martin
Deptartment of Modern Foreign Languages
Spanish 211, Intermediate Spanish Course Syllabus - Fall 1999

Instructor: Ken Fackler Office: Gooch 125D Office Hours: 3 p.m. daily or by appointment
E-mail: Tel #: 7349

My Spanish 211 web page:

Course Prerequisites: Spanish 112, 200 or approval from the Department

Textbooks: En Contacto, 6th Edition (Separate Textbook and Lab Manual)

Objectives: 1. To develop listening comprehension and oral proficiency via
a. conversations in the classroom in Spanish
b. discussions of readings in the textbook.
c. listening to the CD and lab tapes and doing workbook assignments
d. short compositions based on interviews
2. To extend skills of reading comprehension and writing through
a. readings in the text, newspapers, etc.
b. discussions on the Internet Bulletin Board with classmates (via URL above)
c. short compositions as assigned
3. To improve the ability to apply a knowlege of grammar to communicative contexts
4. To develop a cultural awareness of and sensitivity to the Spanish speaking world

Policies: 1. All tests, assignments and lab work are due on the specified dates. NO EXCEPTIONS
2. Class will be conducted almost entirely in Spanish. Don’t be surprised when you ask a question in English and I respond in Spanish (I can make the meaning very clear if your mind, and senses are open).
3. Class attendance is mandatory. Please talk to me personally about absence. Don’t send excuses to me by e-mail. No more than three (3) unexcused absences will be allowed without penalty. All others will result in lowering of the final grade by one-half percentage point per absence. Perfect attendance will be rewarded by 2 percentage points on the final average.

Grading Formula: Chapter Tests 50% Department Scale 92-100=A
Vocabulary Quizzes 20% 83-91=B
Labs & Workbook 20% 74-82=C
Assignments 10% 66-73=D ------------

Assignments and Participation: You are expected to come to class with assignments (homework) completed and ready to be collected and/or checked during the class. You are also expected to participate actively in all class activities, especially during conversational tasks (Note: Conversational tasks require you to speak Spanish, not English). Assignments, homework, lab work, etc. must be done on time. There will be no credit for late workbook pages.

Tests/Quizzes: Expect a test at the end of each chapter. Ideally, there will be 6 tests. No make up tests will be given. Plan on a vocabulary quiz at about the mid-point of each chapter. Thus, there will be a quiz or test nearly every week. Consistent and constant interaction with the material will make it easier to remember. See a typical schedule (other side).

Labs: The lab assignment will be collected at test time. The cassette tapes that accompany the lab manual are distributed in the M.F.L. Department office (H427) during regular office hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday). M.F.L. cassettes are to be used in the lab (H415). You may have the secretary copy our tapes onto your cassettes for you to use elsewhere. Please take your own blanks tape(s) there as soon as possible so you have your own. Our tapes must not be removed from the fourth floor of the Humanities Building nor are they to be hoarded while not in use. The supply of tapes is limited.

HELP! If you need help, please tell me as soon as you realize it. You are welcome to stop by my office during posted hours or you may request an appointment at a convenient time for both of us.

--> Resectful, polite people who try are highly valued in my classes as such visitors are in foreign countries.<--
Spanish 211, Intermediate Spanish Course Syllabus - Fall 1999
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Typical Schedule for each chapter we study. This will vary slightly from chapter to chapter.

Day 1: Presentación del Tema (Listening, Reading, Discussion questions), Vocabulary Practice

Day 2: Presentación del Tema (Preguntas and translation), Conversación 1 (Listening comprehension exercises), Introduction to Gramática

Day 3: Conversación 2 (Listening comprehension exercises), Gramática, Paired Interviews on lesson theme

Day 4: Vocabulary Quiz, Gramática

Day 5: Turn in Composición based on Interview, Gramática

Day 6: Gramática and Review for Chapter Test

Day 7: Turn in Lab, Chapter Test (Includes Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension, Speaking, and Grammar Items)

Note: Additional activities not in the text will add a day to this schedule

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