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Music Resources and Trumpet Music
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General music resources and reference

The music reference section is located on the first floor and includes all call numbers beginning with the letter 'M'.

Baker's Biographical Dictionary  (ML 105 .B16 2001)
An excellent resource for biographical information for major and minor composers. The preface by editor Nicolas Slonimsky is a good read. I also recommend Slonimsky's Lexicon of Musical Invective. (ML 100 S.637 1989)

Harvard Dictionary of Music (ML100 .A64 2003)
This is dictionary contains everything from definitions of musical terms to musicological articles on specific subjects like "Gregorian chant", "ophicleide", "Music of Southeast Asia" or "güiro). It does not contain biographical citations. (Incidentally, a couple years ago, I had the opportunity to meet the editor, Don Michael Randel, who at the time was President of my alma mater, the University of Chicago. He is a former trumpet player.)

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians  (ML101.U6 N48 1986)
The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is the most comprehensive and up to date music encyclopedia in the English language. It is an excellent resource for information on individual composers, articles on various topics. (There are volumes on specific topics including American Music, Jazz, Musical Instruments, Opera, Women Composers)

Electronic resources

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Online - the same resource as above available online.

RILM - Abstracts of Music Literature - An extensive collection of bibliographic records focused on music reference. This database offers international coverage of music including books, bibliographies, conference proceedings, catalogs, discographies, dissertations, ethnographic recordings, festschriften, films, iconographies, and videos.

First Search/World Cat - This database contains titles and information on virtually all published scores, texts and recordings. It is useful if you intend to order items thorugh Interlibrary Loan.

Ebsco Research Databases - This database offers access to some music journals and periodicals.


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Trumpet Resources and Music


Current issues are located on the first floor of the library in the Periodicals Section; back issues are on second floor.

  • Brass bulletin
  • Historic Brass Society Journal
  • International Trumpet Guild Journal

The following is a categorized list of texts, trumpet music and recordings at the Paul Meek library (updated 6/1/2007). You may browse by clicking on the on the category you wish to see or by scrolling down.








Call Number

Altenburg, Johann Ernst. Essay on an introduction to the heroic and musical trumpeters' and kettledrummers'art, for the sake of a wider acceptance of the same, described historically, theoretically, and practically and illustrated with examples.  New York: Broude Brothers, 1966.

MT440 .A6

Barbour, James Murray. Trumpets, Horns and Music. East Lansing: Michigan State University, 1964.

ML930 .B33

Bate, Philip. The Trumpet and Trombone: an Outline of their History, Development and Construction.  New York: Norton, 1966.

ML960 .B38

Bendinelli, Cesare. The Entire Art of Trumpet Playing, 1614.  Nashville: Brass Press, 1975.

MT442 .B42

Dahlqvist, Reine. The Keyed Trumpet and its Greatest Virtuoso, Anton Weidenger.  Nashville: Brass Press, 1975.

ML960 .D25

Eichborn, Hermann Ludwig, The Old Art of Clarino Playing on Trumpets. Denver: Tromba Publications, 1976.

ML963.E3513 1976

Fantini, Girolamo. Method for learning to play the trumpet in a warlike way as well as musically: with the organ, with a mute, with a harpsichord, and every other instrument.  Nashville: Brass Press, 1975.

MT440 .F1613 1975b

Lowrey, Alvin L. Trumpet Discography.  Nashville: Brass Press, 1971.

ML963 .L68X

Menke, Werner. History of the Trumpet of Bach and Handel. London: W. Reeves, 1934.

ML960.M4 H5 1934

Naylor, Tom L. The Trumpet and Trombone in Graphic Arts, 1500-1800. Nashville: Brass Press, 1979.

ML85 .N35 1979

Smithers, Don. L. The Music And History Of The Baroque Trumpet Before 1721. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1973.

ML960 .S63

Sousa, John Philip. A Book on Instruction for the Field-trumpet and Drum Signals Now in Use in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps of the United States.  Chicago: W. F. L. Drum, 1961.

MT655 .S69X

Tarr, Edward H. The Trumpet. Portland, OR: Amadeus Press, 1988.

ML960 .T3713 1988

Tetzlaff, Daniel B. Shining Brass; The Story of the Trumpet and Other Brass Instruments. Minneapolis: Lerner Publications, 1964.

ML3930.A2 T47


Bellamah, Joseph L. A Trumpeter's Treasure of Information.  San Antonio: Southern Music Co. 1969.

MT445.B44X T7

Bush, Irving R. Artisitic Trumpet; Technique and Study.  Hollywood: Highland Music Co. 1962.

MT440 .B88

Dale, Delbert A. Trumpet Technique.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1967.

MT440 .D34

Gibson, Daryl J. A Textbook for Trumpet. Minneapolis: Schmitt, Hall and McCreary, 1967.

MT445 .G5 1967

Grocock, Robert. Advanced Method for Trumpet. Greencastle, IN: Argee Music Press, 1968.

MT442 .G83

Johnson, Keith. The Art of Trumpet Playing. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1981.

MT440 .J65 1981

Johnson, Keith. Brass performance and pedagogy. Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, c2002

Ruettiger, Justin. Technique of Tone Production for Trumpet. New York: Vantage Press, 1976.

MT440 .R83

Sherman, Roger. The Trumpeter's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing and Teaching the Trumpet. Athens, OH: Accura Music, 1979.

 MT442 .S54X



Arban, Jean-Baptiste. Arban's Complete Conservatory Method. Carl Fischer, 1982.

MT442 .A613 1982

Hickman, David. The Piccolo Trumpet. Tromba Publications, 1973.

MT445 .H53X

Technical Exercises

Callet, Jerome. Trumpet Yoga. New York: Callet, 1973.

MT445 .C36 1973

Irons, Earl D. Twenty-seven Groups of Exercises for Cornet and Trumpet. San Antonio: Southern Music Co., 1966.

MT445.I74 T9 S6 196

Schlossberg, Max. Daily Drills and Technical Studies for Trumpet.  M. Baron, 1965.

MT445.S32 D2 1965

Shuebruk, Richard. The Complete Shuebruk Lip Trainers for Trumpet. Carl Fischer, 2003.

MT455 .S57 2003

Shuebruk, Richard. The Complete Shuebruk Tongue Trainers for Trumpet.  Carl Fischer, 2003.

MT445 .S58 2003

Stamp, James. Warm ups + Studies. Editions BIM, 2000.

MT445.S736 W3 2000


Borodogni, Marco. Art de la phrase. Paris: Leduc, 1951.

MT445 .B69 1951

Brandt, Vasilii. 34 Studies. New York: International Music Co., 1956.

MT445,B77 T55 1956

Charlier, Theo. 36 etudes transecdantes.  Paris: Alphonse Leduc, 1946.

MT445 .C43 1946

Voxman, Himie. Selected Studies for Cornet or Trumpet. Miami: Rubank, 1953.

MT445.V6 S4 1953

Wurm, Vasilii Vasilevich. 40 Studies. New York: International Music Co., 1963.

MT445. V87 1963

Trumpet with piano


Arutunian, Alexander. Concerto for Trumpet. Sikorski, 1972.

M1031.A8 C6 1972

Barat, Joseph Edouard. Fantaisie en mi bemol, pour cornet sib ou trompette ut ou sib et piano. Leduc, 1958.

M261.B36 F2 1958

Beversdorf, Thomas, Sonata for trumpet and piano. Southern, 1963.

M261.B48 S6 1963

Bozza, Eugene. Caprice pur trompette en ut ou Sib et piano, op. 47. Leduc, 1943.

M261.B69 C37 1943

Bozza, Eugene. Rustiques. Leduc, 1955.

M261 .B69 R87 1955

Clarke, Herbert L. Carnival of Venice. Warner Bros., 1938.

M261.C53 F36 1938

Clarke, Herbert L. The Debutante.Hickman Music Editions, 2005.

M1206.C53 D43 2005

Enesco, Georges.  Legend for Trumpet and Piano. International Music Co., 1959.

M261.E54 L435 1950

Ewazen, Eric. Sonata for trumpet and piano. Southern, 1997.

M261.E93 S66 1997

Fitzgerald, Bernard. English Suite. Presser, 1955.

M261.F57 E5 1955

Fitzgerald, Bernard. Gaelic Suite. Presser, 1979.

M261.F57 G3 1979

Fitzgerald, Bernard. Italian Suite. Presser, 1967.

M261.F57 17 1967

Giannini, Vittorio. Concerto for Trumpet. Warner Bros., 1948.

M1031.G5 C6 1948

Gregson, Edward. Trumpet Concerto. Novello,  1984.

M1131 .G74 1984

Handel, George Frideric, Adagio and allegro from Sonata in E. Presser, 1957.

M261 .H3 Op.1  No.15 1957

Handel, George Frideric. Suite in D major for trumpet with piano reduction. Musica Rara, 1970.

M1131.H25 W48 1970

Haydn, Franz Joseph. Trumpet concerto. G. Schirmer, 1963.

M1031.H42 H. VIIe 1 1963

Hindemith, Paul. Sonate fur Trumpete in B und Klavier. Schott's Sohne, 1940.

M261.H5 .S6

Hummel, Johann Nepomuk, ed. Armando Ghitalla. Trumpet concerto. R. King Music, 1959.

M1031.H85 C6

Kennan, Kent Wheeler. Sonata for trumpet and piano. Warner Bros., 1986.

M261.K46 S6 1886

Koetsier, Jan. Sonatina, op. 56. Editions Marc Reift, 1991.

M261.K64 S66 1991

Martinu, Bohuslav. Sonatine.  Leduc,  1957.

M261.M36 S65 1957

Neruda, Johann Baptist Georg. Concerto in Eb. Musica Rara, 1975.

M1131.N37 Eb maj. 1975

Peeters, Flor. Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. C.F. Peters Corp., 1961.

M261 .P43 Op.51 1961

Pilss, Karl. Sonate fur Trompete und Klavier. Universal Editions, 1962.

M261.P5 S6 1962

Scarlatti, Domenico, Sonata no. 17 for trumpet and piano. International, 1965.

M261.S28 K.17 1965

Stevens, Halsey. Sonata for trumpet and piano. C.F. Peters,  1959.

M261 .S748 1959

Takacs, Jeno, Sonata breve, op. 67. Doblinger, 1964.

M261 .T335 Op. 67 1964

Trumpet Unaccompanied

Ketting, Otto. Intrada: for trumpet or horn. Donemus, 1977.

M87.K48 I5 1977

Persichetti, Vincent. Parable for solo trumpet: Parable XIV, op. 127. Elkan-Vogel, 1975.

M87.P47 P37 1975

Sampson, David. Litany of Breath. Brass Press, 1981.

M87.S26 L5 1981

Wilson, Dana. I Remember: for Trumpet Unaccompanied in the Jazz Idiom. ITG, 1997.

M87.W7474 I2 1997

Trumpet Ensemble

Borishansky, Elliot. Three Mosquitoes Find They are Reunited After a Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey: for 3 trumpets and slapstick. Brass Press, 1982.

M357.4.B67 T5 1982

Britten, Benjamin. Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury. Boosey and Hawkes, 1969.

M357.B85 F3

Broiles, Mel. Fanfare. R. King, 1981.

M1270.B84 F3

Lo Presti, Ronald. Suite for five trumpets. Shawnee Press, 1963.

M557.4.L6 S9 1963

Stanley, Edwin. Toot sweet trios. Edwin Stanley Music Co., 1979.

M357.4.S72 T66 1979

Takacs, Jeno. Ttumpet studio I: 2-3 trumpets in C or Bb, op. 98. Doblinger, 1978.

M28 .T35 Op. 98

Tull, Fisher. Canonical trilogy for 4 trumpets. Western International Music, 1968.

M457.4.T8 C3


Solo trumpet CDs



Call No.



Recording label

CD 1014

Keith Benjamin

New Vintage

Gothic Records

CD 1063

Keith Benjamin

Music from SEAMUS

Denon Digital

CD 652

Timofei Dokshizer

Russian Treasures


CD 612

Niklas Eklund

The Art of the Baroque Trumpet, vol. 1

HNH International

CD 1021

Rheinhold Friedrich

Concertos for Keyed Trumpet


CD 627

Ludwig Güttler

Leipziger Bach - Collegium


CD 1030

Charles Gates

Fantasie Brillante


CD 962

Håkan Hardenberger

Famous Trumpet Concertos
from the Baroque

Universal Music Group

CD 963

Håkan Hardenberger

French Music for Trumpet and Organ


CD 976

Håkan Hardenberger

The Virtuoso Trumpet


CD 74

Adolph Herseth

Haydn Trumpet Concerto


CD 967

Adolph Herseth

The Chicago Principal


CD 1035

David Hickman

David Hickman, Trumpet


CD 970

David Hickman

The Golden Age of Brass Vol. 2


CD 969

David Hickman

The Golden Age of Brass Vol. 1


CD 1034

John Holt

Unconventional Trumpet


CD 1041

Wynton Marsalis



CD 92

Wynton Marsalis

Three Favorite Concertos


CD 919

Michael Mulcahy

Orchestral Excerpts


CD 1082

Robert Nagel

Trumpet in Transition


CD 1028

Louis Ranger

The Trumpet Comes of Age


CD 1042

Rex Richardson



CD 798

Philip Smith

Contest Solos


CD 1010

Philip Smith

Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet


CD 1031

Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens, Trumpet


CD 1032

Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens, Trumpet


CD 1033

Thomas Stevens

Thomas Stevens, Trumpet


CD 880

James Thompson

An American Portrait


CD 1194

John Wallace

Trumpet Concertos by Telemann










CD 1020

Various performers

Chamber Music of Eric Ewazen


CD 952

Various performers

Hindemith Complete Brass Works


CD 992

Various performers

Trumpet Music of Ukraine






Brass Ensemble CDs



CD 403

Charles Argersinger

Charles Argersinger

Arizona Univ.

CD 1022

Meridian Arts Ensemble

Meridian Arts Ensemble

Channel Classics

CD 648

Center City Brass Quintet

Street song


CD 1036

Center City Brass Quintet

Center City Brass Quintet


CD 850

Arnold Jacobs

Portrait of an artist


CD 951

Perantoni, Daniel

Daniel in the lion's den


CD 427

St. Louis Brass

Pops: Music of the Americas


CD 1020

Various performers

Chamber Music of Eric Ewazen


CD 952

Various performers

Hindemith Complete Brass Works






Other resources



CD 536

Music Minus One

Three Trumpet Concerti

Music Minus One

CD 537

Music Minus One

The Art of the Solo Trumpet

MMO Music Group


Various editors

International Trumpet Guild journal,




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