WELCOME to UTM Japanese program!


If you are looking for a fun and challenging foreign language, consider taking Japanese at UTM! Japanese 111, the course for students who have no prior knowledge of Japanese, is offered every semester. From there, students can continue learning Japanese by taking 122 (second-semester Elementary Japanese) and 222 (Intermediate Japanese).

Students can even minor in Japanese at UTM, which can be a strong accompaniment to your major!

After completing Japanese 222, you can take advanced courses. An advanced-level course is offered every semester. Students complete 4 upper division courses to earn a minor!

UTM also offers fantastic study abroad opportunities!

A 10-day Travel Study, a 2-week homestay program and a 1 – 2 semester exchange program at our official partner universities in Japan.

If you have any questions, please contact Kyoko Hammond at kyhammond@utm.edu.


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