Frankenstein's Daughters:
Women and Science Fiction

Course requirements:

At least twice a week, class members should contribute to the listserv.  The novels discussed should follow the reading schedule and class discussion; students are expected to have at least one entry on each work.  Students can pick up issues from the classroom discussion, or introduce new issues.  Students are expected to do outside, critical reading as well, since this is to be primarily a participation class and such readings will be necessary to sustain discussions of the novels.  To encourage such reading, students are expected to write reviews of three critical essays during the course of the semester.  I have provided a link to some background information and discussion questions through the title listing in the schedule.

Besides participating in the e-mail discussion twice a week, students will write two papers--one five-page, close reading of a novel on the syllabus (an analysis of a character, theme, setting, or image), and one ten-page research paper (three sources minimum, MLA documentation) on a novel. Either paper may be done first, but you may want to do the close reading second so that you have more choices.   Finally, there will be mid-term and final exams as well.

Optional activities:

I will also be offering optional viewings of films based on some of the novels we will be reading.  I am asking you to view many of the films and you may do so on your own (if you have children, please note that most of these films contain scenes that might be considered unsuitable for younger viewers), but I am also inviting you to join me and others in the class to view the films together and, if you wish, taking a few minutes to talk about them.  We will meet in the library viewing rooms (Media Services) and the times are on the schedule below.

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