Lynn M. Alexander

Curriculum Vitae

College of Humanities and Fine Arts

University of Tennessee at Martin

Martin, TN  38238


(731) 881-7490




1986   Ph.D. in English, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK.

1981   M.A. in English, University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK.

1978   B.A. in English, Phillips University, Enid, OK.




Women, Work and Representation: Needlewomen in Victorian Art and Literature. Ohio University Press, 2003.


Scholarly Editions

John Halifax, Gentleman. Dinah Mulock Craik. Broadview Press, 2005.

The Slaughter-House of Mammon: An Anthology of British Social Protest Literature. Eds. Sharon A. Winn and Lynn M. Alexander. Locust Hill Press, 1992.



In Books

“Infanticide in Early-Nineteenth-Century British Novels.” Infanticide. Eds. Brigitte Bechtold and Donna Cooper Graves. 2010: 195-97.

“‘Shadows Uplifted’:  Gender and Race Perspectives in the Works of Stowe and Harper.”  The Language of Diversity: Restoration Toward Peace and Unity.  Mary Alice Trent, Trevor Grizzle, Andrew Lang, Elsa Rogers, eds. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007.

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“‘Hearts as innocent as hers’: The Drowned Woman in Victorian Literature and Art.” Violence and Beauty. Eds. Lisa Dickson and Maryna Romanets. 2012.


In Journals

“The ‘Aristocracy of Talent’: John Halifax as a Captain of Industry.”  TPA Bulletin (2012): 36-45.

“Unsexed by Labor:  Middle-Class Women and the Need to Work.”  ATQ 22.4 (Fall 2008), 593-608.

“Laboring Fathers:  Parenthood, Class, and Gender.”  Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies.  4.3 (Winter 2008).

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“Following the Thread: Dickens and the Seamstress.” Victorian Newsletter, Fall 1991. 1-7.

“Mid-Nineteenth-Century Fiction in the Factory House Library.” Women Writers in McFarlin, First Series. University of

Tulsa, 1985.


Book Reviews

Kestner, Joseph. Sherlock's Sisters: The British Female Detective, 1964-1913. Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, Summer 2005.

Deborah Anna Logan, ed. Illustrations of Political Economy: Selected Tales by Harriet Martineau. Broadview Press, 2004.

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Margaret Holman, Bearing the Word: Language and Female Experience in Nineteenth-Century Women's Writing. Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature. Spring 1987.



“Knowledge, Power, Reform:  Frances Trollope’s Feminist Vision in Michael Armstrong.”  Tennessee Philological Association.  Martin, TN, February 2012.

“Setting the Standard:  Trollope’s Michael Armstrong and Labor Reform.”  Nineteenth-Century British Literature, South Central Modern Language Association. Hot Springs, AR.  October 2011.

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“‘The Most Poetical Topic’: The Victorian Way of Dying.”  Dickens Society, Modern Language Association.  Philadelphia, PA, December 2009.

“Sociological Stylistics:  The Politics of Dialect in Early Nineteenth-Century British Fiction.”  Panel on Current Work in

Sociological Poetics, MLA.  Philadelphia, PA, December 2009.

“Infanticide in the Nineteenth-Century British Narrative.”  Literature and Politics, SCMLA.  Baton Rouge, LA, October 2009.

“Beyond Despair:  The Drowned Woman in Victorian Literature and Art.” INCS.  Saratoga Springs, NY, April 2009.

“Beyond Mallais’ Ophelia: The Drowned Woman in Victorian Art and Literature.”  TPA.  Memphis, TN, February 2009.

“Breaking the Bonds:  Alcott and Blake on Women and Work.”  Politics and Literature Session, SCMLA.  San Antonio, TX, November 2008. 

Session Chair, South Central Dialect Society, SCMLA.  San Antonio, TX, November 2008. 

“‘Shadows Uplifted’:  The Trope of the Maternal in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Iola Leroy.”  Nineteenth-Century Studies Association.  Miami, FL, April 2008.

“Matriarchal Power in Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Iola Leroy.”  TPA.  Clarksville, TN, February 2008.

Sociological Stylistics:  The Politics of Dialect in Early Nineteenth-Century British Fiction.”  South Central Dialect Society, SCMLA.  Memphis, TN, November 2007.

Session Chair, Nineteenth-Century British Literature, SCMLA, Memphis, TN, November 2007

“Stowe, Harper, and Abolition.”  Conference on Christianity, Culture, and Diversity in America.  Tulsa, OK, November 2006.

“Glorious Satisfaction: Victorian Deathbed Scenes.” Nineteenth-Century British Culture Session, SCMLA. Dallas, TX, October 2006.

Contesting Dimensions: Flatland as Social Commentary.” Literature and Politics Session, SCMLA. Houston, TX, October 2005.

Session Chair.  North American Victorian Studies Association. Charlottesville, VA. September 2005

“Christian Archetypes in Faulkner’s ‘Barn Burning.’” Christianity and Literature Session, SCMLA. New Orleans, LA, October 2004.

“The New Man: Craik’s John Halifax, Gentleman.” Annual Conference of Canadian Teachers of English, Winnipeg, CA, May 2004.

“Joyful Release: Victorian Deathbed Scenes.” INCS. Iowa City, IA, April 2004.

“Laboring Fathers: Parenthood, Class, and Gender.”  TPA. Columbia, TN, February 2004.

“Creating a Leader for the Industrial World: Craik’s John Halifax, Gentleman.” Literature and Politics, SCMLA. Hot Springs, AR, October 2003.

“Unsexed by Labor: Middle-Class American Women and the Need to Work.” SCMLA. Austin, TX, November 2002.

“Women’s Work: Women in Mid-Century Industrial Fiction.” North American Conference on British Studies. Toronto, Canada, November 2001.

Chair, Literary Criticism Session, SCMLA. Tulsa, OK, November 2001.

“‘Fashion’s Slaves’: Nineteenth-Century Needlewomen.” Locating the Victorians. Science Museum, London, UK, July 2001

“Laboring Fathers: Working-Class Fathers in Gaskell, Faed, and Fildes.” SCMLA. San Antonio, TX, November 2000.

Chair, Nineteenth-Century British Literature, SCMLA. San Antonio, TX, November 2000.

“Pictures of Adversity: Portrayals of Sweated Labor at Century’s End.” Midwest Victorian Studies Association. Urbana-Champaign, IL, April 2000.

“Signifying Sex: Gloria Naylor’s Bailey’s Cafe and Western Religious Tradition.” Special Session: Gloria Naylor’s Revisions, MLA. Chicago, December 1999.

“Escaping the Wallpaper: Teaching Women’s Literature On-Line.” CEA Roundtable, MLA. Chicago, December 1999.

“‘The Stone of History Skipping Over the Water’: The Postmodern British Narrative.” Politics and Literature, SCMLA. Memphis, TN, October 1999.

Chair, Twentieth-Century British Literature, SCMLA. Memphis, TN, October 1999.

“Salvation or Sacrifice: The Emigration Debate in Victorian Periodicals.” Research Society in Victorian Periodicals. Yale University, September 1999.

“Finding the Class in the Virtual Classroom: Teaching Women’s Literature On-Line.” TPA. Union University, Jackson, TN, February 1999

“Finding the Common Denominator: Edwin Abbott’s Flatland and Social Protest.” Nineteenth-Century British Literature: The Textuality of Victorian Culture, SCMLA. New Orleans, LA, November 1998.

“Taking Back Language: Naylor’s Bailey’s Cafe.” Conference on Twentieth-Century Literature. Louisville, KY, February 1998.

“Adapting Austen for the ’90s: Austen on Film.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association. Atlanta, GA. November 1997.

“Is there a ‘Classic’ in this Classroom? Teaching Morrison’s Song of Solomon.” South Central CEA, SCMLA. Dallas, TX, October 1997.

Chair, Literary Theory: Gender Criticism, SCMLA. Dallas, TX, 1997.

“Of Primrose Sweet: City/Country Dichotomies in Industrial Literature and Illustration.” RSVP. Chicago, IL, September 1997.

“Creating a Cultural Symbol.” The Victorian Record of Protest: Conference on Language and Literature. Baylor U. Waco, TX, April 1997.

“A Symbol of the Working Poor: The Seamstress in Victorian Literature.” British Women’s         Writing/Political Discourse, 1640-1867. Comparative Literature Symposium. University of Tulsa. Tulsa, OK, March 1997.

“The Forgotten Icon: Nineteenth-Century Women, Work, and Social Protest.” Literary Criticism, SAMLA. Savannah, GA, November 1996.

“Ivory to Celluloid: Pride and Prejudice from Novel to Miniseries.” South Central CEA, SCMLA. San Antonio, TX, October 1996.

“The Illusion of Symmetry: Form and Balance in Edgeworth’s Castle Rackrent.” Literary Theory, SCMLA. Houston, TX, October 1995.

Chair: Nineteenth-Century British Literature, SCMLA. Houston, TX, October 1995.

“‘If only for one short hour’: City/Country Iconography in Seamstress Art and Literature.” British Comparative Literature Association, Cities/Gardens/Wildernesses. Edinburgh, Scotland, July 1995.

“Suffering to Speak: Women and Religion in the Nineteenth-Century Novel.” Women’s Caucus, CEA. Cleveland, OH, April 1995.

Chair: Women's Connection: Women’s Texts I Love to Teach. CEA. Cleveland, OH, April 1995.

“Points of View, Pairings, and Possibilities: Ideas for Teaching Fiction.” Tennessee Council of Teachers of English. Nashville, TN, September 1994.

“Creating an Icon: Representations of Needlewomen in the Illustrations of Punch.” RSVP. Tampa, FL, September 1994.

“A Symbol for the Working Poor: The Seamstress in the Victorian Novel.” Conference on 18th- and 19th-Century British Women Writers. East Lansing, MI, April 1994.

“(Re)Discovering the ‘Lost’: Industrial Literature by Nineteenth-Century American Women.” CEA. Orlando, FL, April 1994.

“Change and Resistance Thereto: Problems with Adding to and Deleting from College Reading Lists.” Women’s Connection, CEA. Orlando, FL, April 1994.

“An Earlier Realism: Industrial Literature by Nineteenth-Century American Women.” TPA.  Nashville, TN, February 1994.

“Sinner or Sacrifice: The Drowned Woman in Victorian Literature and Art.” Nineteenth-Century English Literature, SCMLA. Austin, TX, October 1993.

“Transcending Gender: Industrial Literature by Nineteenth-Century American Women.” American Culture Association/Popular Culture Association. New Orleans, LA, April 1993.

“In a Different Voice: Nineteenth-Century American Women Writers.” Midwest Modern Language Association. St. Louis, MO, November 1992.

Chair, “Echoes of Eco.” Special session, MMLA, St. Louis, MO, November 1992.

“Soccer to Semiotics: The Realities of Hyperreality.” Echoes of Eco, MMLA. St. Louis, MO, November 1992.

Chair, Literature and Politics. SCMLA. Memphis, TN, October 1992.

“Author, Editor, Social Scientist: Charlotte Elizabeth Who?” MMLA. Chicago, IL, November 1991.

“Tripping through the Mine Field: Feminist Criticism in the '90s.” Literary Theory, SCMLA. Fort Worth, TX, October 1991.

“Team Teaching, Computers, and Advanced Composition.” TCEA. Jackson, TN, September 1991.

“Charlotte Elizabeth and the Crusade for Reform.” NACB    S. Santa Clara University, CA, April 1991.

“Breaking Down Barriers: Politics and Dialect in Early Nineteenth-Century British Fiction.” Dialogue in Literary

Narration II, MLA. Chicago, IL, December 1990.

“Reloading the Canon.” Politics and Literature, SCMLA. San Antonio, TX, 1990.

“Publishing for Women: Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna and the Christian Lady’s Magazine.” RSVP. Baylor University, Waco,

TX, September 1990.

“Tracing the Thread: Dickens and the Seamstress.” TPA. Murfreesboro, TN, February 1990.

“Reevaluating Nineteenth-Century American Social Protest Fiction.” The Radical Caucus, MLA. Washington, D.C., December 1989.

“Creating Power Women, Politics, and Social Protest Fiction.” English Literature II: Nineteenth Century, SCMLA. New Orleans, LA, October 1987.

“Women Working for Women: The Works of Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna.”  Literature and Politics, SCMLA.  Houston, TX, October 1987.

“The Politics of Dialect: Edgeworth, Scott, and Gaskell.”  South Central Dialect Society, SCMLA.  New Orleans, LA, October 1986.

“The Plight of the Victorian Seamstress.” Women’s Caucus, SCMLA. Tulsa, OK, October 1985.

“Christian Mythos in Faulkner’s ‘Barn Burning.’”  Conference on Christianity and Literature.  Enid, OK, November 1984.


“Death and the Maiden:  Victorian Deathbed Scenes.”  South Central Modern Language Association.  San Antonio, TX.  November 2012.

Chair, Literature and Politics session. SCMLA.  San Antonio, TX.  November 2012.


Honors and Fellowships 

2004-13       Who’s Who in America

2011-12       Who’s Who in Academia

2011             UT Leadership Institute

2010-11       Who’s Who Among Collegiate Faculty

2009             Hirosaki University Visiting Scholar

2007             South Central MLA Historical Literary/Cultural Studies Paper Prize

2005-07       Contemporary Authors; Who’s Who Among American Women

2000-07       Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2005             Reagan Leave

2004             SCCEA Scholar/Teacher of the Year; UT System Featured Faculty; Phi Delta Kappa Apple Award;

                      Women’s Studies Lecture Series: “Creating a Symbol: Nineteenth-Century Seamstress Iconography”

2001             Best Practices @ UT 2001 Showcase: The British Novel Online

1998             Scholarfest Lecturer, University Scholars Program: “Southern Women in Naylor’s Mama Day.

                      University of Tennessee at Martin

1997             Outstanding Educator. University of Tennessee at Martin.

1994             Muriel Tomlinson Memorial Lecture, Phi Kappa Phi: “The Ghost in the Looking Glass:

                      Women, Work, and Victorian Literature.” University of Tennessee at Martin

1992-94       Plenary Speaker: “Approaches to Frankenstein.” Tennessee Governor’s School in the Humanities

1990             NEH Summer Institute: “Romantic to Victorian: The Cultural Transition.” American University,

                      Washington, D.C.

1988             Visiting Lecturer, University of Keele, Staffordshire, England.


Administrative Experience

2010-                      Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, University of Tennessee at Martin

2006-10                  Interim Dean, College of Humanities and Fine Arts, University of Tennessee at Martin

2000-10                  Chair, Department of English, University of Tennessee at Martin


Teaching Experience

1999-present         Professor, University of Tennessee at Martin

1993-99                 Associate Professor, University of Tennessee at Martin (tenured)

1989-93                 Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee at Martin

1988                      Visiting Lecturer, University of Keele, Staffordshire, England

1986-89                 Assistant Professor, Upper Iowa University


Graduate Courses

The British Novel to Joyce (UT Martin)

Class and Gender (Victorian Studies Department, Keele)                

Modern/Postmodern Narrative (UT Online)

Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Women Novelists (UT Online)

Women Writers (UT Martin)

Dissertation Committee, René O’Brien, “How Emotions Affect Educational Decision Making among Mothers Enrolled in Community College Who also Work,” defended March 2006 (Cappella University)


Undergraduate Courses

The American Novel                             The Modern Novel

Austen and Film                                    Romantic Poetry and Prose

British Literary Tradition I, II               Senior Capstone

The British Novel                                 Technical Communication

English Composition I, II                     Victorian Poetry and Prose

Introduction to Literary Criticism       Women Writers    

Introduction to English Studies


Teaching Interests

Victorian studies, the novel (British and American), literary theory, women’s studies.


University Service


2009-2012   Interdisciplinary Student Writing Conference Committee

2010             Establishment of the Alexander Prize, Interdisciplinary Student Writing Conference

2007             University Scholar project reader:  Rachel Hammond, “Tonto and the Redneck Write Back: 

                      Writing from a Perspective of a Culture Dealing with the Aftermath of Defeat: A Study of Why

                      the Satire of Southern and Native American Authors Should Be Critiqued with Postcolonialism”

2006             University Scholars Seminar: “Mysteries and Thrillers”

2003, 04       University Scholars Seminar: “Dreams and Nightmares: Fairy Tales to Urban Legends”

2001-04       Graduate School Workshop, presenter and discussion leader

2002             University Scholar project reader: Amanda Inman, “The Echo of Closed Mouths: A Voice through the Silence”

1990-2001   Sigma Tau Delta (International English Honor Society) sponsor

1998-2000   University Scholar mentor: Matthew Jarrett, “The Lord of the Outer Darkness” (fiction)

1995-99        English Department Writing Awards judge

1990-98        English Society sponsor

1994-96        University Scholar mentor: Brandy Lumpkins, “The Fantastical in Renaissance Drama”

1995              Pre-law advisor

1993              Sponsor of Bean Switch (student literary magazine); University Scholar project reader:

                      Melissa Jan Adams, “The Role of Social Interaction and the Quest for Authority in

                       The Book of Margery Kempe

1990-92        University Scholar mentor: Sharon Hickman, “Finding the Common Denominator:

                       The Utilization of Mathematics in Literature”

English Department

2010-12          Reader, Departmental Writing Awards

2001-06          Awards and Scholarships Committee (Chair)

2004-05          Self-Study Committee (Goals)

1997-03          Bradford Exam Committee (Chair, 1998-2000)

2000-02          Self-Study Committees (Goals, Curriculum)

1996-00          Search Committees (Chair, 1999, 1998, 1997)

1995-00          Curriculum Committee; Student Awards Committees; English Writing Awards reader

1992-00          Tenure/Promotion Committees

1992-98          Steering Committee

1993-94          Planning Document and Chair Search Committees

1992-93          Computers in English and Bradford Exam Committees



2011-13           Phi Kappa Phi, Program Chair

2009-12           SACS Federal Requirements and Quality Enhancement Program Committees

2012                 Equity and Diversity Office Search Committee, chair

2008-11           Faculty Writing Group (founder)

2002-10           Canadian Studies Committee; BA/BS Committee (BA Subcommittee Chair, 2004-05;

                          Curriculum Subcommittee, 2005-present)

2011                 College of Engineering and Natural Sciences Dean Search Committee;

                          Tenure Committee for Mary Carpenter, Paul Meek Library Director

2010                 Deans’ Council Representative to the Faculty Senate

2009                 STEM Advisory Board

2008                 Publications Committee

2006-08           Honors and Ceremonies Committee

2006                 Phi Kappa Phi, President

2005-06           On-Line and University Studies Council;

2002-06           Center for Global Studies Executive Committee

2005                 President-Elect, Phi Kappa Phi

2002-05           Honors Council (Chair 2003-04)

2004                 Extended Campus/English Search Committee, Chair; Director of On-Line Studies Search

                          Committee; BA Curriculum Revision Committee, Chair; Canadian Studies Visiting

                          Delegation; Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee

2002-04            University Council

2003                 Canadian Studies Symposium; AVCAA Search Committee; Talking about Teaching presentation

2002                 Talking about Teaching presentation; Ad Hoc Committee on Higher Education Funding;

                          Ad Hoc Committee on BA/BS/General Education Compliance

2001-02            Adjunct Handbook Task Force, Chair

2000-02           Faculty Development Committee; SACS Committee on Institutional Effectiveness

1998-00           Faculty Research Committee; Phi Kappa Phi Officer

1998                 Modern Foreign Language/Women’s Studies Film Series; Presenter, “Southern Women Writers,”

                          Southern Cultures Festival

1997-98           Faculty Relations Committee; UTM Representative to UT President’s Advisory Council

1997                 Department of Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Five-Year Review

                          Committee, Chair

1992-97           University Teaching Effectiveness Committee

1995                 Faculty Research Committee

1991-95            UTM Learning and Assessment Committee

1989-94            Member of Arts and Sciences Teaching Effectiveness Committee (Chair, 1991)

1992                  Department of Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Five-Year Review Committee

1991-92            Committee on Committees

1990-92            Faculty Development Committee


2011-13            Humanities Tennessee Board of Directors

2010-2012       Friends of Paul Meek Library, President

2012                 Reviewer book proposal, Oxford UP; reader, article ms., Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal

                          for the Study of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics

2011                 Reviewer, book proposal, Oxford UP; interview WCMT radio, language in Huckleberry Finn, January 2011.

2010                 “‘It’s Alive! Our Enduring Fascination with Frankenstein,” October Brown Bag, FOPML;

                           Frankenstein, Martin Middle School Clue Program; Introduction to A Christmas Carol,                                                           “30 Minutes,” WCMT radio, December 11, 2010.

2008-2010       Friends of Paul Meek Library, Vice President

2009                  Vice-President UTM Friends of Paul Meek Library; Reader, College Literature (2 mss.);

                          Reader, McGraw-Hill (1 ms)

2008                 Vice-President, UTM Friends of Paul Meek Library; Outside reviewer, tenure decision,

                          Mississippi University

2007                 Reviewer, Pearson/Prentice Hall (1 ms)

2006                 Reviewer, Ohio UP (1 ms)

2004                 Outside Reviewer, promotion decision, University of Texas—Permian Basin

2004, 01           Governor’s School in the Humanities Selection Committee

2003                 Reader, Nineteenth Century Studies (1 ms.); Broadview Press (1 ms.)

2001                 MLA Nominee for Regional Representative

2000-01            SCMLA Nomination Committee

2000                  SCMLA Nominee for British Literature Representative

1993-99            Judge, Dyersburg State Writing Awards (Chair, 1999)

1990-99            Board of Trustees, Weldon Public Library

1999                 Speaker, AARP: “Keeping the Past Alive” (Women’s History Month)

1998                 Judge, SCMLA/Women’s Studies Prize for best conference paper

1998                 Speaker, West Tennessee Regional Librarians: “Ideas for Women’s History Month”

1998, 95           TN Governor’s School in the Humanities selection committee

1997, 96           Reader, Broadview Press (2 mss.)

1996                 Reader, Tennessee Philology (15 mss., special issue), Victorian Periodicals Review (1 ms.)

1994                 Outside Reader, Samford University senior project


Professional Memberships

Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences              North American Victorian Studies Association   

Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies        South Central Modern Language Association

Modern Language Association                                Tennessee Philological Association

National Women's Studies Association                  Victorians Institute