Research Paper:

Your research paper is to be an eight- to ten-page research paper on a novel chosen from the list below.  The paper should use at least three sources (including the primary source) and follow the most recent MLA style sheet (heading rather than title page; parenthetical documentation; name and page number in upper-right corner).  You can find out more about MLA format and documentation from the organization's web page,, or from its Handbook (available in the bookstore).

Please staple or paperclip your papers; no folders.  Papers should be double spaced (including the Works Cited page), in 12 pt. type, with one-inch margins.

Be sure your paper has a clear thesis (a focused argument which you can prove through a combination of primary and secondary sources) and that your sources are used to support your arguments, not make them in the first place. Quotations and paraphrases should be fully incorporated within the text (introduced and discussed),  and quotations longer than four-typed lines should be in block form (see MLA guide).  Finally, be sure to use (and document) both primary and secondary texts.

Paper alternatives:
Allende, Isabel House of Spirits
Atwood, Margaret Alias Grace
Austen, Jane Northanger Abbey
Brontë, Charlotte Jane Eyre
Braddon, Elizabeth Lady Audley's Secret
Erdrich, Louise Love Medicine
Gilman, Charlotte Perkins Herland
Jackson, Shirley The Haunting of Hill House
Morrison, Toni Song of Solomon
Mukherjee, Bharti Holder of the World
Naylor, Gloria Bailey's Cafe
The Men of Brewster Place
Radcliff, Ann The Mysteries of Udolfo
Shelley, Mary The Last Man
Skyhawk The Fifth Sacred Thing
 Tan, Amy The Kitchen God's Wife
Weldon, Faye  The Life and Loves of a She-Devil