From The Weakley County Press

November 1, 2001

Palmersville man 'attacked' by 600 gallon water bed mattress


Staff Reporter

    When James Cook of Palmersville opened his bedroom door last week, he received the shock of a lifetime his new waterbed mattress filled the entire room. 

     Cook began to fill up his new water bed mattress Monday, Oct. 22 and was driving into town when he suddenly remembered he had forgotten to turn off the water. 

     Rushing home to his trailer, he opened the bedroom door to find that the mattress now filled the entire room.  According to a Weakley County Sheriff's Department report, Cook promptly called 911 to announce that the mattress was "about seven feet tall and much wider than the actual bed frame."

    Cook requested help from the fire department in bracing the sides of the bed, and said that if the mattress exploded, it would destroy the outside wall of his home.

    Weakley County 911 in turn advised the Palmersville Fire Department that there was a 600-gallon water bomb inside Cook's residence.

    But before the PFD could respond, Cook called 911 a second time to report that the bed frame had just "exploded and collapsed."  When the frame crumpled, several screws poked through the mattress, causing massive leaks.  The Cook family began to evacuate the trailer.

    Minutes later, Cook called 911 a third time, stating that water was pouring from underneath the trailer, and that he believed the floor was going to give way.  Emergency dispatchers advised Cook to stand by until the fire department arrived.

    PFD firefighters soon arrived shortly and they drained the mattress.

    The home was not flooded, although the bed and bedroom were both damaged.

    The Cook family was able to return the trailer that evening.


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