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MARTIN, Tenn. - Gamma Omicron Delta, a coed religious-based fraternity at

the University of Tennessee at Martin, will sponsor a mock accident for Red Ribbon Week.

The mock accident will be staged at noon, Friday, Oct. 27, on Wayne Fisher Drive, next to the Paul Meek Library and Boling University Center parking lots on campus.

Students, faculty, staff and members of the community are invited to witness the simulation of an accident resulting from a driver, under the influence of alcohol.

Lt. Ray Coleman, campus operations officer, said he believes the mock accident will influence students. "Hopefully, it will increase their awareness of the catastrophic affects of drinking and driving," Coleman said.

Four basic scenes will be represented at the mock accident. In the opening scene, a two-car collision has occurred. Three people are injured. The first victim is presumed dead because of the amount of visible blood. The second victim is the drunk driver who struggles to get up while in shock of what has happened. The drunk driver attempts to help a third victim who has started moving, but can't get up. The third victim is the driver of the second vehicle.

UT Martin police will arrive on the scene and call for back-up and notify all other agencies of the accident. The drunk driver begins to flee. After a short pursuit, the drunk driver is apprehended. The victim on the ground begins to regain consciousness and tells the officer he has been hit.

The Weakley County Ambulance Service and Martin Fire Department will arrive on

the scene. They will begin to assist the victims, while police confirm the one driver is intoxicated. The assumption is proven, the first victim is dead. The driver of the second vehicle is transported by ambulance to the local hospital where he is treated for his injuries.The drunk driver states that the deceased victim was pregnant and the two were engaged. The police officers search the couple's vehicle and discover empty beer and liquor bottles.

In the last scene, the mortician will arrive to pick up the deceased victim. The police officer will tell the crowd the deceased was involved in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver. Other UT Martin students will assemble by the vehicles and begin crying over the deceased victim who was a prominent person on campus. One of the students will declare a moment of silence for all UT Martin students.

Avie Durr, chair of Gamma Omicron Delta, said he hopes the scenario will make students think twice about their actions.

"Red Ribbon Week is a chance for us to take a stand against drug and alcohol abuse," Durr said.

Red Ribbon Week was designed to honor DEA agent Kiki Camarena, who was murdered by drug dealers in Mexico. After his death, friends and neighbors wore red badges of satin in his memory. Local coalitions soon began the National Family Partnership, whose mission is to

promote healthy drug-free youth through prevention and education. Red Ribbon Week is part of that mission.


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