Birds Eye View of UTM Campus.

Pictures taken by radio controlled airplane

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Administration Building, 



Crisp Hall, Roof of University Center


Crisp Hall in center of picture


Warehouse and Maintenance Center



Crisp Hall upper left corner of picture


Football Building



Humanities and Crisp Hall



EPS Joe Johnson Bldg. in lower right corner of picture



EPS Joe Johnson Bldg. Right side of picture


Crosswalk and parking lot in front of Administration Bldg.


Football field right side of picture


Crisp hall lower right of picture,  What is under the trees? It looks like tables.  Picture taken Tuesday July 18, 2000


Fine Arts Bldg.


Tennis Courts,  if you look close you can see players on the court



Driveway of Chancellor's residence and university street.


Side walk in front of  Elam Center. Notice the students on sidewalk


Brehm Hall upper right corner of picture



Business Administration Bldg.

Sidewalk somewhere on campus

Humanities and Crisp Hall