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Caleb Stack

Senior French Student (222)


Major(s): History


Minor: International Relations


Why French? major requirement and personal interest


Charles Busby

Sophomore French Student (222)


Major(s): History


Minor: English


Interests: Tennis


Jobs: Student Assistant


Why French? Learning any foreign language helps open doors to new and exciting opportunities.



Jeb Williams

Junior French Student (111, 112, 231)


Major: French


Minor: Computer Science


Why French? I have an interest in linguists and French was my launching point.

Becky Lee
Becky Lee

Senior French Student (115, 122, 222)


Major: Biology


Interests: Piano, Disney, Cats, Reading, Anime


Jobs: Parks and Recreation Concessions employee


Why French? I have always had an interest in French since I was little. I've always believed French is a beautiful language that I hope to fully master and one day use when I go to France.


Morgan Massengill

Sophomore French Student (115, 122, 222)


Major: English


Interests: Writing


Why French? I took French to fulfill requirements for my major.


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