Larry Holder

INFS 410
Database Management Systems

Spring 2017     Syllabi for Prior Terms (including CSCI 410)

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Zip file for Chapter 2
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Oracle Technology Network

Resources from Spring 2016

White Board #1 (Fri Feb 19)
White Board #2 (Mon Feb 22)
White Board #3 (Wed Feb 24)
White Board #4 (assignment 4 essential tables)
White Board #5 (assignment 4 standards)
White Board #6 (order of tables creates, passenger side)
Relationships - With Optional Tables (Wed March 16)
Relationships - Essential 14 Tables (Wed March 16)
Airline Objects (Tables and Relationships) Documentation (Wed March 16)
Example Query (Fri Apr 29)
Assignment #3 zip file
Assignment #4 zip file