Scholarship Opportunities in Choral Music
At the University of Tennessee at Martin

Choral Scholarship awards are available for incoming students who plan on majoring in vocal music at UTM. Many students have questions regarding how much money is available, how the scholarship program works, what types of auditions are required, and what needs to be prepared for the audition. Frequently asked questions are listed here, along with some answers.

What kinds of scholarships exist for music majors?

A variety of scholarship awards exist for students who come to UTM from all sorts of musical backgrounds. Certain high school activities, such as participation in All-West, All-State, and Solo and Ensemble Contest, in conjunction with ACT scores and high school GPA help the department determine the amount of the award. Further, scholarships for participation in the University Singers and the New Pacer Singers exist and can be added to the department scholarship award.

What if I'm receiving a Lottery Scholarship? Will that affect my music scholarship award?

No. Your music department scholarship award has nothing to do with the lottery scholarship. You can receive the lottery scholarship and add any award from the music department to it to assist in paying for your college education. When you receive a university scholarship offer, the letter will probably indicate what your lottery scholarship amount is. This is done so that you can better understand how much money you are receiving in assistance. The Unversity, however, does not calculate any award amount based on how much your are receiving from the lottery scholarship.

If I major in music, can I only receive a music department scholarship?

No. The University has many different scholarship programs. Often they are based on ACT scores and high school GPA. Other considerations are taken into account, too, such as community service, extra-curricular activities, and other personal achievments.

What is the first step in applying for financial aid?

Before you do anything, it is most important that you apply for admission to the University. This can be done online at the Office of Admissions website: /admissions/index.php

After you have applied to the University, you must then apply for financial aid. Your high school guidance councellor can help you with this process. You can also apply through the Office of Financial Aid:

What is required of me at the audition?

Auditions are an opportunity for you to meet the faculty in the Music Department at UTM and for us to get a better sense of who you are and what musical training and experience you have had so far in your development. Auditions are non-threatening, relaxed, and meant for all of us to get to know one another. It is important that you prepare for the audition and bring a few things with you.

1) Be ready to sing two songs. The songs should be contrasting in nature (one fast and one slow, for example) and should be in two different languages if at all possible. If a language other than english is not possible, it is acceptable to sing two songs in english.

2) Bring the music with you. We will provide an accompanist for you, so you will not need to bring someone to accompany you on the piano.