COURSE NUMBER & TITLE: Management 440, Selection & Performance Appraisal

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Selection & performance appraisal processes and functions in manufacturing and service organizations. Hands on preparation of human resource planning, developing recruiting strategies, selection screening and testing, and performance appraisals.

COURSE PREREQUISITES: Management 301 and Management 350.


OFFICE: Room 131, Business Building, Telephone 587-7331


The basic format of the class will be lecture, participation, and class discussion. Chapter reading assignments for each day are noted on the class schedule with possible further clarification or modification provided by the professor in class as needed. Students are expected to read assigned chapters in the main text prior to class. If you must miss a class session, YOU are responsible for the material you missed. You may ask your classmates for notes, etc., but copies of lecture notes will not be available from the professor. If you miss the handing out of a written assignment, returning of graded exams, or any other announcements, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find out what you missed. Your regular attendance is encouraged. Unannounced quizzes cannot be made up; consequently, irregular attendance could make a difference in your grade.

GRADING: Your grade in this class will be determined by your performance on three exams and a group project. The final grade is based on the PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL POINTS you earn throughout the semester. The grade breakdown will follow, roughly, this distribution:

90-100%=A 80-89%=B 70-79%=C 60-69%=D 59% and below=F


Point Breakdown:

Group project 150 points

Participation 50 points

Exams (3 with lowest dropped) 200 points

Total possible points 400 points

360-400 points=A 320-359 points=B 280-319 points=C

240-279 points=D Below 240 points=F

Tentative Schedule

August 19 Introduction to class

August 21

August 26 Staffing Overview Chapter 1, Gatewood

August 28 Legal Issues Chapter 2, Gatewood

September 2 Labor Day Holiday

September 4 Measurement Chapter 3, Gatewood

September 9 Reliability Chapter 4, Gatewood

September 11 Validity Chapter 5, Gatewood

September 16 Selection Strategies Chapter 6, Gatewood

September 18 Exam 1, Gatewood Chpts. 1-6

September 23 JA Preparation Chapter 7, Gatewood

September 25 Applying JA Chapter 8, Gatewood

September 30 JA Results Chapter 9, Gatewood

October 2 Predictors Chapter 10

October 7 Predictors Chapter 11

October 9 Exam 2, Gatewood Chapts. 7-11

October 14 Predictors Chapter 12

October 16 Predictors Chapter 13

October 21 Predictors Chapter 14

October 23 Predictors Chapter 15

October 28 Predictors Chapter 16

October 30 Predictors Chapter 17

November 4 Exam 3, Gatewood Chapts. 12-17

November 6 Review exam and catch up

November 11 Catch-up day

November 13 Performance Appraisals, Part 1, pg. 11-30

November 18 Performance Appraisals, Part 2, pg. 31-66

November 20 Performance Appraisals, Part 3, pg. 67-146

November 25 Performance Appraisals, Part 4, pg. 147-170

November 27 Performance Appraisals, Part 5, pg. 171-188

December 2 Exam 4, Performance Appraisal Book

December 4 Projects Due/Discussion of Class & Wrap-up