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Doctor Lillegard Working at Home
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  As you can see, the cat has gotten rather large. The dog is OK. 

Wife -- Diane, nurse, senior nurse consultant to Mutual of Omaha, insurance examiner, school nurse, mother of our

Daughter--Sigrid -- (aka 'The Sig')   violinist, soccer player, socialite, college senior 2011,.



Granddaughters - - Lela—12 in ‘11, bi-lingual, novelist,  and Cailah, 4 in ‘11(by adoption), daughters of daughter Kirsten and Larry Udry, both of them

 formerly instructors at UT Martin.  Now teaching at colleges in Dubuque, IA.




We like to go to the beach, travel, garden.  Sig and Dad have also gone skiing together.  The summer of 2000 we hiked around Scotland, the Lake District, other UK locations,  and the streets of Paris (France, not Tennessee). We have also hiked around Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, etc. We used to own two American quarter horses (one actually was a present to older daughter Kirsten). Picture of Sigrid's "Daisy" below. We breed Golden Retrievers from time to time. Otherwise we read books, pet the animals, listen to music, make music, practice instruments, read books, watch DVDs, cut the grass, chop the wood

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Above: Puppies, (4 of 12 in this litter..)


Below: Playing the organ at the St. Francis Church, Charles
Bridge, Prague, Czeck Republic.  Mozart played on
this instrument. The quality of performance has gone
down since.  

Description: C:\Users\nlillega\Desktop\norm\mozart.jpg                                                                                                                                               Diane, New Mexico, ‘07

Description: C:\Users\nlillega\Desktop\norm\new-2.jpgDad and Sigrid at Dove Cottage (Wordsworth's first Lake District Home)  Summer 2000.



Larry, Kirsten, Lela, Cailah,  Hilton Head, 2010.                                                 

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                                                                                                                                          Sigrid, Holy Isle (Lindisfarne), NE England. 2000..

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Sigrid serenades Daisy, whose God is her belly.




Description: Aug 05 024Our house, Spring.


Description: nov 05 001Our House, Fall.