Here I am at home with my family nearby and a view of the back yard.
    This was not taken recently.
        The hat is a Boston Redsox souvenir.




















 BA   -  Interdepartmental (English Literature, Languages, Music, Philosophy) 


MDiv-Patristics, New Testament;

PhD Philosophy

Major Areas of Interest:
 Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, Ethics, Aesthetics,  Philosophy of Social Sciences, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind.

Past president, Tennessee Philosophical Association.
Executive Board,  Søren Kierkegaard Society of North America,  Representative to the American Philosophical Association, 1998 - 2002).

 President,  Søren Kierkegaard Society of North America, 2004-2006                                                                                                                                                                               


·         A Historical Introduction to Philosophy (with James Fieser).  Oxford University Press

·         On Epicurus  Wadsworth

·         Philosophical Questions (with James Fieser)  Oxford

·         The Moral Domain  Oxford

 Other Publications :(In the USA, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Turkey)  Journal articles, book chapters, reviews, translations, in Philosophy of Religion, Augustine, Kierkegaard, Ethics, Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Hermeneutics. 

Grants from:
National Endowment for the Humanities
American Scandinavian Foundation
Pew Charitable Trusts
Hong Kierkegaard Library
Vardo Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden
University of Tennesee - Martin
Soros Center
for Contemporary Art, Latvia

Fieldstead and Co.

Presenter at Conferences at
Nashville, Vanderbilt University (Tennessee Philosophical Association)
Northfield, MN, St. Olaf College
Austin, TX, University of Texas
Grand Rapids, MI, Calvin College
Kirchberg, Austria, International Wittgenstein Symposia
Stockholm, Sweden (Vardo Seminar)
Memphis, Rhodes College
University of Memphis (mid south Conference)
Atlanta, Nashvillle (American Academy of Religion)
Boston (XXth World Congress of Philosophy)
Riga, Latvia (International Seminar on Spirtuality and the Arts, invited lecture)
Aberdeen, Scotland (International Gifford Bequest Conference on Natural Theology)
University of Hertfordshire, UK (Invited Lecture)
New Orleans, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Nashville etc. (American Philosophical Association and American Academy of Religion)
St. Louis (Concordia Seminary)
Warsaw, Poland (Zacheta Gallery, invited lecture)
Elblag, Poland
And elsewhere.

Independent Study (Visiting Scholar) at
The University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Cambridge University (UK)
Hong Kierkegaard Library, St. Olaf College, Northfield MN.


Cunningham Outstanding Teacher/Scholar Award, UTM, 2007.

Academic Speakers Series, Lecture titled “There Never Was an Atheist (!!)”, April. 2008

Ludwig Wittgenstein  (1889 -= 1951)  Born in Austria, lived in England for much of his adult life, taught at Cambridge university, author of Tractatus Logico Philosophicus  and Philosophical Investigations, two of the most influential books in the history of 20th century philosophy.







kierkegaard.jpgSoren Kierkegaard (1813-55). Danish philosopher, theologian, literary figure. More famous in the 20th century than in the 19th.  A major influence on several contemporary trends and movements. Widely regarded as a seminal figure in “existentialism.”