I own an EMCO Compact 5 lathe with milling machine attachment. It's 13" between centers with a 5" swing, too small for heavy work, but just right for little things. It's a great lathe, and I wish I had more time to work with it. Something about getting a part you're working on EXACTLY right is a great sense of accomplishment. I have an arc welder and marvel at those that can use one properly. I've have 2 Kennedy chests with risers full of tools, and if you're like me you always want more! I wish I could think of something I could build right now...

If you've ever done any kind of machine work you have to appreciate firearms. I'm not looking to start a forum pro or con about guns and their place in today's society. It's just that I like to take them apart and put them back together. I'm licensed with the ATF as a gunsmith, and also a member of the American Gunsmithing Association.


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