UTM Faculty visiting the University of San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador:

(L to R)Lily Li;  University President, Sue Byrd, Marti Herndon, Dawn Wilkins

Nowhere else on earth will you find so much natural diversity – and all the fun that accompanies it – in so tiny a place. Ecuador is the second-smallest country in South America, but its range of offerings is no less than astounding.

-In one day’s drive you can journey from the Amazon Basin across glaciated Andean volcanoes, down through tropical cloud forest and into the sunset for a dinner of ceviche on the balmy Pacific coast.

-One day you’ll pick through hand-woven wool sweaters at a chilly indigenous market in Otavalo;

-The next day you’ll sweat all over your binoculars while spying on howler monkeys in the Amazon jungles of the Oriente or the National Parks on the Coast.

-For nature lovers Ecuador is a dream, with exotic orchids and birds, bizarre jungle plants, strange insects, windswept páramo (Andean grasslands), dripping tropical forests and the fearless animals that hop, wobble and swim around the unique, unforgettable Galapagos Islands.


Spinning Llama fibers into yarn in Andes Mountains.


Penguin in the Galapagos Islands


Giant Tortoise in the Galapagos Islands

Fruits and Vegetables in Food Market in Guayaquil


Otavalan working on Embroidery at Market


Otavalan in Market with Characteristic "Gold" Bead neckace



UTM and University of Azuay, Cuenca Faculty


Meat market in Cuenca;  Mothers typically carry their children on their backs.

At the Otavalo Animal Market where animals are bought and traded.