The University of Tennessee - Martin
Office of Information Technology Services
215 Hurt St.
102 Crisp Hall
Martin, TN 38238
Phone 731.881.7890

For more information contact:
Shannon Burgin
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Major Accomplishments


Through the strategic and budget planning process, the office, as a team has set goals for the future. We are seeking to provide excellent services, make a difference in the way on-campus and distance education students learn, respond proactively and positively to change, and provide a stable, reliable, state-of-the-art, comprehensive technology infrastructure. I strive to create an environment where each individual works at a capacity greater than their potential by working as a cohesive team heading toward the same goals. Each person’s ideas are important, even if every idea does not ultimately become part of the overall campus technology implementation plan. 


In 2010 we have begun a long term project to implement software virtualization. We have started with the general access labs, progressing to departmental labs, classroom computers, and student owned computers. The project will ultimately provide more software access at the time, place, and on the device of the student's choice.


The spring 2009 outsourcing of student email to GoogleApps for Universities made sense. There are benefits to students for life-long UT Martin email, significantly more storage, collaboration features, and much more. The Student Government Association was instrumental in assisting in the decision making and contract process.


As of summer 2008, all classrooms on campus and at the off campus sites are equipped with technology. This multiyear project involved collaboration across multiple areas with a target of meeting faculty instructional needs.


After the spring semester 2008, the SungardHE Banner Student Information System was converted from a 6 year old Sun Server to Dell virtualized servers, Xiotech SAN storage, and Red Hat Linux. The conversion involved the 5th year goals of a Title III Grant in support of student success and will reduce costs while providing a better testing environment, and improving redundacy.


In fall 2007, we implemented Vista and Office 2007 for general access student labs, classroom computers, some departmental labs, and 1/3 of the faculty members.


In April 2007, I was honored to receive the Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Distinguished Service Award at the annual meeting.


In 2006-2007, Information Technology Services staff received over 2,000 hours of training through face-to-face workshops and seminars and, online webinars. Appropriate training provides a foundation for a stable infrastructure.


The staff responsible for systems administration are now using virutalization technology, which is saving space, time, and money. In two years, we have moved from 67 physical servers to 53 physical servers while increasing the virtual functional servers to 85.

In summer 2006, all full time faculty members will have had the opportunity to receive a Gateway Tablet computer. The configuration includes an external flat panel monitor, keyboard, mouse, and docking station. One-third of the full-time faculty members receive new computers each year. The tablet configuration has proven to be a valuable asset to classroom instruction. (2004-present)

Provided leadership to a Web Site Task Force that developed policies and standards for the University of Tennessee at Martin departmental web structure. Completed the implementation of the policies and standards in fall 2005 through the complete conversion and standardization of the web site. (2004-current). New standards (2007) have been implemented through the Web Services group that link the UT campuses together with a single marketing look, but allow each campus to show their uniqueness..

Provided leadership and formed a team to look and implement ASP Hosting of the Blackboard system and conversion from Basic to Enterprise.  This outsourcing arrangement has worked out well and is cost effective. (2004-2005)


In 2003 we began a pilot project to test the Exchange 2000 email and calendaring features with a few faculty and staff. The pilot was successful. We continued the implementation for faculty and staff. In summer 2005, we implemented the Exchange 2003 with Outlook Web Access email, calendaring, task management, and other features for the entire student body. Students now have access to state of the art communication resources that will help prepare them for the jobs that they will hold after graduation. (2003-current)


Provided leadership in the long term plan to implement wireless across the UT Martin campus with existing funds, beginning with the academic buildings. All academic buildings except one are now wireless. (2003-present)


Provided leadership through the process of attaining a grant for developing a portal with a student focus . The myUTMartin portal has been implemented providing a single sign on for students to valuable resources and integrating a customizable framework for the student online community. This phase of the project was completed in late 2004. Additional faculty and students resources are being integrated into the portal over the next 2 years. (2003-present)


Start up, implementation, and continuation of a cross-functional security team for monitoring data and network security, including the purchase and installation of several levels of security hardware and software. The project includes developing policy, monitoring the current situation, analyzing future needs and seeking solutions. (2001-present)


Directing the implementation of an Instructional Technology Center for the training and support of faculty in using technology in the curriculum in both fully online and classroom instruction. The ITC provides monthly repeating training sessions, by request training classes, periodic workshops, one-on-one assistance, and is continually implementing new services. This project includes supervising the budget, staff, hardware, software, training, and support needs of the ITC. (2001-present)


Project director for the continued enhancement of the SCT Banner Student Information System. Enhancements have included the implementation of mid-term and final grade entry for faculty via the web, grade inquiry via the web for students, account inquiry via the web for faculty, staff, and students, credit card payment with Touchnet via the web, financial aid award status inquiry via the web for students, degree audit via the web, upgrades from Banner release 3 to 4 and Banner release 4 to 5. Implementing the enhancements involved allocating and scheduling resources, purchasing hardware and software, technical and functional staff training, contracts, and analysis of needs. (1997-present)


Reorganized the Computer Operations staff responsibilities and schedules in conjunction with the implementation of the Banner Student Information System. (1998)


Project director responsible for the full implementation of the SCT Banner Student Information System. The project involved a $850,000 budget for software, hardware, and training; contract negotiations; scheduling internal and external resources; evaluating and purchasing hardware; managing functional and technical training over a 2 year period for faculty and staff; developing UT Martin specific training materials; defining and monitoring data conversion; defining a detailed implementation schedule; supervising and instructing during training sessions; and analysis, design, and training for adhoc reporting requirements. Conversion was completed and the legacy system shutdown on schedule. (1997-1999)


Team Leader for the university wide total quality enhancement team that was charged with defining the needs, analyzing facts, and selecting the direction for the campus concerning whether to write in-house or purchase a new Student Information System. This project involved the entire campus including faculty, students, and administrators.  Focus groups, individual interviews, site visits, conferences, sales demos, and brainstorming were utilized to define the needs. Hardware, software, functionality, technology, cost, staffing, training, and support issues were all considered. The team completed the charge and made a recommendation that was accepted for implementation. (1996-1997).


Project leader and analysis, design, programming, testing, and user training for the conversion of a Student Information System written in BASIC and utilizing the POISE package from a PDP 11/70 to an environment utilizing an IBM mainframe running VM, VSE, and CICS with programs written in-house in COBOL. This project encompassed all aspects of a Student Information System. (1985-1996)