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Office of Information Technology Services
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Martin, TN 38238
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Shannon Burgin
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Professional Development


- Educause Enterprise Information Systems Conference, May 2011, Chicago, IL- AGEISS Committee Chair

- Tennessee IT Symposium, April 2011

- Educause Conference, October 2010, Anaheim, CA - AGEISS Committee Chair

- SungardHE Summit, April 2010, San Fransisco, CA

- SungardHE Executive Summit, April 2010, San Fransisco, CA

- Educause Conference, November 2009, Denver, CO - AGEISS Committee Member

- ConnectedTN Strategies for Education Leaders to Obtain Stimulus IT Funding, May 2009 , Webinar

- Gartner ITIL and IT Operations Optimization, April 2009, Webinar

- DELL Future of Computing, November 2008, Nashville, TN

- Attended Educause Conference, October 2008, Orlando, FL - Advisory Group Enterprise Information Systems Services Committee Member

- Attended 2008 SACS Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation, July 2008, Orlando, FL

- Attended Educause Southeast Regional Conference, June 2008, Jacksonville, FL, - Program Committee Member

- Attended Southern Association of College Business Officers Conference, New Orleans, LA, April 2008

- Attended Tennessee Higher Education IT Symposium, April 2008

- Attended Educause, "Aligning Our Missions", Seattle, WA, October 2007


- Attended Tennessee IT Symposium - April 2007

"UT Statewide IT meeting"

"The New Virtual Reality", Ken Blankenship and Bruce Harrison, UT Martin

" Webcasting with Mediasite", Bob Hillhouse, Daniel Beckner, David Kuhlman, UT Knoxville

"Ru txtin yet?", Stephen Prichard, Lucinda Lea, MTSU

"Virtualization & Appliances", Tom Danford, Jon Calisi, TBR

"What's New With Micrsoft Campus Agreements", Jeff Olander, Microsoft Corporation

"Chattanooga State is Clicking", Nora Burke, Chattanooga State


- Attended SungardHE Executive Summit and General Summit, March 2007


- Attended Educause - Spurring Innovation & Marshalling Resources, October 2006

"Uncovering the Science in Computer Science: Challenges for the 21st Century", Vinton G. Cerf, Google

"Experience the New Microsoft Windows Vista", Microsoft

"Montclair State University Unplugged:Replacing Landlines with a Cellular Information Device", Edward V. Chapel, Kathleen Ragan, Montclair State

"Datatel e-Marketing Solutions - Bringing the Dream to Life", Graham Tracy, Datatel

"Explore Interactive Learning with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Groove", Microsoft

"Pioneering New Territory and Technologies", Evolving Technologies Committee Report, Educause

Product Discussions: Anystream, Apple Computer, Blackboard, Bluesocket, Bradford Networks, The CBORD Group,

Cingular Wireless, Citrix Systems, Crestron, Desire2Learn, Dell, DyKnow, Extron Electronics, Gateway, GoPrint,

HP, IBM, Meru Networks, Oracle, Packeteer, Persidium Learning, Rave Wireless, RightAnswers, Ruckus Network,, SMART Technologies, Sony, Sprint Nextel, SungardHE, Tegrity Corporation, TippingPoint,

Touchnet Information Systems, Turnitin, VBrick Systems, Xythos Software


- Attended Educause Leadership Institute - June 2006


- Attended "Tennessee IT Symposium", Fall Creek Fall, TN - April 2006
"The Classroom of the Future" -  Karl Johnson, UT Martin
"Success Factors in Information Technology - Service Quality & Professional Ground Rules" - Tom Danford - TBR
"Emergency Communication Preparedness" - Lucinda Lea, Greg Schaffer, Stephen Prichard - MTSU, Mark Bragg - ETSU
"E-Billing/E-Checks/E-Refunds for SCT Banner using TouchNet TSA Software Suite - Doug Bloodworth - UT Martin
"Partnering with Academic Affairs to Impact Student Success" Barbara Draude - MTSU
"How to Deal With SSN in Banner" - Doug Cothern and Lisa Rogers - MTSU
"Campus-wide Log Aggregation" - A. J. Wright - UT Knoxville


- Attended "SunGard Executive Summit", Orlando, FL - April 2006
"The Evolution of Education: Inevitabilities and Responsibilities" - Eddie Amos, Microsoft
"Unmasking the Mystery of IT Investments" - Karen Leach and David Smallen, Hamilton College
"Technology Preparedness - Anticipating and Coping with the Worst Case Scenarios" - Panel, Sungard, Santa Barbara City College, George Mason University, Our Lady of the Holy Cross College
"Leadership Disney Style" - Mary Flynn, Disney


- Attended "Educause - Transforming the Academy: Dreams and Realty", Orlando, FL - October 2005
"5G Wireless Communications"
"Citrix Systems"
"Campus EAI Oracle Portal"
"Welcome to the Participation Age"
"Delivering Shared, Authenticated, Ubiquitously Accessible Storage via WebDAV"
"Using Quality Measurement Techniques to Prove the Value of IT Investments"
"Emerging Technologies: From Laptops to Virtual Desktops: Carry a Lighter Load"
"Gateway Tablet Panel Discussion on 1:1 Student Computing"


- Attended the Tennessee IT Symposium, Fall Creek Falls Tennessee, April 24-26, 2005

- Attended, "Microsoft Executive Briefing", Nashville, TN - March 2005


- Attended "Sungard SCT Executive Summit", March 2005
"A Hard Eye on What IT Buys - Trimming the Fat in IT Budgets"
"Building Trust in Computing - Sharing Microsoft's Experience in Securing Mission-Critical Digital Assets from Threats"
"The Future of Higher Education - Creating a Vital Campus in a Time of Limited Resources"
"SunGard SCT Solutions - Future Direction and Strategy"
"Federal Legislative Update"

- Attended "Epscor Conference", Nashville, TN - January 2005

- Attended "Educause 2004", Denver, CO - October 2004

- Attended the Tennessee IT Symposium, Fall Creek Falls Tennessee, April 25-27, 2004

· Attended "Protecting Networks from Worms and Viruses", John Denune, acuta Audio Seminar, TN  - January 28, 2004

· Attended "Gartner Strategic Planning Session on Student Information Systems", Mike Zastrocky, Gartner Group, Knoxville, TN  - December 2, 2003

· Attended "Educause - Balancing Opportunities, Expectations, and Resources", Anaheim, CA  - November 2003
"Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for Centralized Computing in a University Environment"
"The Security Conundrum for Higher Education: How to Balance Securing Our Networks While Maintaining the Openness of the Academy"
"The Evolving Technologies Committee Report: The Evolving Infrastructure"
"Affordable Broadband Connectivity: Different Approaches for Different R & D"
"Report of the Educause IT Funding Working Group"
"Mobility and the Future of Integrated Communications Strategies"
"Building a Champagne Internet2 Network on a Beer Budget"
"Panel on Peer-to-Peer File Sharing: Looking for Win/Win Solutions"
"IP Communications: Converged Voice and Data Network"

· Attended "Using Technology More Effectively and Efficiently in the Classroom", Karen Adsit, UTC, Martin, TN  - August 13  2003

· Completed Beginning Camtasia Training, UTM ITC, Martin, TN  - July  2003

· Attended Noel Levitz Advanced Connections Program, Martin, TN  - 2003

· Attended SCT Summit, New Orleans, LA - March 2003
“SCT Banner Student Product Update”
“Connected Learning Solution Client Forum”
“E-Education Framework for Success”
“SCT Banner 6.0”
“SCT Xtender Solutions”
“SCT TracDat by Nuventive”
“The Business Value Web and the Emergence of the Digital Utility”
“Integration Strategy and Messaging Architecture”
“Imaging – What Can It Do for Me?”
“Innovative Strategies for Financing Technology Purchases”
“Negotiation Skills for Success”
“Overview of Microsoft Licensing Options”
“iWebfolio in Action”


· Attended - Introducing the Tablet PC! Come Experience the Evolution of the Notebook PC, presented by Microsoft, Nashville, TN - November 7, 2002

· Attended Security/FBI seminar presented by Cisco Systems and the FBI, Memphis, TN - October 9, 2002
"F.B.I. Keynote Presentation"
"Cisco Systems Combating Internet Worms: Protect your Network Infrastructure"
"Cisco Systems Demo: Intrusion Detection"
"E-watch Demo: IP Video Surveillance"

· Attended Educause Conference, Atlanta, GA - October 2002
"IT's Up to You", illustrate how IT oranizational effectiveness enables miracles
"Information Sharing Strategies to Improve IT Security"
"HP Protection Solutions for Campus Networks"
"Wireless Networking in Higher Education: Findings from ECAR"
"Funding IT: Making the Case for a Scalable Model"
"John Gage, Chief Researcher and Director of the Science Office for Sun Microsystems"
"It's Their Bandwidth - Let Them Decide"
"IT Funding Strategies that Work"
"HP Printers and IPAQs"
"Adobe - Eliminating Paper on Campus"
"Gateway Products"
"Dell Products"
"SMART Technologies" 

· Attended Identity Theft Seminar presented by Law Enforcement and FBI, Martin, TN - September 27, 2002

· Attended Introduction to Windows 2000 Desktop and Network Training, Martin, TN - September 24, 2002

· Attended Information Security Training, New Horizons Training Programs, Nashville, TN - June 2002
"Network Defense Fundamentals"
"Security on the Internet and World Wide Web"
"Attack Techniques"
"Securing Windows Computers"
"Designing Firewall Systems"
"Configuring Firewalls"
"Designing IDS"
"Analyzing Intrusion Signatures"

· Attended Tennessee Higher Education Information Technology Symposium, Fall Creek Falls, TN - April 2002
"Storage Consolidation and Diaster Recovery"
"Institutional IT Security and Risk Assessment Post Sept. 11"
"Using a Cookie with a Server-Side File: State Preservation Between Sessions"
"EDI Transcript Processing"
"Becoming Certified to Teach Online"

· Attended SCT Summit, Anaheim, CA - March 2002
"SCT Banner Student Product Update"
"Technical Client Forum"
"Fee Assessment and Registration"
"Web for Student/Faculty - Birds of a Feather"
"Prepare for Date-Based Registration (Open Learning)"
"Automating Security"
"SCT Learning Lab"
"Integrating Strategic Enrollment Management and Web for Executives"
"SCT Reporting Datamart"
"Securing and Preserving the Campus IT Environment"
"Tennessee Banner Users Group"
"Cyber Terrorism and Electronic Espionage"

· Completed The University of Tennessee Leadership Institute Facilitator Training Workshop, Pigeon Forge, TN - February 2002
"Reframing Organizations"
"Case Studies"
"Harmonic Facilitation"
"The Polaris Team - Whole Brain Technology"
"Championing Change"
"The Labyrinth Xperience"

· Completed Digital Video with iMovie Training, UTM ITC digital video production and editing for the classroom using iMovie Shooting pre-production planning, storyboarding, shooting footage, video capture, editing, and simple sound for voice overs - December 2001

· Completed Microsoft FrontPage Training, UTM ITC - November 2001

· Attended Educause Conference, Indianapolis, IN - October 2001
"Oracle Portal : Accessing Information When You Want, Where You Want", Hands on Workshop
"How to Combine Faculty Readiness Assessment with Faculty Engagement"
"Independent Blackboard User's Group Meeting"
"Internet Radio: The New Portal"
"Campus Pipeline Portal" 

· Completed UT Leadership Institute, Gatlinburg, TN - February 2001

· Completed "JAVA Programming", Martin, TN - November 2000

· Completed "Oracle Application Server Administration", Oracle Education, The University of Tennessee/Memphis - November 1999

· Completed "Develop Oracle PL/SQL Program Units", Oracle Education, The University of Tennessee/Memphis - December 1999

· Completed Technical Training, The University of Tennessee/Martin - Banner Student Information System - Oracle Forms, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, UNIX, Oracle Database Standards, Banner Technical Standards, Security, EPOS Voice Response System, Banner Web - 1997-1999

· Completed Functional Training, The University of Tennessee/Martin - Banner Student Information System - Navigation, General Person, Recruiting/Admissions, Registration, Letter Generation/Job Submission, Housing, Catalog/Course Scheduling, Grades, Academic History, Faculty Load, Fee Assessment, Cashiering, Contracts and Exemptions, Financial Aid - 1997-1999