Dr. Jose V. Bonilla is a senior Scientist with ISP Chemicals. Dr. Bonilla has extensive experience in Research and Development of new materials as well as Manufacturing Technology in the areas of specialty materials for the pharmaceutical industry and personal care products. Previous to his present position he worked at GE Plastics in the area of Research and development of Engineering thermoplastics and specialty polymers for applications in Medical devices, food contact applications, transportation and other industrial applications.

Jose obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Oklahoma in 1984. Right after graduate school Dr. Bonilla had the privilege to work as a Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory in the Space Shuttle Program as well as Advanced Research projects for the Department of Energy.


1. Author y Co-editor of the Reference Book: Handbook of Plastics Analysis, Marcel Dekker, New York, USA.

2. Co-Author of a recent book for children and parents illustrating the rules of soccer: "The Making of a Champion", expected to come out in few months, Publish America, Baltimore, USA.

3. Several articles and scientific reports published in Journals such as "The Society of Plastic Engineers".

4. Editor of a variety of scientific articles for publication by The Society of Plastics Engineers.