Keith Butler received his M.S. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Memphis in 1987. Mr. Butler began his career as a formulations chemist for Delta Foremost Chemical Company in Memphis. He is currently Chief Chemist for American Ordnance, the contracting operator for the Milan Army Ammunition Plant. He is responsible for the supervision and daily operation of their State Certified Environmental Laboratory as well as the Explosives/Materials testing chemistry laboratory. Mr. Butler also serves as adjunct professor of chemistry at Jackson State Community College.

The Milan Army Ammunition Plant (MLAAP) loads, assembles, and packs medium and large caliber ammunition for the United States Army. Standard industrial practices over the past 50 plus years have resulted in MLAAP being declared a superfund site. Remediation activities are currently cleaning contaminated water and soil. Some locations have been declared clean; however, the site cannot be de-listed until all contaminated areas have been cleaned to regulatory levels.

Current activities at MLAAP seek to protect the environment from future contamination. This is done largely by engineering controls and waste reduction activities. Green chemistry has great potential to benefit MLAAP. Thus far, applications of green chemistry have been limited to attempts to replace select organic solvents with environmentally friendly substitutes. For various reasons these have been unsuccessful.

An ISO-14001 company, American Ordnance is committed to protecting the environment by focusing on methods to prevent pollution and waste, compliance to environmental regulations, conservation of natural resources, and continual improvement.