SERMACS College Chemistry Bowl

October 18, 2014, 1:30 - 4:30

Sheraton Music City, Nashville, TN

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SERMACS College Chemistry Bowl is designed following the format of the old General Electric T.V. show 'College Bowl'.  Champion and runner-up colleges get trophies and team members the medallions. All participants in the Bowl will get SERMACS t-shirts.

 To register please send the names of the 2-4 student team members, an alternate and the faculty mentor to Please include the email and mailing addresses with the contact telephone number.

(1) Faculty Mentors will choose a team of two to four students.

(2) The teams will compete in pairs matched at random by draw in each of the three classes: Community Colleges, Four-year colleges and Colleges with chemistry graduate programs.

(3) Each team will designate one student as team captain.

(4) Each game will consist of twenty-minute time liu,its excluding any conferences with the judges, with as many segments as can be played in the time limit.

(5) A segment will be composed of one TOSS-UP question and a CATEGORY question. The first team to answer the TOSS-UP question will receive points for that question and gains the right to choose then from one of the categories (Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics and Math)

(6) If the first team answers the TOSS-UP question incorrectly, the other team will then have an opportunity to answer the same question. If the other team cannot answer the question correctly either, then the question will be discarded and the procedure will begin again.

(7) TOSS-UP questions are worth 5 points. Team members cannot confer on these questions. TOSS-UP questions will be read twice. As soon as the Emcee has read the question the second time, the timekeeper will begin the clock A team will have 15 seconds in which to buzz. Then a team will have fifteen more seconds after their buzzer in which to begin answering the questions. If they do not answer within this time limit, time 'will be called on them and the other team \vi!! have an opportunity to answer the same question. The Emcee will ask if the other team wishes to hear the question read again. If they say "NO", timing will begin at the word "NO". If they do wish to hear the question read again, the Emcee will do so and the timing will begin as soon as the question has been read.

(8) CATEGORY questions are worth 10 points. Team members may confer on these questions, but the captain of each team will give the final answer. A team will have thirty seconds in which to answer this question. After this question has been read the second time, the timekeeper will start the clock. At the end of the time limit, if the team has not answered the question, time will be called, the question will be discarded, and no points will be given for that question. If the team answers this question incorrectly, the other team WILL NOT have an opportunity to answer the question. If a category question has more than one part, the team must answer all parts correctly in order to receive the points.