UT-Martin SAACS 2004-05

Chronological List of Activities,

Participation Roster

Honor Roll


Chronological Listing of Activities

         The following is a chronological listing of all activities, events, etc. which the UTM SAACS participated in.  The letters before each activity have been used in the Participation section to indicate what UTM people were at what activity.  They are listed by each persons name in the Participation section.  The 4 bold activities are major SAACS activities, which are required in order to be an active UTM SAACS member.

Numbers under Primary and Secondary Category indicate the section where each activity can be found in the Annual Report.  One primary category was chosen for each activity, but several activities had multiple significant purposes and may be found mentioned under their secondary category as well.  Sections are as follows:


1.      Recruitment and Retention Efforts

         2.      Community Services

         3.      National Chemistry Week and Earth Day Activities

         4.      Scientific Meetings

6.      Departmental and College Services

         7.      Speakers, Tours, and Field Trips

         8.      Green Chemistry Activities

         10.    Social Events

         11.    Business Meetings


        FALL 2004                                                                                                         Category (see above)

        Date            Activity                                                                                            Primary       Secondary

A     8/16/04       Officers Meeting with FA to plan semester activities                                11                    ---

B     8/24/04       Organizational Fair to Recruit Freshmen                                                    6                      1

C     8/26/04       KLS Meeting and Picnic                                                                            4                    10

D     9/2/04         Organizational Meeting for Semester (7:00 pm)                                      11                    ---

E     9/2/04         Pizza and Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Social (8:00 pm)                           10                    ---

F     9/9/04         Soybean/Biodiesel Display- Soybean Festival                                           2                  1, 8

G     9/15/04       Prep Meeting for New Member Reception                                               11                    ---

H     9/16/04       New Member Reception/Recruitment Demos                                            1                2, 10

I      9/17/04       KLS Meeting at Union: Dr. James OBrien Speaks on Mercury              4                    ---

                           Poisoning and Mad Hatters

J      9/18/04       Gold Penny Prep for CENSational Program                                              6                    ---

                           (College of Engineering and Natural Sciences)

K     9/23/04       CENSational Program for Eight Graders                                                   6                      2

L     10/2/04       Prep for Senior Day Demos (Morning)                                                   11                    ---

        Date            Activity                                                                                            Primary       Secondary

M    10/2/04       Senior Day to recruit high school seniors (Afternoon)                               6                      1

N     10/7/04       Organizational Meeting to prepare for UTM Homecoming                     11                    ---

O     10/9/04       Homecoming/SAACS Reunion/Reception                                                 6                2, 10

P     10/11/04     Martin Mayor Brundige Proclaims National Chemistry Week                  2                    ---

Q     10/12/04     National Chemistry Week Preparatory Meeting                                       11                    ---

R     10/14/04     KLS Meeting: Dr. Marvin Lang Speaks on Leadership                             4                    ---


S1   10/18/04     Lectures on Preventive Health Care: Jo Aden (UTM Nursing),                  3                      7

                           Lora McDonald (Martin Wellness), and Charles Orton and

                           Minesh Patel, UTM SAACS

S2   10/19/04     Health and Wellness Demos: Yorkville Primary School                            3                      2

S3   10/21/04     Health and Wellness Demos: Martin Primary School (10:30 am)             3                      2

S4   10/21/04     Free Health Fair by UTM Nursing Students and Staff (4:00 pm)              3                  2, 6

S5   10/21/04     UTM SAACS host KLS/NCW Meeting/Demos (5:30 pm)                      3                      4

S6   10/22/04     Martin Westview High School Health and Wellness Demos                     3                      2

S7     10/22/04    Preparation for Girl Scouts Chemistry Clinic  11         ---

S8     10/23/04    Girl Scouts Merit Badge Clinic  3       2


T     10/26/04     Organizational Meeting for High School Science Bowl                           11                    ---

U     11/4/04       HSSB Organizational Meeting and Rehearsal                                          11                    ---

V     11/9/04       HSSB Organizational Meeting and Rehearsal #2                                     11                    ---

W    11/11/04     HSSB Organizational Meeting and Rehearsal #3                                     11                    ---

X     11/12/04     Dr. Airees Surprise Birthday Party! Woo hoo!   O~ (a balloon!)          10                    ---

Y      11/13/04    25th Annual High School Science Bowl      2         6, 7

Z     11/30/04     KLS Meeting: Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite Speaks on Human Cancer             4                    ---

Z    12/3/04       Bowling/Skating Social in Jackson, TN                                                   10                    ---

A   12/9/04       Dr. Gary Emmert Lecture on Disinfectants                                                8                    10

B   12/12/04     SAACS Sponsored Help Session (2:00 pm)                                              6                    10

C   12/12/04     SAACS Final Business Meeting and Elections (4:00 pm)                       11                    ---

        SPRING 2005                                                                                                             Category

        Date            Activity                                                                                            Primary       Secondary

D   1/17/05       KLS Meeting: Dr. Wei-Ping Pan Speaks on Mercury Emission               4                    ---

                           and Control (before start of class at UTM)

E    1/20/05       Spring Semester Organizational Meeting                                                 11                    ---

F    2/9/05         Kiwanis Club Demonstrations Show (Noon)                                             2                    ---

G   2/9/05         Dr. Kevin Redding Lecture on Photosystem I (7:30 pm)                           7                    10

H   2/12/05       SAACS help with TWISTER at Adventure Science Center                        6                      2

                           in Nashville

I     2/16/05       Meeting to Discuss San Diego and Memphis Trips                                 11                    ---

J    2/17/05       KLS Meeting: Dr. Tracy P. Hamilton Speaks on Beer Making                 4                    ---

K   2/19/05       Undergraduate Reasearch Conference at the University of Mempis           4                    ---

L    3/8/05         San Diego Preparatory Meeting                                                               11                    ---

M  3/14/05 to   National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in San Diego            4                8, 10


N   3/29/05       Organizational Meeting for the Rest of the Semester                               11                    ---

O   3/31/05       Kathryn Parents Lecture on Polylactic Acid and Green Chemistry           8                    10

P     4/2/05        Boy Scouts Merit Badge Clinic  2       ---

Q   4/4/05         Demomania for Cub Scouts                                                                       2                    ---

R     4/9/05        Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting at Murray         4       ---

S    4/15/05       KLS Meeting: Dr. Richard J. Field Speaks on Edwin Schrodinger           4                    ---

T    4/16/05       UTM SAACS Help KLS with Chemistry Olympiad                                 2                    ---

U   4/22/05       UTM SAACS Help KLS Celebrate Earth Day                                          3                    10

V        4/23/05            SAACS Basketball Game                                                                    10       


The following is a listing of all SAACS members, UTM faculty, and UTM students who participated in the activities for the Fall 04 to Spring 05 school year.  In order to determine the events that a particular person participated in, please refer to the Chronological Listing of Activities above.


UTM SAACS                   Activities                                                                                                      Major

Allen, Sarah K.                  DEFGHNOS(1,5)TUVWXACEJ                                                                Y

Appleton Nicolas C.          QS(1,5,7)UVWCEGILMNOTUZ                                     S8,Y,P,R

Bain, Jonathan A.              QS(1,4,5)TUVWXZACDENOQUV                                         Y,P,R

Bernard, Andrew R.                                          ADEFGHIJKLMNOPQS(1,2,7)TVWXZBCDFGIKLM                                     S8,Y,R


Bethart, Emily C.               DEFGHNS(1,3,5,7)WXC                                                                            S8,Y

Bird, William A.                U                                                                                                                         Y

Bledsoe, Christopher B.    GHNQS(1,4,5)UVWXACEGINOUV                                       Y,P,R

Boyce, Alexandria L.         S(7)TUVWXZACDEFILMNOQSUVZ                    S8,Y,P,R

Cacas, Rodel A.                 DEGHIS(1,4,5)TVWACEFGIJLMNOTUV                     Y,P,R

Comer, Danny R.              DEGHNOUVXO (IAG project leader, research leader)                          S8,Y,R

Dean, David M.                 X                                                                                                                       ---

Garrett, Melinda R.            ---                                                                                                                      ---

Huey, Crystal N.               DEQRS(2)AZ                                                                                                ---

Kollmeyer, Sara M.           ---                                                                                                                      ---

Leigh, Townes R. Jr.         DEGHILS(1,5,6)TUACEFIJLMNOUV                                  P,R

Liu, Zifei (Julie)                 DEOQS(1,5)TXCEFGILMNUV                                             Y,P,R

Mallette, Joseph C.            S(1,5)                                                                                                                ---

McDaniel, Delana J.          OQS(1,5)TUWXZACDEFGIJLMUVZ                        S8,Y,P,R

Miller, Patrick R.               DE                                                                                                                     ---

Naik, Annie K.                  DEHS(1,5)                                                                                                        ---

Nielsen, Andrew K.           V                                                                                                                       ---

Nguyen, Phuongdinh T.    NOQS(1,5,7)TUVWXACDEFGHILMNOUVZ           S8,P,R

Orton, Charles B.              DEFGHOQS(1,5)VWXAEJOQ (IAG project,)                          S8,Y,P,R

Parman, Malinda G.          H                                                                                                                     ---

Patel, Meera S.                                          DEGHNQS(1,4,5,7)TUWXACDFGHIJKLMNOZ                                      S8,Y,P,R

Patel, Minesh S.                                          ABCDEFGHIJNOPQS(1,3,4,6,7)VWXZABCDEGILM                                     S8,Y,R

                                          OQSUV (IAG project leader)

Rippy, John G.                  DEHOS(7)                                                                                                       S8

Salter, Kendra D.               NOQS(6,7)UVWXACDJNOSUVZ                                   S8,Y,P,R

Smith, Ali                                          ABCDEFGHIJKOQS(5)TUVWXZACDEGIJKLMNOS                             Y,P

Smith, Audrey J.                DEFGHNQS(1,7)UVWXCDEHILMUV                                 S8,Y,R

Smith, Kala M.                  DEGHQS(5)TVWXBCENUV                                                       Y,P,R


UTM Faculty                    Activities                                                                                                      Major

Airee, S.K. (Fac Advisor)  ABCDEFGHILMNOPQRS(1,2,3,4,5,6,8)TUVWXZABC             S7,Y,P,R


Arshed, Tahira                   ---                                                                                                                        Y

Cruz, Lionel                       ---                                                                                                                        Y

Davis, Phillip                     KOPS(5)X                                                                                                        ---

Devenyi, Jozsef                 S(5)XO                                                                                                           R

Effiong, Rosemary I.         XO                                                                                                                    Y

Erkal, Cahit                        ---                                                                                                                        Y

Farrell, Lana (Chem Sec)   OX  (MAJOR HELP, unofficial SAACS)                                                          Y

Getanah, Misganaw           ---                                                                                                                        Y

Harmon, Anthony W.        KOXO                                                                                                            R

Hartshorn, Robert L.         KX                                                                                                                      Y

Hinds, Nancy W.              GHOPS(1,5)XOU                                                                                           Y

Lui, Zhongjing                   ---                                                                                                                        Y

Mansfield, Gary                OX                                                                                                                    ---

Osburn, Philip L.               K                                                                                                                       ---

Sammons, Davis                D                                                                                                                     ---

Simpson, Mark                  ---                                                                                                                        Y

Sliger, Andrew                   ---                                                                                                                        Y

Solomons, William E.       OS(5)O                                                                                                           R

Sterrat, Laura                     U                                                                                                                     ---

Sterrett, Doug                    S(5)                                                                                                                   ---

Thomas, Charles R.           OX                                                                                                                      Y

Turner, Hugh M.               ---                                                                                                                        Y

Wilkins, Heather D.          ---                                                                                                                        Y


UTM Students

Beckman, Jennifer             HOB                                                                                                                ---

Caras, Candice                   U                                                                                                                     ---

Carey, Joshua                    S                                                                                                                      R

Eskew, Lauren                   S                                                                                                                      ---

Franklin, Nicole                 ---                                                                                                                      R

Taylor, David                     U                                                                                                                     ---

Taylor, Lauren                   Q                                                                                                                       ---


SAACS Honor Roll for 2004-05

Nicolas C. Appleton                                                    Delana J. McDaniel

Jonathan A. Bain                                                         Phuongdinh T. Nguyen

Andrew R. Bernard                                                     Charles B. Orton

Christopher B. Bledsoe                                               Meera S. Patel

Alexadria L. Boyce                                                      Minesh S. Patel

Rodel A. Cacas                                                            Kendra D. Salter

Danny R. Comer                                                         Ali M. Smith

Townes R. Leigh, Jr.                                                   Audrey J. Smith

Zifei Liu                                                                      Kala M. Smith