Michael Tinnesand


Michael Tinnesand has been in chemical education for over 30 years. He has BachelorŐs and MasterŐs degrees in chemical education from University of Oregon. He taught high school science in Oregon at Glencoe High School. He is a former Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute Master Teacher and a Chemical Manufacturers Associate Catalyst Award winner. He is currently the Associate Director of Academic Programs for the Education Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS). He has served as editor for ChemMatters magazine and has written a number of articles, including contributions to the special September 2003 NASA Aura issue. He has written two volumes of hands-on activities for kids, and several articles on science education. The ACS department of Academic Programs publishes magazines, textbooks, teaching resources, and multimedia for K-12 teachers and higher education. Department programs include Chemistry through Inquiry, an online course for middle school teachers, Project SEED, which organizes scientific research opportunities for economically disadvantaged high school student, the US National Chemistry Olympiad program, ChemMatters magazine, ChemCom, the ACS textbook for high school chemistry, and the ACS Student Affiliate program.