AUGUST 22-26, 2004


The following summary is provided to help councilors report to their local sections and divisions on key actions of the ACS Council and Board of Directors at the 2004 fall national meeting.




Election Results


·      The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented to Council the following slate of nominees for membership on the Committee on Committees for the 2005-2007 term: Lawrence Barton, Cherlynlavaugh Bradley, George F. Cowperthwaite, Franklin A. Davis, Lissa Dulany, Larry K. Krannich, Melanie J. Lesko, Mary Virginia Orna, Eleanor D. Siebert and James Visintainer. By written ballot the Council elected Lawrence Barton, Lissa Dulany, Larry K. Krannich, Mary Virginia Orna, and Eleanor D. Siebert for the 2005-2007 term.


·      The Committee on Nominations and Elections presented to Council the following slate of nominees for membership on the Council Policy Committee for the 2005-2007 term: Rita R. Boggs, Dean W. Cooke, Ann H. Hunt, Thomas J. Kucera, Robert A. Pett, Yorke E. Rhodes, Peter J. Stang, and Mark Wicholas. By written ballot the Council elected Rita R. Boggs, Dean W. Cooke, Yorke E. Rhodes, and Peter J. Stang for the 2005-2007 term.


·      The Council Policy Committee presented to Council the following slate of nominees for membership on the Committee on Nominations and Elections: Roger F. Bartholomew, R. Gerald Bass, Frank D. Blum, Michael P. Doyle, Carol A. Duane, Merle I. Eiss, Ruth Ann Hathaway, Frederick G. Heineken, Roland F. Hirsch, Warren D. Hull, Jr., Robert A. Pribush, Kathleen M. Schulz, Herbert B. Silber, and Ellen B. Stechel. By written ballot the Council elected Frank D. Blum, Michael P. Doyle, Carol A. Duane, Ruth A. Hathaway and Kathleen M. Schulz for the 2005-07 term; and to fill two vacancies on the committee, Merle I. Eiss for a 2005-06 term, and Ellen B. Stechel for a 2005 term.


Candidates for President-Elect and Board of Directors


·      The Council was informed of the candidates for the fall 2004 ACS national election as follows:





President-Elect 2005

E. Ann Nalley, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma

F. Sherwood Rowland, University of California, Irvine, California

Isiah M. Warner, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Director-at-Large, 2005-2007

David F. Eaton, Light Insights, LLC, Wilmington, Delaware

Judith C. Giordan, Visions in Education, Inc., Pleasanton, California

Howard M. Peters, Peters, Verny, Jones & Schmitt, LLP, Palo Alto, California

David N. Rahni, Pace University, Pleasantville, New York


Director, District II, 2005-2007

Thomas H. Lane, Dow Corning Corporation, Midland, Michigan

Diane G. Schmidt, Procter & Gamble Company, Cincinnati, Ohio


Director, District IV, 2005-2007

Eric D. Bigham, GlaxoSmithKline, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Paul R. Jones, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Robert L. Lichter, Merrimack Consultants, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia

John L. Massingill, Jr., Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas


Candidate Statement Guidelines: President-Elect and Board of Directors


·      The Council discussed a recent decision by the Committee on Nominations to reduce the allowable length for candidate statements (President-Elect and Board of Directors) from 1000 words to 750. A resolution was defeated at Council that would have allowed candidate statements to be 1000 words or more.


Proposal for an Ethics Committee


·      The Committee on Committees presented to Council a proposal for establishing an Ethics Committee as an Other Committee of the Council. The charge of this committee would be as follows: To coordinate the ethics-related activities of the Society; serve as an educational resource and clearinghouse, but not as an adjudicatory body, for ACS members seeking guidance on ethics issues; raise awareness of ethics issues through meeting programming and columns/editorials; review recognition opportunities for acknowledging ethical behavior; and develop and oversee such other ethics-related activities as will serve ACS members and promote the Societyıs standards of ethical conduct within the profession of chemistry and its related disciplines. The Council voted to refer the recommendation back to the Committee on Committees for further study.


Registration Report, 2005 Advance Registration Fee, and Future Locations of National Meetings


·      As of August 24, 2004, the ACS fall national meeting had attracted 13,805 registrants as follows: Regular attendees 7,741; Students 2,919; Guests 482; Exhibit only 734; and Exhibitors 1,929. The 2005 advance registration fee was announced as $295. The Council approved 2014 meeting sites as follows: Washington, D.C. (March 16-20) and San Francisco (August 24-28). The Committee on Meetings and Expositions will be requesting that the Board of Directors agree to switch the New York 2010 meeting with the Boston 2012 site due to projected construction on the New York Convention Center.


Membership Statistics


·      The Council was informed that as of June 30, 2004, total ACS membership stood at 154,945. Compared to last year, this represents less than a 1% decrease in the overall membership number. The good news is that the very impressive 50% increase in the recent graduates joining the Society experienced at year-end last year is continuing. At the end of June, more than 6,800 new members had been added to the membership rolls, which aligns well with the number at the same time last year.



Approval of Petitions


·      The Council voted to accept three amendments to the ACS Constitution and/or Bylaws (Petitions): Petition for Electronic Balloting, Petition to Change Division Annual Report Deadline, and Petition for Membership Requirements for Teachers. The Petition for Electronic Balloting proposed changes to the Societyıs Constitution and Bylaws allowing for the option of electronic balloting. The first Society implementation will be internet-based, similar to those currently used by several divisions, sister societies, and other organizations, such as public corporations polling their shareholders prior to annual meetings. The Petition to Change Division Annual Report Deadlines makes the annual report deadline consistent with that of Local Sections. This allows the Council Committee on Divisional Activities more time to evaluate Division Annual Reports for making selections for the ChemLuminary Awards program. The Petition for Membership Requirements for Teachers allows experienced qualified chemistry teachers, who may not otherwise fully meet the requirements, to become members based on their status and experience. The petition also allows a pre-college chemistry or allied science teacher to become an associate member.


Special Discussion Item


·      A special discussion item was put on the Council agenda for this meeting. ACS President Charles Casey and Board Chair James Burke lead the Council in a discussion on the multidisciplinarity/dispersion of chemistry as a discipline and its impact on ACS members and the profession. Questions were raised about the way the federal government identifies jobs held by chemists as one of many indicators of how multidisciplinarity has come to affect the status of chemists. The Board of Directors and the ACS President have established a joint Board-Council task force to assess the challenges and opportunities that multidisciplinarity presents to the ACS and chemical scientists in general. The discussion at Council revealed an interest in this topic, particularly as it applies to the future of the discipline.



Local Section Actions


·      On the recommendation of the Local Section Activities Committee, the Council approved a name change for the Peoria Local Section to the Illinois Heartland Local Section. The Council also approved the inclusion of four additional counties to the Wichita Falls ­ Duncan Local Section.


Approval of the ACS Professional Employment Guidelines


·      On the recommendation of the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, the Council voted to approve the seventh edition of the ACS Professional Employment Guidelines. These guidelines offer a variety of recommended practices in employment for professional scientists and their employers in todayıs workplace.





ACS Award Activity


·      The Board of Directors voted to recommend a nominee for both the 2005 Perkin Medal and the Othmer Gold Medal. The Perkin Medal, the highest award of the Society of Chemical Industry, is awarded for outstanding contributions to the applied chemistry industry. The Othmer Gold Medal recognizes a chemical scientist of multiple talents and achievements and is awarded by the Chemical Heritage Foundation. The Board also approved financial support for the James Bryant Conant Award in High School Chemistry Teaching for 2006. The Board agreed that the award addresses for the Award for Volunteer Service to the Society will be presented at annual ChemLuminary Award Ceremonies.


The Boardıs Committees and Task Forces








The Societyıs Finances




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