International Activities Committee  Sub #1 Agenda


Philadelphia ACS Meeting

Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel, Seminar C Room


9:00 AM, August 21, 2004




1. Latin America

                        A.  Report on Brazil Meetings (Eliel, Lerman, Malin)

                                    a) ACS organized Workshops at  FLAQ Congress,  May 2004:

Environmental Chemistry ;.Chemical Education

b) Symposia arranged by ACS        


                        B.  Exchange of digital abstracts initiative

Dr. Fordıs ideas of exchanging ACS Environ. Div. Abstracts on

CD with Brazilian environmental group abstracts (Ford if available)


C.  Additional initiatives in Brazil

            Residual funds available from John Malin (Malin)



2.  Mexico

            Summer fellowships---

                        2004 ­ Four selected out of 11 applicants

2005 -  Should the program continue?;  If so, where will the matching funds come from? (Eliel)


3.  Cuba

Discussion of new rules governing travel to Cuba and how it will affect scientific exchange.  Coordinate with Sub #3 and OLGA. (Nameroff)


4.  Workshops in Peru

            Series of  workshops during June ­ August, 2004.  Workshops are critical as they are intended to set the basis for long term collaborations between complementary research labs in the US and Latin America;  discussion of future and expansion to other LA countries (Miller)


5.     General discussion of current Visa situation and its impact on scientific exchanges. (Nameroff)


6.  Report from International Initiatives Task Force deliberations (Crumbliss)


7.  Project Bookshare (Nameroff for Torio)


8.  Pittsburgh Conference  (Nameroff, King, Miller, Danchik if available)


9.  Global Instrument program

            Discussion.  Should program be continued in view of current low level of use? (Miller)


10.  IUPAC/ACS-sponsored trip to Bangladesh (Malin)






1.  NSF Funding Opportunities

                        Pan-American Advanced Studies Institutes Program (Eliel, Miller)



2.  Discussion/definition of priority regions for ACS interactions (Crumbliss)


3.  International initiatives and partnering (Crumbliss)


            Return budget to 30k for visits

            Partnering with Divisions

            Partnering with Gordon Conf. for Fellowships


4.  Gap analysis on contact and priorities in Latin America

Discuss the development of criteria for developing strategic alliance partners in order to advise the  Board of Directors.

(Discuss with Cathy Costello ­ does this involve Sub-1?)


5.  Other issues from the membership