This page has been initiated to keep the SAACS &/or chemistry Alumni informed of the happenings at their alma mater and to keep the SAACS & Chemistry informed about the alumni.



Alumni are Invited to SAACS booth on the UTM QUAD on Saturday, October 4 for fellowship and for

Ice Cream made with Liquid Nitrogen

Chemagic Demos

Blood Pressure/Glucose Check by Nursing Department

Recent News:

Congratulations to Dr. Jane Kao, 1985 SAACS alumni (chemistry/biology major) who will receive the Outstanding Alumni Award during Homecoming Week, September 29 - October 5, 2008. She is a pediatric cardiologist with the Heart Center for Children in Dallas, TX.

Jessica Mitchell, a 2006 chemistry alumni, has joined Robert M. Counce, a 1965 chemistry alumni and SAACS member at Knoxville's University of Tennessee Chemical Engineering Department in working on her MS degree.

Dr. Rhea Sammons, 2004 SAACS alumni, delivered a green chemistry presentation to the SAACS this spring on "The Application of Biomass in the Production of Carbon Fibers."

A message from the CENS Dean

I am delighted to send greetings to the chemistry and SAACS alumni from the College of Engineering and Natural Science (CENS). Many of you who were here before the year 2000 and may have graduated from the School of Arts and Sciences. Our new college includes the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Geology, Geography and Physics, and Mathematics and Statistics.

The Department of Chemistry and the chapter of the student affiliates of the American Chemical Society have compiled an outstanding record to which you contributed. Our SAACS chapter continues to earn "outstanding" status from the ACS year after year thus continuing a legacy that you left when you graduated. We are proud and grateful for your many contributions.

Please visit us during Homecoming on October 8, 2005 (you should have received a flyer inviting you to this event). Current SAACS will be making ice cream by using liquid nitrogen; the nursing students will be there to give free blood pressure and blood glucose checks among many other activities in Quad City.

I look forward to seeing you at Homecoming and please feel free to visit with the faculty or me at any time to let us know how you are doing and what is going on in your life. We certainly appreciate visiting with our former students.

J. Douglas Sterrett, Dean
College of Engineering and Natural Sciences
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Martin, TN 38238; 731-881-7380

Heard Recently from:

Dr. Hans N. Airee, c/o 1987 is an executive with GlaxoSmithKline in Raleigh, NC. Dr. Anita Airee, c/o 1989, practices clinical pharmacy with a Cardiology Center in Oak Ridge. Dr. Richa Airee, c/o 1999, is a pharmacy resident the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore.

Jennifer D. Beckman, c/o 2005, is in UT-Memphis Medical School.

Heather (Davis) Briley, c/o 1999, resides in Memphis.

Amanda B. Coke, c/o 2001, is in UTCHS Memphis College of Pharmacy.

David M. (Brock) Dean, c/o 2005, is in UT-Memphis Medical School.

Nicole L. Franklin, c/o 2005, is a medical assistant at the Centennial Hospital in Nashville.

Micheal W. Fultz, c/o 2003, is in graduate school at the University of Indiana.

Dr. Carla (Jones) Gillespie, c/o 1986, practices medicine in Knoxville, TN

Austin Hamm, c/o 2005, is a research assistant at Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Charles E. Harding, c/o 1965, resides in Martin post retirement after distinguished as professor and chair UT-Martin chemistry department

Dr. Nancy W. Hinds, c/o 1969, teaches at UT-Martin chemistry department.

Dr. James W. Hodge, c/o 1988, is a senior scientist and head of the Recombinant Vaccine Group at the NIH National Cancer Institute. He was featured in the UTM Alumni magazine last fall.

Mark & Johna (Williams) Jenkins, both c/o 1998. Mark is a law school graduate and Johna an oncology nurse.

Dr. Jane M. Kao, c/o 1985, practices medicine (pediatric cardiology) in Dallas, TX.

Rebekah Kirkpatrick, c/o 2004, is in UTCHS pharmacy school.

Thomas D. McSweeney, c/o 1981, is in the department of anesthesioly at the Ohio State University Medical Center. Elaine (Walsh) McSweeney, c/o 1981, is a dentist.

Dr. Rob Mauldin, c/o 1985, is a professor of chemistry at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, OH.

Dr. Christopher Mitchell, c/o 1998 is doing his residency in St. Louis.

Dr. Michael L. Mohler, c/o 1994, is teaching assistant at the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department of the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Todd A. Morris, c/o 1999, is an assistant professor at the Adams State College in Alamosa, CO.

Dr. Philip L. Osburn, c/o 1996, is an assistant professor at UT-Martin.

Dr. Jason S. Overby, c/o 1992, is an assistant professor at the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC

Selena M. Parnell, c/o 2004, is attending the medical school at the American University of the Caribbean in St. Marten, and she loves it.

Minesh S. Patel, c/o 2005, is UTCHS-Memphis Medical School.

Dr. Thomas C. Pentecost, c/o 1987, is a professor of chemistry at the Aimes Community College in Greeley, CO

Linda Barrett Phelps, c/o 1975, is assistant principal at Camden Central High School

John G. Rippy, c/o 2005, is teaching English in Korea.

Dr. James "Jud" Rodgers, c/o 1984, got his Pharm. D. from UT in 1997.

Dr. David W. Sammons, c/o 1966, is professor and chair of Biological Sciences at UT-Martin.

Rhea Sammons, c/o 1994, is in the engineering graduate school at UT-Knoxville.

Jennifer Slaughter, c/o 1999, is in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin.

Ali. M. Smith, c/o 2005, attends UTCHS-Memphis College of Pharmacy.

Jerry T. Thorne, c/o 1996, retired as senior manager from Hewlett Packard Company and Agilent Technologies. Heavily involved in the local and state politics of Northern California.

Dr. Ronald Twilla, c/o 1971, practices medicine in Milan, TN

Jennifer Tyree, c/o 1996, is in DC working for the Senate Government Affairs Committee.

Dr. Cindy LuAnn (Holland) White, c/o 1998, teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Eliza J. Whitten, c/o 2002, attends the UTCHS Medical School in Johnson City, TN.