Sally Henrie is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Union University and has been in Chemical Education for over 12 years. In 2001 she began working with Kacey Fowler and Ruth Hall as their advisor for their undergraduate research. The research involved writing the Green Chemistry Laboratory Manual for First Year High School Students. Kacey Fowler is currently teaching Chemistry and Environmental Science at Madison Academic in Jackson, TN. Ruth Hall is teaching Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science at Cahokia High School in Cahokia, IL. Recently Dr. Henrie mentored Kimberly LindseyŐs undergraduate research project which involved writing a teacherŐs manual for the Green Chemistry Laboratory Manual and revising the first edition.

Dr. Henrie earned her BS degree in Chemistry from the University of Arizona and her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from South Dakota State University. She previously worked as a Junior Research Chemist for Phelps Dodge Corp., Plant Chemist for Mount Pleasant Chemical Co. and Materials Lab Supervisor/Process Engineer for Whirlpool Corp. While working in industry she contributed to various environmentally related projects including replacing the use of smelters to purify copper with a leaching process, replacing Freon 12 and 22 in refrigeration products, and increasing the energy efficiency of refrigeration products.

Dr. Henrie teaches various courses and laboratories at Union University including the non-majors Fundamentals of Chemistry lecture and laboratory, Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Organic / Inorganic Synthesis Laboratory, Survey of Chemical Instrumentation, and Environmental Chemistry. She is involved in mentoring students in Chemical Education and dendrimer research.