PACS (Professional Analytical and Consulting Services, INC) have announced several short courses and conferences. Call 800-367-2587 for information. The following list pertains only to the one in St. Louis in JULY. These same are also scheduled in August at Denver, September at Pittsburg, October at Houston, November in San Jose and December at New Orleans.

The July dates for the short courses in St. Louis:
Infrared Spectral Interpretation, 28-30
Mass Spectral Interpretation, 28-30, 30-1
ICP-Mass Spectrometry, 30-31
Atomic Spectroscopy AA/GFAA/ICP , 21-22, 23-24
Chromatography: Thin Layer, 23; HPLC, 24-25; GC, 24-25, 28.
Quality Assurance of Chemical Measurements, 21-22
OSHA Lab Safety, 25
ISO-9000 & ISO-14000, 21-22
Quality Assurance of Environmental Measurements, 21-23
Environmental Data Validation, 23-24
Activated Carbon Adsorption, 28-29, 30

Chemical Manufactures Association have announced the thirteen exceptional teachers of science, chemical technology, chemistry, and chemical engineering. They will receive the 1997 the Association's 1997 Responsible Care Catalyst Awards. Two of these awards are for teachers in KIMAT area: Alan D. Redmond ofRoss N. Robinson Middle School, Kingsport, TN received $5,000 as one of seven National award winners, and Robert C. Byrne of Illinois Valley Community College, Ogelsby, IL got $2,500 as one of two Regional winners in the TWO-Year College catyegory. For more information , contact Hope Bonito (703-741-5726)

Click here for information about the programs in Forensic Toxicology.

Next High School Science Bowl sponsored by the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) at the University of Tennessee at Martin (UTM) will be held in conjunction with National Chemistry Week on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1997. Information about the bowl rules, results of 1996 and the 1995 competition can be accessed by clicking here.

can be accessed by clicking here.