Student Members of the American Chemical Society



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Clips of  SMACS in the 2012-13 NEWS

A Photo Collage (70 pics) of the chapter's Activites in 2012-13

The students registered in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Pre-professional (Sci-Med, Pharmacy, etc.) Programs are invited to join the #1 Science Club on Campus


The following links leads one to discern the sort of activities the chapter undertakes:

1. UTM SMACS 2011-12 in the News

2. High School Science Bowl
3. Area Collegiate Chemistry Meetings.

4. SMACS participate in National ACS mtgs in NOLA and San Diego

5. SMACS 2011 Homecoming Viva Las Martin, Safety Goggles & Periodic

    Chart of Elements Food Cans for the Hungry

6.  SMACS Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic for Boy Scouts

7. Green Chemistry Activities

8. Miscellaneous Activities

9. Speakers

10. UTM SMACS YouTube

          (Earth Day 2011- Thermite Reaction, SMACS Tour for Solar Enery,  SMACS president Corey Jones interviews Dr. Jerry Bell re Sustainability, Science Bowl Interviews , WLJT-TV Interviews  re Green Chemistry at ACCM)

11. SMACS Visit Discovery Park in Union City

Copy of the Chapter Annual Report 2009-10

Student Member benefits  include:

A. Web access to Chemical and Engineering News weekly
B. National SMACS Newsletter - inChemistry
C. Careers Information

D. List-serv
E. Half-price discount for meals at KLS-ACS meetings

Notices of the activities are posted on the bulletin board on the 3rd floor
of EPS and also sent by e-mail to all members.

TO JOIN contact any SAACS officer or the Faculty Advisor Dr. Airee (EXT #7454, EPS 308D), or come by the Chemistry Department Office in EPS 319.

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