The University of Tennessee at Martin Chapter of the
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (UTM SAACS)

Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic for
Boy Scouts of America

Saturday, February 28, 2004


Kala Smith & Shanna Baker

President Minesh Patel

Topical Discussions:
John Rippy, Andy Bernard

Elephants Toothpaste: John Rippy
Effect of Pressure on Gases & Boiling: Dan Comer
Patriotic Colors: Andy Bernard
Glycerine ignites KMnO4: Andy Bernard & Meera Patel
Methane Explodes in a Can: Meera Patel & Andy Bernard
Soap Bubbles catch Fire: Emili Reeves & Ali Smith
Milk of Magnesia Changes Colors: Minesh Patel
'Water' to Different "Cool-Aids": John Rippy
Gummy Bears Catch Fire: Andy Bernard

Vitamin C: Emili Reeves
Testing Starch & Protein in Food: Meera Patel
Making "Gold" Pennies: Emily Bethart
Turmeric Indicator for Acid/Base Titrations: Andy Bernard & Minesh Patel
Cabbage Extract Indicator: John Mancell
Activity Series: Rhea Sammons
Components Ink with Chromatography: Jennifer Beckman
Cartesian Diver: Shanna Baker
Pollution: Sarah K. Allen
Laboratory Tours: Ali Smith & Jennifer Beckman


Cottage Grove, Troop 271: Ryan Wyatt & Paul Wyatt
Dresden, Troop 40, : Adam Leach, David Elliott, Drew Walker, & Benjamin Bartlett. Leaders Eddie Capps & Roger Laird.
Dyersburg, Troop 87: Carter Stringfield, Logan Collier, Jacob Sells, Ricky Kirby, Clay Walker, Jack McGrail, Tyler Fortner, Andrew Legan, Hunter Todd, Rick Van Sant, Caleb Langley,Josh Black, Ishmael Moffatt. (B). Matt Wolf, Steven Alford, John Tyler Baker, Robert Harris. Leaders: Hadden Collier & Hugh Todd
Fulton, Troop 43: Michael Gossum.
Union City, 55: Will Regan, Christopher Camarena, Addison Ursery. Parent: Michelle Ursery

This clinic involved 27 scouts, 5 troops/towns, 14 SAACS, Chemistry Office (Lana Ferrell and Lucretia Westmoreland), and advisor Dr. S. K. Airee

Requirements Test: must be answered to receive a Chemistry Merit Badge


Webmasters: S.K. Airee and Minesh Patel
MARCH 2, 2004