The University of Tennessee at Martin Chapter of the

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)

Girl Scouts / Brownies Science Activities Clinic

Saturday, The Mole Day, 10 ­ 23 - 2004



Registration                                         9 AM                                       Outside Room 204


Introductions                                       9:15                                         Room 204


Demonstrations                                   9:30                                         Room 204

            Elephantıs Toothpaste                         Andy

Soap Bubble Fire                                Minesh and someone

            Fluorescent Germs                              John, Delana, and Andy

            Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream                  Audrey and Meera

            NO Color? NO2 Brown                      Minesh, John

Heartburn & Gummy Beras                Minesh

Charcoal from Sugar                           Minesh

Activities                                              10:00

Science in Action and Science Wonders (Brownies)   Room 307

            Home-Grown Crystals            Minesh Patel

            Weird Glop                             Delana McDaniel

            Balloon Blowing                     Emily Bethart

            Bubbles                                   Emily Bethart

            Magnet Hunt                           John Rippy

            Static Electricity                       John Rippy

Science Discovery/Sleuth (Junior Scouts)                               Room 306

            Chemical Appearing Act          Nick Appleton and Phuong Nguyen

            Water Tricks                           Meera Patel

            Becoming a Scientist               Kendra Salter and Alexandria  Boyce

            See What?                               Audrey Smith

            Seeing the Light                      Dan Comer

            Itıs in the Genes                      Andy Bernard


            Pictures and Snacks                            10:30                                       Outside Room 204

            Activities continued                             11:00                                       Rooms 306 and 307


SAACS: Sarah K. Allen, Nicolas B. Appleton, Andrew R. Bernard, Emily C. Bethart, Alexandria L. Boyce, Danny R. Comer, Delana J. McDaniel, Meera S. Patel, Minesh S. Patel, Phuong Nguyen, Charles B. Orton, John G. Rippy, Kendra D. Salter and Audrey J. Smith.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. S. K. Airee

Troop Leaders*/ Parents:

#009, Christie Greer*, Timi Woodard: #255, Sherry Hatchel, Amy Barnett*, Tomi Seat Angel Jordan, Joyce Renolds; # 298, Karen Nanney, Cheryl. Ogg*,; #433, Heidi Batchelor* , John Mitchell; #482, Aaron Benson, Tiffany Benson, Lauri King, Teresa Turrentine, Dawn Barney, Jeffrey Gunnells, Lauri Hornsby*, J. Benson.

Scouts Coordinator & Membership Director: Jamey Attaway;