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Nineteen UTM SMACS attend 2013 Spring National Meeting of ACS


SMACS participate in the 245th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans

Nineteen U.T.- Martin student members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) participated in the 245th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans April 7 & 8. They presented three posters at different sessions and a demonstration at the Household Chemicals Demonstrations Exchange besides participating in and/or helping as volunteers with execution of numerous activities.

On Sunday night the chapter received plaques for the Outstanding Rating and for Green Chapter at an Awards Ceremony following which the group made a picture with chair of the ACS Society Committee on Chemical Education Dr. Andy Jorgensen , Manager of the Undergraduate Programs at ACS Nancy Bakowski, the director of the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Dr. David Constable and ACS president-elect Dr. Tom Barton.
L to R:
Jorgensen. SMACS Chelsea Peeler, Meagan Eason, Amber Watson, Krishna Patel, Krysten Harris, Christy Lee, Priya Patel, Elizabeth DeVlieger, Bakowski, faculty advisor Dr. S. K. Airee, Barton, Constable, SMACS Gilbert Forgays, Chappell Smith, Corey Jones, Ian Garrigan, Saumil Patel, Heather Vacovsky, Eric Staggs, Matthew Roberson, Jomathan Travis, William Crosby and Stephanie Gourley.

Dr. Airee chartered the ACS student chapter at UTM in 1971 and has been a faculty sponsor far longer than any other advisor in the nation. With him as advisor, the chapter has won a record number of Outstanding Ratings and Green Chapter awards amongst 1000+ chapters nationwide.

The following is the list of UTM presentations at the meeting:

Colorful and pedagogic demonstrations involving the transition metals and halogens
Chelsea N Peeler, Saumil V Patel, Gilbert J Forgays, Jonathan M Travis, Ian E Garrigan, Shakti K Airee.(Chemical Education #1579)

Red cabbage extract as acid/base indicator and paper chromatography
Matthew Roberson, Amber Watson, et al (Household Chemicals Demo Exchange #38)

Automated sample extraction using dynamic IEF for the separation and analysis of hemoglobin variants
Robbie Montgomery (Analytical Chem #18)

Validating dynamic IEF using hemoglobin Variants
Robbie Montgomery & Meagan Eason (Analytical Chemistry #108)

Reactions of unsaturated nitro compounds under Rh-catalyzed hydroformylation conditions <
Corey L. Jones, Mark D. Keränen. (Chemical Education # 928)



UTM SMACS Participate in the National ACS Meeting in San Diego - March 25 - 27, 2012

SMACS Christy Lee, Gilbert Forgays and Lee Elliott giving a demonstration of the fuel cells at the Household Chemicals Demonstrations Exchange Program.


Thirteen UTM student members of the American Chemical Society and SMACS advisor Dr. K. Airee participated in the 243rd nation meeting of ACS in San Diego from March 24 –27. They presented a poster on their International Year of Chemistry activities (2536M)and a demonstration about the fuel (2523) cells besides helping with organizing and mc-ing other sessions. At the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, March 25 the plaques for Green Chapter designation and commendable chapter rating were presented to the chapter president Gilbert Forgays

Zalak Patel, Krishna Patel, Chrity Lee, Layla Gargus, former ACS-president Dr. Catherine T. Hunt, Dr. S. K. Airee, Stephanie Gourley, Bethanie Aden,Gilbert Forgays, Lee Elliott, and Sam Moran