Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society




The University of Tennessee at Martin chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (UTM SAACS) was organized in 1971 and has since been rated OUTSTANDING for TWENTY - FIVE years and COMMENDABLE for FOUR years.

The students registered in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering,
and Pre-professional (Sci-Med, Pharmacy, etc.) Programs
are invited to join the #1 Science Club on Campus

The activities of the chapter include:
1. Speakers
2. Plant Tours
3. High School Science Bowl
4. Boy Scouts Chemistry Merit Badge Clinics
5. Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting.
6. National Chemistry Week Activities
7. Soybean Festival Participation & New Member Reception
8. Monthly meetings of the Kentucky Lake Section.
9 Senior Day and National Chemistry Week
10. Cub Scouts Science Day
11. Girl Scouts Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic

Student Affiliates receive
A. Chemical and Engineering News weekly for 5 months
B. in Chemistry (National SAACS Newsletter) 4 times
C. Careers Information
D. UTM SAACS Newsletter "The Condenser"
E. Half-price discount for meals at KLS-ACS meetings

Notices of the activities are posted on the bulletin board on the 3rd floor
of EPS and also sent by e-mail to all members.

TO JOIN contact any SAACS officer or the Faculty Advisor Dr. Airee (X7454, EPS 308D), or come by the Chemistry Department Office in EPS 319.
ANNUAL dues are $30.00 ($20 for national and $10 for Local)
Fill out the applicaion blank & make $30.00 check payable to UTM SAACS

Click here for a Chronological List of SAACS activities, Participation List, and Honor Roll for 2004-05

The officers of the chapter for 2005 are:

President: Andrew R. Bernard
Vice-President: Jonathan A. Bain
Secretary: Meera S. Patel
Treasurer: Nicolas C. Appleton
Additional Executive Committee Members:
Rodel A. Cacas, Julie Liu, Delana McDaniels and Kala M. Smith
Faculty Advisor: Dr. S. K. Airee


Standing (L to R): Kala M. Smith, Rodel A. Cacas, Delana J. McDaniel & Julie Liu
Sitting (L to R): Nicolas C. Appleton, Andrew R. Bernard, Jonathan A. Bain, and Meera S. Patel

UTM SAACS won the Outstanding Rating for the 25th year. Seated from L to R: Faculty Advisor Dr. S. K. Airee, president Minesh S. Patel, Chancellor Nick Dunagan. Standing: Kala M. Smith, Emily C. Bethart, Ali M. Smith, Andrew R. Bernard, Meera S. Patel & Sarah K. Allen



SAACS Fall 2004-Spring 2005

Front row(L to R): Dr. Nancy Hinds, Emily Bethart, Minesh Patel, Kendra Salter
2nd row (L to R): Phuong Nguyen, Delana McDaniel, Julie Liu, Andy Bernard, Meera Patel
3rd row (L to R): Dr. S.K. Airee, Rodel Cacas, Audrey Smith, Katie Allen, Alexandria Boyce
4th row (L to R): Charles Orton, Nick Appleton, Ali Smith, Kala Smith
5th row (L to R): Jonathan Bain, Brad Bledsoe, Dan Comer, William Bird


UTM SAACS Activities Fall 2004-Spring 2005

August 16 & 17, 2004, Dr. Airee's Office, President and vice president's meetings with Faculty Advisor to prepare for the semester

August 24, University Center 11-1:00pm, Organizational Fair to recruit freshmen
Minesh Patel and Ali Smith attended)

August 26, Murray, KY 6:00pm, KLS Meeting & Picnic at Hancock Biological Station
(Ali Smith + FA attended)

September 2, EPS 318 7:00pm, Organizational Meeting forthe semester
(17 SAACS and FA attended)

September 2, EPS 318 7:00pm, Social (Pizza and Liguid Nitrogen Ice Cream)

September 9, University Center 11-1:00pm, Soybean/Biodiesel Display During Soybean Festival
(Seven SAACS +FA attended)

September 15, EPS 318 7:00pm, Preparatory meeting for New Member Reception
(five SAACS attended)

September 16, EPS 204 7:00pm, New Member Reception/Recruitment Demos
(16 SAACS + FA + two chemistry faculty members attended)

September 17, Jackson,TN 6-8:00pm, KLS meeting at Union University where Dr. James F. O' Brien talked about "Famous Mad Hatters"
(Five SAACS + FA attended)

September 18, EPS 307 10-5pm, SAACS devoted 20 SAACS-hours to make Gold Pennies for College of Engineering and Natural Sciences CENSational program for local eight graders
(Minesh Patel, Andy Bernard and Ali Smith helped out)

September 23-24, University Center 8-1:00pm, College of Engineerindg and Nat. Sci. presents CENSational program for eight graders
(SAACS helped with set up)

October 2, EPS 318 10:00am, Preparation for Senior Day Oscilatting Reaction
(Andy Bernard and Tucker Leigh + FA attended)

October 2, University Center 11-1:00pm, Senior Day to recruit high school seniors
(Andy Bernard + FA attended)

October 7, EPS 318 7:00pm, Organizational Meeting to prepare for UT-Martin Homecoming
(10 SAACS + FA attended)

October 9, UTM Quad 8-1:00pm, Homecoming/SAACS Reunion where current SAACS made Liq. N2 Ice Cream
(12 SAACS + 8 Chemistry faculty members attended)

October 11, Matin City Hall 3:30pm, Martin's Mayor Brundidge proclaims Oct 17-23 as National Chemistry Week in Martin
(Minesh Patel and Andy Bernard + Dr. S.K. Airee, Dr. Nancy Hinds, and Dr. Phil Davis attended)

October 12, EPS 318 7:00pm National Chemistry Week (NCW) preparation meeting
(17 SAACS attended)

October 14, Jackson,TN 6-8pm, KLS meeting at Union University where Dr. Marvin Lang talked about "The Elements and Chemistry of Leadership"
(Crystal Huey attended)

October 14, TN Capitol Building 3:45pm, Governor Phil Bredesen proclaims Oct.17-23 as National Chemistry Week in Tennessee
(Minesh Patel, John G. Rippy, and Ali Smith + FA attended)


October 18, EPS 204 7:00pm, Lectures on Preventive Health Care given by Jo Aden, UTM Nursing; Lora McDonald, Martin Wellness Center; and Charles Orton and Minesh Patel, UTM SAACS
(21 SAACS + FA attended)

October 19, Yorkville Primary School 12:00pm, "Health and Wellness" Demonstations
(Andy Bernard and Crystal Huey attended)

October 21, Martin Primary School 10:30am, "Health and Wellness" Demonstrations
(Minesh Patel and Emily Bethart + FA attended)

October 21, University Center 4-7:00pm, Free Health Fair where Blood Pressure, Urinalysis, and Blood-Glucose were checked by UTM Nursing Students and Staff and Lora McDonald (Martin Wellness Center Nurse)
(five SAACS + FA helped to set up the fair)

October 21, University Center 5:30-8:30pm, KLS/NCW Meeting where local SAACS presented demos on "Health and Wellness". Dr. Airee was given an award from KLS for his outstanding work.
(14 SAACS + 5 Chemistry faculty members + Dean of Eng. and Nat. Sci. attended)

October 22, Martin Westview High School 12:30pm, "Health and Wellness" Demonstrations
(Minesh Patel, Kendra Salter, and Tucker Leigh + FA attended)

October 22, EPS 318, 306 ,307 3:00pm, 5:00pm, 10:00pm, Preparation for Girl Scouts Chemistry Clinic
(10 SAACS + FA attended)

October 23, EPS 204, 306, 307 8-1:00pm, Girl Scouts (Brownies and Juniors) Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic
(13 SAACS + FA attended)


October 26, EPS 318 6:30pm, Organizational Meeting for High School Science Bowl and recruitment by Up 'till Dawn St. Jude's Research Hospital fundraiser
(12 SAACS + FA attended)

November 4, EPS 318 6:30pm, HSSB Organizational Meeting
(14 SAACS + FA attended)

November 9, EPS 318 7:00pm, HSSB Prep and Rehearsal Meeting
(16 SAACS + FA attended)

November 11, EPS 318 7:00pm, HSSB Prep and Rehearsal Meeting
(17 SAACS + FA attended)

November 12, EPS 318 4:30pm, Dr. Airee's SUPRISE Birthday Party
(18 SAACS + 8 Chemistry Faculty + UTM Chancellor + 25 others attended)

November 13, EPS and University Center 8:00am-5:00pm , 25th Annual High School Science Bowl
(20 SAACS + 15 UTM Faculty + 188 high school students + 50 others attended)

November 30, Paris TN Tom's Steak House KLS meeting where, Dr. Jerry Thornthwaite spoke on "High Resolution DNA Fluorescence and Electronic Nuclear Volume Measurements in Human Cancer"
(7 SAACS + FA + 10 others)

December 9, EPS 318 6:00pm
, Dr. Gary L. Emmert of University of Memphis, was a SAACS guest speaker. His topic was "Developing Improved Methods for Monitoring Disinfectants and Disinfection By-Products in Drinking Water"
(12 SAACS + 4 UTM Chemistry faculty + 4 others)

December 12, University Center 4:00 pm, SAACS sponsored help session for chemistry students. SAACS annual business meeting and elections. New Officers are: Andrew Bernard, president; Jon Bain, vp; Meera Patel, sec; Nicolas Appleton, treas; Exec Cmte members are: Rodel Cacas, Julie Liu, Delana McDaniel and Kala Smith.
(more than 80 students + 18 SAACS + FA)

January 17, 2005 Big Apple Cafe in Murray Kentucky KLS meeting where Dr. Wei-Ping Pan, Western Kentucky University spoke on "Mercury Emission and Control Technologies: Putting Research into Practice".
(10 SAACS + Dr. Sammons UTM Biology + FA + 25 others)

February 9, EPS 318 7:30pm, Dr. Kevin Redding from the University of Alabama, will give seminar to SAACS: Photosynthesis is the process by which plants, algae and cyanobacteria use light to power biosynthetic pathways. Photosynthetic reaction centers are the membrane-protein complexes responsible for the capture and storage of light energy in photosynthetic organisms. My talk will focus on Photosystem I (PS1), one of the key components used by oxygenic photosynthetic organisms (i.e. the ones that give off O2), but I will put it into an evolutionary context, and compare what we learn in PS1 with other reaction centers. Just like all the photosynthetic reaction centers, the core of PS1 is composed of two related polypeptides that sequester electron transfer cofactors into two quasi-symmetrical branches, each consisting of two chlorophylls and a quinone. Since this discovery, the focus of a large body of research has been directed towards understanding to what extent electron transfer occurs in the two branches. I will discuss recent results for our group showing how this problem can be tackled, with a combination of site-directed mutagenesis (to change the protein environment near the cofactors) and spectroscopy (to observe the consequences of the changes). The ultimate goal of this work is to understand the factors that govern the directionality and to learn how it can be influenced.

Februay 9, 2005: University Center 12:00pm, Kiwanis Club Demonstrations: Andrew Bernard, Rodel Cacas, Tucker Leigh, Delana McDaniel, Alexandra Boyce and Phuong Nguyen will be presenting a set of demonstartions at noon in the University Center.


March 14-16, ACS National Meeting at San Diego

April 2, 2005, EPS, Boy Scouts Chemistry Clinic

April 4, 2005,SAACS present a DEMOMANIA for Cub Scouts at the Community Center of UMC in Martin at 6:30

Front row: Michael Drake, Jared Wortham, Glant Mesimer, Shawn Dean, ChaseThweatt, Josh Lawrence, Dylun Smith, and Mason Wortham
2nd row: Linda Drake, Teddy Smith, Paige Wortham, Lee Mesimer, Janice M.Dean, Marvin Holley, Minesh S. Patel (SAACS coordinator), Charles B. Orton (SAACS), Alexandria L.Boyce (SAACS), Jamie Clark, Jim Clark, and Steve Lemond
Back row: Marvin Thweatt and Jon Bain (SAACS)


2004-2005 Treasury Report

2003-2004 Treasury Report

SAACS Homepage for 2004

SAACS Homepage for 2003

SAACS Homepage for 2002

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