25th Annual SAACS Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Boling University Center

University of Tennessee at Martin

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Attila E. Pavlath

Immediate Past President of the American Chemical Society
Western Regional Research Center of the US Department of Agriculture, Albany, CA

organized by the area

Student Affiliates of the of the American Chemical Society



Registration at 8:30 in the University Center Lobby

Research papers by students from 9 AM to 12 noon in UC Rooms 230A & 230C

Refreshments and Posters in UC Room 230B

Group Pictures at Noon in the UC Lobby

Banquet at 12:30 in the UC Ballroom

Welcome by the U.T. at Martin Chancellor Nick Dunagan


Keynote Address by Dr. Attila E. Pavlath


Student Research Papers

Session A1 Room 230A (Micheal W. Fultz, UT-Martin, presiding)

9:00 "Structure and Hydrolysis of a Bis-oxamide Core Bi-directional Dendrimer," B. J. Jumper and Sally A. Henrie, Union University

9:15 "Temperature and Time Dependence of the Hydrolysis Reaction of Campthotecin Analog Topotecan" Sue Nguyen at Christian Brothers University, Mark Leggas and Clinton Stewart at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

9:30 "Synthesis of Stable Organic Radicals Using Fremy's Salts," Micheal W. Fultz, University of ennessee at Martin, and Silas Blackstock, University of Alabama

9:45 "Study of Catalysts in Guerbet Alcohol Synthesis," Christopher E. Rickman and Charles M. Baldwin, Union University

10:00 "Platinum Catalyzed Hydrosilylation of 1-Tetradecene," Nathan Creel and Charles M. Baldwin, Union University

10:15-10:45 Break & Poster Session Room 230B


Session A2 Room 230A (Samantha Berkley, Lambuth University, presiding)

10:45 "The Study of Polyphosphate Hydrolysis Using P31 NMR", Kenneth Robertson and Ron Robertson, Austin Peay State

11:00 "Conjugative Plasmids Mediating Antibiotic Resistance in Escherichia coli Strains Resistant to Penicillin, Chlortetracycline & Sulfathiazole," Kathryn Hayes and John L. Collins , University of Tennessee at Martin

11:15 "Binding Interactions Between ARF and HDM2," April D. Jones at Union University, and Richard Kriwacki at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

11:30 "Studies in the Synthesis of C-Glycoside Dendrimers," Amanda Caldwell (presenting), Jason Boggs, Robin Carlton, Dr. Michael J. Panigot (mentor), Arkansas State University

11:45 "Emulsion Characteristics of Silicon-Containing Surfactants," Alanna F. Morris and Charles M. Baldwin, Union University


Session B1 Room 230C (Justin Kropf, Union University, presiding)

9:00 "New Insights into the Inhibition of an Aminoglycoside-Phosphotransferase Enzyme," Adam R. Farley and James R. Cox, Murray State University

9:15 "Affects of the Green Chemistry Reagent Hydrogen Peroxide on the Activities of Enzymes Alcohol Dehydrogenase and Alkaline Phosphatase ," Selena M. Parnell, Rebekah Kirkpatrick and S. K. Airee, University of Tennessee at Martin

9:30 "Spectroscopic Monitoring of Hg Adsorption to Au surfaces" Todd Morris and GregSzulczewski, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

9:45 "Proteome Analysis in Bovine Adrenal Gland," Pegah R. Jalili & C. Dass, University of Memhis

10:00 "Identification and Isolation of KiwiFruit Proteins," Andrea I. Cortese and Dennis L. Merat, Christian Brothers University

10:15-10:45 Break & Poster Session Room 230B


Session B2 Room 230A (Bobbie Marran, Bethel College, presiding)

10:45 "Quantitative Assay of Green Chemistry Reagent Hydrogen Peroxide for its Possible Use as Sporicide," Christian D. Marshall, Selena M. Parnell, Linda Husmann & S. K. Airee, University of Tennessee at Martin

11:00 "A Portable Demonstration of Vat Dyeing Simulated with Indigo Carmine," David G. Figueredo and Martin V. Stewart, Department of Chemistry, Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesboro, TN 37132

11:15 "Kinetics of the Preparation of {Co(DAPBH)(H2O)2}(ClO4)2," Ingrid K. Renberg and Jimmy H. Davis, Union University

11:30 "Photochemical Studies of Cp Manganese Carbonyl Complexes," Tung To and Ted Burkey, University of Mermphis

11:45 "THE QUANTUM MECHANICS OF FISH FARMING, " Steven Stroud, Amanda Gillion, J. R.Wyatt, Robert Engelken, Gustsavo Rehderand and Scott Reeve, Arkanas State University

Posters Session 10:15 - 10:45, Room 230B (Adam Cartwright, Christian Brother University, presiding)

"Semiempirical and ab initio methods applied to Technetium compounds, "Corneliu Buda and Thomas R. Cundari, University of Memphis

"Polychlorinated Naphthalene Analysis in Pine Needles Using HRGC/HRMS," Kosta Seaford and Bommanna Loganathan, Murray State University

"The Study of a Pigment-Protein Complex," Nicole Shelton and Jin Liu, Murray State University

"A Synthetic and Computational Approach to the Ligand Design of Fluorinated Phosphine Chelates," Karl A. Pittard, R. Gregory Peters and Thomas R. Cundari,


About the Keynote Speaker

Dr. Attila E. Pavlath received his education at the Technical University of Budapest in Hungary, where he became assistant professor. In 1956, he left Hungary first for Montreal, Canada (McGill University), then in 1958, he joined Stauffer Chemical Company in Richmond, California. Since 1967, he has been with the Western Regional Research Center of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in Albany, California. He is leading a group involved in research on various agricultural chemical problems. Dr. Pavlath's scientific career includes work on fluorine chemistry (30+ years), glow discharge chemistry (10+ years), textile chemistry (10 years), energy and biomass research (10 years) and most recently on the freshness in fruits and vegetables. He has published almost 100 scientific papers on these subjects and has presented numerous lectures in the U.S. and abroad. He also holds more than 20 patents. Dr. Pavlath is also well-known for his activities in the ACS during the past 20 years to make the ACS more responsive to the professional needs of its members. Dr. Pavlath serves as 2002 Immediate Past President of the American Chemical Society.

Author Index

S. K. Airee, Bl, B2; Charles Baldwin, Al; Silas Blackstock, B2;

Jason Boggs, A2; Corneliu Buda, PS; Ted Burkey, PS;

Amanda Caldwell, A2; Robin Carlton, A2; John L. Collins, A2 ;

Andrea I. Cortese, Bl; James R. Cox, Bl; Nathan Creel, Al;

Thomas R. Cundari, PS; C. Dass, Bl; Jimmy H. Davis, B2;

Robert Engelken, B2; Adam Farley, Bl; David G.Figueredo,B2;

Micheal Fultz, Al; Amanda Gillion, B2; Kathryn Hayes, A2 ;

Sally A. Henrie, Al; Linda Husmann, B2; Pegah Jalili, Bl ;

April D. Jones, A2 ; B. J. Jumper, Al; Rebekah Kirkpatrick, Bl ;

Richard Kriwacki, A2 Mark Leggas, Al Jin Liu , PS

Bommanna Loganathan, PS; Christian Marshall, B2; Fred Matthews, A2 ;

Dennis L. Merat, Bl ; Alanna Morris, A2 ; Todd Morris, Bl;

Sue Nguyen, Al; Michael Panigot, A2; Selena Parnell, Bl, B2;

J. Gregory Peters, PS; Scott Reeve, B2; Gustsavo Rehderand, B2;

Ingrid K. Renberg, B2; Christopher Rickman, Al; Ron Robertson, A2;

Kenneth Robertson, A2; Kosta Seaford, PS; Nichole Shelton, PS;

Martin V. Stewart, B2; Clinton Stewart, Al; Steven Stroud, B2;

Greg Szulczewski, Bl; Tung To, B2; J. R. Wyatt, B2.


Directions for UT-Martin

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Colleges Represented

standing: Justin Kropf, Dawn Akridge, Haylie Thompson, Dr. Charles Baldwin, Jonathan Kerns, Jessica Fielder, Robert Casanelli, Christine Menzel, Dr. Jimmy Davis
seated: Chris Rickman, Alanna Morris, Ingrid Renberg, Dr. Attila Pavlath, April James, B.J. Jumper, Nathan Creel

David Figueredo, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Carol Figueredo



standing; Jin Liu, Ricky Cox, Bommanna Loganathan
seated: Nicole Shelton, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Kosta Seaford


Todd Morris, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa

standing: Scott Reeve, Mike Panigot, Amanda Gillion
seated: Steven Stroud, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Amanda Caldwell





standing: Tung To, Ted Burkey
seated: Corneliu Buda, Dr. Attila Pavlath,

standing: Dr. Dennis Merat, Adam Cartwright, Dr. Mike Condram
seated: Andrea Cortese, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Sue Nguyen

Micheal Fultz


Katie Hayes

Rebekah Kirkpatrick


Selena Parnell




Austin Peay State University

Ron Robertson, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Kenneth Robertson




standing: Tanya Carpenter, Joseph Sam, Kevin Legerton, Kris Jones,
seated: Bridget McClavin, Bobbie Marran, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Rachel Barnes, T.G. Gezehei


standing: David Hawkes, Vicky Moeller
seated: Misty Beebe, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Samantha Berkley

Tennessee State University

standing; Elleana McCants, Telpriore Tucker, John Stewart, Bai Bai Kamara, Charles Champion, Patrice Jackson
seated: Jahari Soward, Racheal Lewis, Dr. Attila Pavlath, Ayoka Cooper, Marie Parham, Chazile Maseko

Paducah Community College

Dr. James Meeks, Dr. Attlia Pavolth, and Larry Bigham


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SAACS % Department of Chemistry, UTM, Martin, TN 38238
: SAACS@utm.edu;
:731-587-7454; FAX: 731-587-7443














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