Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society(UTM SAACS)

The University of Tennessee at Martin chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (UTM SAACS) was organized in 1971 and has since been rated OUTSTANDING for TWENTY -ONE years and COMMENDABLE for FOUR years.

The officers of the chapter for 2002 are:

President: Micheal W. Fultz
Vice-President: Selena M. Parnell
Secretary: Rebekah Kirkpatrick
Treasurer: Andrew R. Bernard
Additional Executive Committee Members: Melinda G.. Garrett, Emily S. King, Emili L. Reeves & John G. Rippy
Faculty Advisor: Dr. S. K. Airee

The students registered in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering,
and Pre-professional (Sci-Med, Pharmacy, etc.) Programs
are invited to join the #1 Science Club on Campus


The activities of the chapter include:
1. Speakers
2. Plant Tours
3. High School Science Bowl
4. Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic for the Boy Scouts
5. Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting
6. An Innovative Activity Grant for the project "Green Chemistry Reagents from Renewable Soybean Resource"
7. Monthly meetings of the Kentucky Lake Section.
8. Senior Day


UTM SAACS Activities Fall 2002

August 22: Organizational Meeting
(Attendance 14+FA)

August 27: KLS Meeting at Murray
(2 SAACS + 3 Fac)

August 29: Soybean Festival Prepn
(17 SAACS +FA)

Sept 3 - 7 Soybean Festival Activities
TW: 4 Educational Seminars
TH: Dr. Scott Spear Lecture (8 at dinner; 70 at lecture)
Friday: Demonstrations for 500+ kids; (3 SAACS + FA)
Saturday: Display downtown (4 SAACS).

Sept 4, 12, 13 SAACS help with CENSational Program
(40 SAACS Hours)

Sept 19 KLS Meeting at Union University in Jackson
attended by SAACS Andy Bernard, Dan Comer, Micheal Fultz, Rebekah Kirkpatric, Emili Reeves, Chris Schmitt, and Jason Spencer

Oct 3 Thursday
4-6:30 University Pond, CENS PICNIC
7 EPS 204 Democial (Demonstrations & Social/New Member Reception)

Oct 10 7 PM in EPS 318
Seminar by
Dr. Phillip Osburn Lecture "Catalysis & Polymer Chemistry"

Oct 20-26 National Chemistry Week
Thursday , Oct 24 , 7 PM, KLS Meeting in Ballroom, UTM UC Demonstrations by SAACS of UTM, Murray State U, Lambuth University, Bethel College and Union University

(Programs at schools, etc.)

Nov 9, Saturday
The Main Event: 23rd Annual Science Bowl

Nov 21 KLS Meeting

Dec 8 Annual Business Meeting

Demonstrations at Gleason High School ( Click for pictures:, ,

Student Affiliates receive
A. Chemical and Engineering News weekly for 5 months
B. in Chemistry (National SAACS Newsletter) 4 times
C. Careers Information
D. UTM SAACS Newsletter "The Condenser"
E. Half-price discount for meals at KLS-ACS meetings

Notices of the activities are posted on the bulletin board on the 3rd floor
of EPS and also sent by e-mail to all members.

TO JOIN contact any SAACS officer or the Faculty Advisor Dr. Airee (X7454, EPS 308D), or come by the Chemistry Department Office in EPS 319.
ANNUAL dues are $27.00 ($19 for national and $8 for Local)
Fill out the applicaion blank & make $27 check payable to UTM SAACS

To reach the faculty advisor, click here.
Click here to find Martin
Once here, click here to find yourself around campus