Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society



The University of Tennessee at Martin chapter of the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (UTM SAACS) was organized in 1971 and has since been rated OUTSTANDING for TWENTY - FOUR years and COMMENDABLE for FOUR years.

The students registered in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering,
and Pre-professional (Sci-Med, Pharmacy, etc.) Programs
are invited to join the #1 Science Club on Campus

The activities of the chapter include:
1. Speakers
2. Plant Tours
3. High School Science Bowl
4. Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic for the Boy Scouts
5. Area Collegiate Chemistry Meeting.
(The Next Meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2004. ACS President-elect William F. Carroll will be the Keynote speaker)
6. National Chemistry Week Activities
7. Soybean Festival Participation & New Member Reception
8. Monthly meetings of the Kentucky Lake Section.
9 Senior Day and National Chemistry Week
10. Cub Scouts Science Day
11. Girl Scouts Chemistry Merit Bade Clinic

The officers of the chapter for 2004 are:

President: Minesh S. Patel
Vice-President: Andrew R. Bernard
Secretary: Emily C. Bethart
Treasurer: Kala M. Smith
Additional Executive Committee Members: Sarah K. Allen, Jennifer D. Beckman, Meera S.Patel, John G. Rippy, and Ali M. Smith
Faculty Advisor: Dr. S. K. Airee

Standing (L to R): John G. Rippy, Jennifer D. Beckman, Meera S. Patel, Sarah K. Allen, and Ali M. Smith
Sitting (L to R): Emily C. Bethart, Andrew R. Bernard, Minesh S. Patel, and Kala M. Smith


Front row(L to R): Emily Bethart, John Rippy, William Runions, Rebekah Kirkpatrick
2nd row (L to R): Chris Schmitt, Sarah Allen, SamQuia Shedrick, Jennifer Beckman
3rd row (L to R): Dr. Nancy Hinds, John Mancell
4th row (L to R): Minesh Patel, Meera Patel, Lucretia Westmoreland
5th row (L to R): Ali Smith, Leann Henson, Emili Reeves
6th row (L to R): Erich Bitzer, Andrew Bernard, Adrian Shook
7th row (L to R): Andy Bricker, Dan Comer, Kala Smith, Dr. S.K. Ariee



UTM SAACS Activities Fall 2003-Spring 2004

August 21, 2003, Organizational Meeting
(Attendance 17+FA)

August 27, KLS Meeting at Murray
(7 SAACS + FA), Picnic at Hancock Biological Station

Sept 4, Soybean Festival Activities
(9 SAACS + FA) Display, Poster & Demos

Sept 4, 12, 13 SAACS help with CENSational Program
(40 SAACS Hours)

Sept 18, KLS Meeting at Union University in Jackson , Dr. Norman Hackerman of UT-Austin and chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board Of Robert A. Welch Foundation. Title: "The Future of Chemistry"
attended by SAACS Katie Allen, Dan Comer, & Rebekah Kirkpatric, +FA+Marion Pitts & Rhea Sammons. PICTURE

Sept 18, 4-6:30 University Pond, CENS PICNIC
Several SAACS and chemistry faculty participated

Sept 23, 7PM in EPS317, Seminar
Dr. Alan Grusby of ADM from Decatur, Illinois, discussed the use of soy bean products in the consumer products manufacture. 21 SAACS, 2 chem faculty and 3 other students attended. PICTURE

Oct 9, 7 PM in EPS 318, Seminar
Dr. Alice Mills, and Minesh S. Patel on Role of Lactic in Physiology and in Biodegradable Polymers. 19 SAACS,four chemistry faculty and 4 other students attended

Oct 21, 6 PM, EPS 318, Organizational/Prep Meeting
17 SAACS + FA.) Plans for NCW and Science Bowl

Oct 22, 6 PM, Demos Prep
(8 SAACS + FA)

Oct 19-25, National Chemistry Week
Thursday , Oct 23 , 12 noon , Demonstrations Program at Westview High School,

(5 SAACS: A. Bernard, R. Kirkpatrick, Minesh Patel, C. Schmitt and SamQuia Shedrick + FA. Appx 90 students attended.)

Thursday , Oct 23 , 7 PM, UTM SAACS hosted the KLS Meeting in Ballroom, UTM UC
Demonstrations by SAACS of UTM, Lambuth University, Bethel College and Union University and Westview High School. (15 SAACS participated, 8 UTM faculty were amongst more than 90 attendies).

On Wednesday ,Oct 15, SAACS Kirkpatrick and Patel along with Dr. Hinds, WHS Teacher Marion Pitts and FA Airee met with Martin mayor Randy Brundige for securing a NCW proclamation that was made part of the program on Oct 23 and appeared in the local paper Weakley County Press.

Nov 8, Saturday, 24th Annual Science Bowl,
UTM SAACS organized the 24th Annual High School Science Bowl that attracted schools from as far west in Tennessee as Brighton and Memphis, and as far east in middle Tennessee as Giles County and Smyrna. 174 students from 18 high schools participated. Memphis University School won the championship with Bartlett as first runner-up. Second runner-up schools were Waverly and Houston.
The SAACS, faculty and staff volunteers executed this project with finesse. Prizes valued at more than six hundred dollars funded by income from the SAACS Monsanto Endowment were awarded. It's a fairly complex project requiring approximately three hundred man-hours on the part of the organizers.
SAACS helping under the leadership of president Rebekah Kirkpatrick were: Katie Allen, Jennifer Beckman, Andy Bernard, Emily Bethart, Erich Bitzer, Andy Bricker, Dan Comer, Leann Henson, John Mancell, Meera Patel, Minesh Patel, Emily Reeves, John Rippy, William Runions, Chris Schmitt, SamQuia Shedrick, Adrian Shook, Ali Smith, Kala Smith, and Lucretia Westmoreland.
SAACS acknowledge the readily forthcoming, crucial and valuable support of several faculty and staff: CHEMISTRY: Dr.Robert L. Hartshorn, Dr. Nancy W. Hinds, departmental secretary Lana Ferrell; BIOLOGY: Dr. Andy Sliger, Dr. Mike Turner, Dr. Linda Hussman, Dr. Alice Mills & Dr. David Sammons; PHYSICS: Dr. Richard Taylor, Dr. Cahit Erkal and Dr. Lionel Crews: Computer Center: Steve Lemond and Donna Butler; Communications: Tomi M. Parrish; and University Center: Steve Vantrese, John Abel & Staff.
Science Bowl project involves a community of students and teachers both from high schools and the University of Tennessee at Martin. The spirit of this academic competition parallels an athletic Saturday of football.

Nov 13, KLS Meeting in Paris, TN, Dr. R. Paul Philp of Univ. of Oklahoma. Title: "Forensic Geochemistry-or Who was Responsible for the Spill?" (2 SAACS: Katie Allen and Matthew Quinn+FA+Dr. Anthony Harmon)PICTURE

Dec 4, KLS Meeting in McKenzie, TN, Dr. Michael Salazar of Union Univ. Title: "Innovative Method for large scal stimulations of gas phase reactions on ab initio potential energy." (UTM represented by SAACS Rebekah Kirkpatrick, Kala Smith, and Emily Bethart+Faculty Drs. Airee, Davis, Devenyi, and Solomons.)PICTURE

Dec 7, Annual Business Meeting and Chemistry Help Session
(25 students attended the help session from 2-4 PM. Following the help session, the annual business meeting was held which was attended by SAACS A. Smith, K. Smith, J. Rippy, E. Reeves, C. Schmitt, Minesh Patel, E. Bethart, Meera Patel, S.K. Allen, R. Kirkpatrick, and J. Beckman.) Elections of 2004 officers were conducted. Results of elections as listed on the top of this page.

Jan 14, 2004, 4:45pm Spring Semester Organizational Meeting in EPS 318

Jan 15, KLS Meeting in Murray, KY, Dr. Pablo Molina of MSU. Title: "The Quest for a Low Barrier Hydrogen Bond in Enzyme Catalysis."

Feb 10, 7PM EPS 318, Seminar
Dr. Ricky Cox of Murray State University gave a presentation to SAACS about his research. Title: "The Biochemistry of Antibiotic Resistance"

Feb 19, KLS Meeting in Paris,TN, Dr. Philip Osburn of UTM. Title: "Separation and Re-use of Homogeneous Catalysts Using Soluble Polymer Supports."

Feb 21, Undergraduate Research Meeting, Memphis, TN
SAACS President Minesh Patel gave a presentation. Topic: "Crosslinked-Polylactic Acid and Transesterified Soybean Oil as Green Chemistry Projects"
(5 SAACS and FA attended)

Feb 26, 6:00pm EPS 318, Organizational meeting for preparations for Boy Scouts Chemistry Merit Bedge Clinic
(14 SAACS and FA attended)

Feb 26, 7:00pm EPS 318, A seminar by Dr. Jose Bonilla, Senior Scientist at ISP Chemicals in Calvert City, KY. His topic: "Specialty Polymers in Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products" (14 SAACS, 4 Chem. Dept Faculty, and 2 other UTM students attended)

Feb 28, 8-12:00pm EPS building, Boy Scouts Chemistry Merit Badge Clinic
Demos and Experiments for Requirements were performed. The clinic involved 27 scouts, 5 troops/towns, 14 SAACS and FA

March 6, SAACS volunteered for St. Jude's Bike/Walk-Athon Fundraiser. Kirkpatrick, Bernard, and Bethart helped raise $400.00 for St. Jude Children 's Research Hospital.

March 9, UTM Alumnus Dr. Jason Overby from College of Charleston, gave a seminar. His topic: "Building a Better Metalloenzyme? Synthetic Studies of Transition Metal Active Sites" ( 5 SAACS attended + 7 faculty + one other person)

March 17, SAACS' Minesh Patel and Ali Smith attend KLS meeting in Martin,TN. Dr. Chuck Garber, President, SPI Supplies gave a seminar. His title:  Characterization of Effects of Cosmetic Products on Human Hair and Skin

March 26-30, SAACS trip to Anaheim, CA for National ACS Metting
(7 SAACS + FA attended)

April 8, SAACS President Minesh Patel presents a Handbook of Chemistry & Physics to Elizabeth Crapo (Westview High School), winner of Best Chemistry Science Fair Project at West TN Regional Science Fair

April 17, SAACS' Emily Bethart helped with the administration of the National Chemistry Olympiad Laboratory Practical

April 21, SAACS' Minesh Patel and Andrew Bernard manned the KLS booth at the 10th Annual Environmental Fair in Jackson, TN in conjuction with Earth Day. The picture shows Bernard explaining some chemistry to 5th graders who were amongst 1400 other Madison Co. 5th graders.

April 24, 27th Annual Area College Chemistry Meeting at UTM
SAACS President Minesh Patel and Exec. Comm. Officer John Rippy each gave presentations

April 27, SAACS President Minesh Patel represented the chapter and volunteered his time at Special Olympiacs "Sports Day". He helped with set-up and men's softball throw.

2003-2004 Treasury Report


Student Affiliates receive
A. Chemical and Engineering News weekly for 5 months
B. in Chemistry (National SAACS Newsletter) 4 times
C. Careers Information
D. UTM SAACS Newsletter "The Condenser"
E. Half-price discount for meals at KLS-ACS meetings

Notices of the activities are posted on the bulletin board on the 3rd floor
of EPS and also sent by e-mail to all members.

TO JOIN contact any SAACS officer or the Faculty Advisor Dr. Airee (X7454, EPS 308D), or come by the Chemistry Department Office in EPS 319.
ANNUAL dues are $27.00 ($19 for national and $8 for Local)
Fill out the applicaion blank & make $27 check payable to UTM SAACS

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