2015 High School Science Bowl

Cosponsred by UTM SMACS and NWTN STEM Hub

The University of Tennessee at Martin

Saturday, November 14, 2015

73 high school students from eight schools- Calloway Co (KY), Creek Wood, Houston, Lake Co, Trenten Peabody, Trinity of Jackson, USJ and Martin Westview participated. 
Ten highest scoring students on the written test were:
     William McLeod, Houston High School, 88%
     Martin Mikulcik, Calloway County, 88%
     Samuel Morehead, Calloway County, 81%
     Hrishikesh Tupkar, Houston HS, 75%
     John Stanford, University School of Jackson, 75%
     Patrick Aherrera, University School of Jackson, 73%
     Tyler Bruno, University School of Jackson, 73%
     Patrick Gardner, Houston High School, 72%
     Lilly He, Houston High School, 72%
     Seth Weiss, University School of Jackson, 72%
The bowl games brackets are as follows:

Houston High School from Germantown won the championship
Calloway High School from Murray, KY was the first runner-up.
Second runners-up were the University School of Jackson and Trinity Christian of Jackson.
More than sixteen SMACS (Shannon Belton, Dacotah Faught, Layla Gargus, Chase Haynes, Ben Ide, William Kuenzinger, Sofia Oliva, Micheala Short, Heather Streckert, Amber Taylor , Drake Williams) contributed approximately two hundred man-hours to the project.
Three faculty members from each of the three disciplines – biology (drs. Gathers,Greenwood & Pritchett), chemistry (Drs. Davis, Nguyen & Airee), and physics (drs. Alexander, Erkal & Getaneh) helped.
Lana Ferrell provided secretarial help, Steve Lemond opened the computer center for grading Saturday morning, Fimis Halkias helped set-up of stages for computer and buzzers etc, and Nathan Morgan in the morning and Erin Chestnut in the afternoon took the appropriate photos.
Besides the written test and bowl games there were Phun with Physics demonstrations and a presentation On Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.
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Earlier I wrote to you the following:
As you may be aware, more than thirty High School Science Bowls have been held at UTM. This project has been written up in national publications (Chemunity, 1981, 2(1), 1; The Science Teacher, 1982. 49(8), 38; The Chemical Educator, 1996, 1(1), 9). One of the high school reachers in a recent comment on a Facebook post writes “ … impact on students reaches far beyond UTM! All those who have participated in the Science Bowl for years have special memories and many were challenged to raise their goals for learning!"
Science Bowl rules can be found at http://www.utm.edu/staff/skairee/saacs/scibowlrules.html, and information from past Science Bowls can be found at http://www.utm.edu/staff/skairee/scibowl/.
Recently we discovered that the public schools in general and in the Northwest 12-county area in particular have not participated significantly in this project because of severe competition and lack of funds as compared with Shelby and Madison Counties’ private schools. To remediate this problem from now we are two measures: there will be special financial and science resources assistance will be provided to the schools in12 NWTN county: Benton, Carroll, Crockett, Decator, Dyer, Gibson, Henry, Lake, Lauderdale, Obion, Tipton and Weakley. STEM Hub will provide funds for teacher stipend, bus travel, and mini-workshop, . . .


The written test for the 2015 High School Science Bowl starts at 9 AM in EPS rooms 219. & 227.
Program for teachers will be in EPS room 202 where refreshments, a demonstration about the Dye Senitized Solar Cells etc. will be made. 9:15 –10:15
“”Phun with Physics” demonstrations for students and teachers will be presented twice from 10:30 –11:15 for Jackson & Memphis group; and from 11:15 –12 noon for all others. During this time period pictures will be made for hometown PR of schools groups not attending the physics program.
Luncheon from 12 noon to 1.
Written test results will be posted in the UC 2nd floor lobby at 1 PM
The bowl games start at 1:30 in UC 230




Telephone: 731-881-7450


Science Bowl rules can be found at:



Earlier Announcement:

We like to invite all schools to the 2015 High School Science Bowl. It’s win-win situation for all – students, teachers and schools. What follows below is an announcement regarding the forthcoming UTM Science Bowl. Please note that
There is no registration fee
Teachers get to participate in free mini-workshop about Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC).
Highest scoring student from each school gets free T-shirt

For Northwest Tennessee STEM Hub schools:
Teachers get a stipend of $100 for teachers accompanying participating students.
Each school gets free DSSC kit to use in class rooms.
Money for the bus travel.
PLEASE REGISTER BY emailing your intention to smacs@utm.edu

(The following schools are already registered: University School of Jackson, Houston High School, Trinity Christian of Jackson, Creek Wood, Martin Westview High School, Calloway CO, KY )

High schools invited to 2015 Science Bowl on Nov. 14 at UT Martin, sponsored by Student Members of the American Chemical Society

MARTIN, Tenn. – High schools are invited to send teams to the 2015 Science Bowl, Nov. 14, at the University of Tennessee at Martin. There is no registration fee.
The event is sponsored by the university’s chapter of the Student Members of the American Chemical Society with assistance from the newly-created Northwest Tennessee Regional STEM Hub. The Hub serves schools in Benton, Carroll, Crockett, Decatur, Dyer, Gibson, Henry, Lake, Lauderdale, Obion, Tipton and Weakley counties and will provide teacher stipends, bus travel and a mini-workshop on dye-sensitized solar cells while students participate in the written exam.
Competition will begin with a written test covering topics in biology, chemistry and general science with 25 questions in each category. There is no limit on the number of entries accepted from each school.
Eight schools will be chosen for the afternoon quiz bowl competition based on scores from the written exam. Four of these slots will be reserved for schools from STEM Hub counties. Selection is based on the average total scores of each school’s two highest-ranking students. Competition rules will be similar to those of “The G.E. College Bowl,” a television quiz show originally aired from 1958-1970
Champion and runner-up schools will each receive trophies, and team members will receive medallions based on their final scores. Each participating school will also receive a copy of the Merck Index, an internationally-recognized handbook of chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical information.
Science Bowl rules can be found at http://www.utm.edu/staff/skairee/saacs/scibowlrules.html

Teams can register to participate by contacting the UT Martin SMACS chapter at SMACS@utm.edu or by calling 731-881-7450
- See more at: http://www.utm.edu/departments/univrel/archives/archive.php?id=566&month=10&day=14&year=2015#sthash.QzG3obAF.dpuf

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31st (2011)

High School Science Bowl

Saturday, November 12, 2011

  The 2011 High School Science Bowl organized by UTMartin chapter of the Student
Members of the American Chemical Society (UTM SMACS)

47 students from seven high schools – Houston High School of Germantown, Madison Academic Magnet High School from Jackson, Martin Westview High School, Memphis University School MUS), and the University School of Jackson (USJ) participated.

USJ won the championship and the first and second runner-up schools were Houston and MUS respectively.

Top ten score were: Mark Sorensen-MUS, Habeeb Suara-USJ, Angad Bindra-USJ, Carrie Cobb-USJ, Gray Magee-USJ, Shanker Athinarayana-Houston, Akua Nuako-USJ, Akshaya Padmanabha-Houston, Collin McLeod-Houston and Yunhua Zhao-MUS.
Highest overall scores were tied –Suara and Sorensen as listed above. Highest biology was a three-way tie for Samuel B. Rickman, Akua Nuako and Carrie Cobb all of USJ, highest chemistry score in Chemistry was Habeeb Suara of USJ and the highest physics score was Mark J. Sorensen of MUS.

Faculty and staff who helped execute this project include:
From biology, Dr. Ann Gathers, Dr. Lisa Krueger and Dr. Matthew Pritchett;
From chemistry, myself, Lana Ferrell, Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn and Dr. Nancy W. Hinds;
From physics, Dr. Cahit Erkal, Dr. Misganaw Getaneh and Dr. Linghong Li, and
From the computer center, Steven Lemond.

SMACS under the leadership of president Corey Jones and vice president Lee Elliott included
Bethany Aden, Aaron Crump, Meagan Eason, Jareth Embrey, Brandon Gindt, Stephanie Gourly, Sarah Griffin, Paul Jones, Becky Lee, Christy Lee, Sarah Maxey, Krishna Patel, Zalak Patel, Chelsea Peeler, Heather Streckert, Heather Vacovsky, Amber Watson, and Lauren White.

Picture: sb5

Science Bowl 2011 Champions: University School of Jackson

Pictured (left to right) Row 1: Habeeb Suara, Gray Magee, Carrie Cobb, Angad Bindra

Row 2:  Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn (Science Bowl Faculty Advisor)  , Jane Ramer (teacher), Judy Sanderson (teacher), Lee A. Elliott (SMACS Bowl Coordinator)

Picture sb6

Science Bowl 2011 First Runner-up: Houston High School

Pictured left to right Row 1: Collin McLeod, Shankar Athinarayana, Akshay Padmanabha, Alexander Preza

Row 2: Dr. Ann Gathers (Bowl Faculty), Jhalak Patel (SMACS Officer), Martha Gunn Poole (Teacher), Paul J. Jones (SMACS Officer)

Picture sb7

Science Bowl 2011 Second Runner-up: Memphis University School

Row 1: Mark Sorensen, Nicholas Rouse, Andrew Raves, Garret Sullivan

Row 2: Lauren H. White (SMACS MC), Michael Schwartz (Teacher), Analice Appeal (Teacher), Aaron D. Crump (SMACS MC)

Picture sb1

Madison Academic High School

Row 1: Dr. Anne Gathers (Bowl faculty), Iulia Faur, Raven Bell, Alexis Montgomery, Adalee Lube, Corynn Moore, George Morgan, Dr. Matthew Pritchett (Bowl Games Jdge)

Row 2: Christy L. Lee (SMACS), Samuel ONeal, Paul Sands, Steven Lutz, Willie Chandler (Teacher), Lee A. Elliott (SMACS Bowl Coordinator))


Picture sb2

Westview High School

Row 1: Dr. S. K. Airee (SMACS Faculty Advisor), Dr. Ann Gathers (Bowl Faculty), Chase Thweatt, Bryelle White, Tranequa Harrell, Annabelle Cormia, Rachel Samuel, Samantha Daily, Saba Getaneh

Row 2: Gilbert J. Forgays (SMACS), Stephanie R. Gourley (SMACS), Austin Emerson, Abraham Haddad, Alex Crosser, Melissa Darroch, Kim Simmons (teacher), Jessica Hightower (teacher), Lee A. Elliott (SMACS Bowl Coordinator)


Picture sb3

Houston High School

Row 1: Dr. S.K. Airee SMACS Faculty Advisor), Heather Streckert (SMACS), Heather Vacovsky (SMACS), Collin McLeod, Akshay Padmanabha, Shankar Athinaryanan, Graham Crump

Row 2: Dr. Matthew Pritchett (Bowl Games Judge), Krishna V. Patel (SMACS), Jareth A. Embrey (SMACS), Alexander Preza, Ian McLeod, Martha Gunn Poole (Teacher), Layla R. Gargus (SMACS)


Picture DSC02348

University School of Jackson

Row 1: Jane Ramer (Teacher), Meagan N. Eason (SMACS), Amber L. Watson (SMACS), Sarah E. Maxey (SMACS), John Villarreal, Zuzanna Wojtas, Carrie Cobb, Zaid Baba, Akua Nuako, Dr. S.K. Airee (SMACS Faculty Advisor)

Row 2: Judy Sanderson (Teacher), Chelsea N. Peeler (SMACS), Gray Magee, Govind Bindra, Shane Vargason, Semaye Mengisty, Sam Rickman, Angad Singh Bindra, Sarathi Sarkar, Habeeb Suara


Memphis University School

Row 1: Heather Vacovsky (SMACS), Heather Streckert (SMACS), Nicholas Rouse, Jack Hirschman, Mark Sorensen, Yunhua Zhao, Jhalak Patel (SMACS), Becky Lee (SMACS)

Row 2: Dr. S.K. Airee, Analice Sowell (Teacher), Garret Sullivan, Salman Haque, Andrew Races, William Lamb, Brandon P. Gindt (SMACS), Michael Schwartz (Teacher)


Picture sb4

2011 Science Bowl Faculty

Dr. Ann Gathers (biology), Dr. Misganaw Getaneh (physics), Dr. S.K. Airee (chemistry), Dr. Matthew Pritchett (biology), Dr. Lisa M. Krueger (biology), Dr. Robert L.  Hartshorn (chemistry), Dr. Lihong Li (physics), Dr. Nancy Hinds (chemistry), Lee A. Elliott (SMACS Bowl Coordinator) Absent: Dr. Cahit Erkal (physics)



Picture:  sb8  or DSC02402

Bowl Organizer SMACS:

Row 1: Brandon P. Gindt, Amber L. Watson, Paul J. Jones, Lee A. Elliott, Jhalak Patel, Aaron D. Crump, Gilbert J. Forgays, Chelsea Peeler

Row 2: Heather Vacovsky, Heather Streckert, Christy L. Lee, Krishna V. Patel, Dr. S. K. Airee, Stephanie R. Gourley, Layla R. Gargus, Sarah A. Griffin, Lauren H. White, Bethany M. Aden, Becky Lee. Absent: Corey Jones, Sarah Maxey, Jareth Embrey

UTM SMACS worked hard and logged in more than 300 SMACS-hours getting ready and executing this project with finesse. Many segments of the University community helped them. I am particularly grateful to Bob Hartshorn, Cahit Erkal, Ann Gathers, Lana Ferrell and Steve Lemond for very crucial help in preparing for and executing this project. I also admire the high school teachers for taking time on a Saturday to provide this opportunity to their students.
It was proud moment for all who witnessed this professional activity brought to fruition in the UC ballroom last Saturday. Not only USJ but UTM SMACS too were the champions.

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30th Annual
High School Science Bowl

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The University of Tennessee at Martin

Sponsored by

Student Members of the American Chemical Society*

Check the Bowl Rules by clicking here

"Science Bowl Rocks" Streaming Video from 2004 Bowl


 8:30 - 9:00


Johnson EPS Building
Room G-7


Refreshments for Organizers & Teachers

 9:00 - 10:30

  Students report to
Assigned Rooms
(see below)

Written Test for students in assigned rooms. A presentation by Dr. David Sammons, director of the Reelfoot Lake Research & Teaching Center

 10:30 & 11:00

 UC Lobby outside Watkins Auditorium


Group Photos

 11:00 - 12 noon



*Chemistry & Physics Demonstrations by Student Members of ACS 

 1:30 to 4:00

 Boling University Center
Ballroom & 230

Bowl Games

 4 PM

Boling Center



Each participating school received a copy of The Merck Index which is an internationally recognized handbook of chemical, pharmaceutical and biomedical information on behalf of the Kentucky Lake Section of the American Chemical Society and Merck & Company. T-Shirts were given to the highest scoring student from each school. Permanent trophies were awarded to champion and runner-up high schools, and appropriate medallions to the members of the top four teams in the bowl games.

*Dr. Robbie Montgomery  coordinated the demonstrations program which included:

Room Assignments:


SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers

Elizabeth A. Abernathy     

Bethany M. Aden      

Kayla M. Baker         

Carol Chan                   

Joseph M. Cook          

Sean T. Malloy      

Robert H. Mitchell     



Group I, 202

164 Union City

166 Univ School of Jackson



Mandy Hopper

Jane Ramer, Malea Mullins, Judy Sanderson


Jessica D. Dvorak  

Cotton L. Eaton  

Lee A. Elliott     

Gilbert J. Forgays     

Marcelina A. Glover

Jhalak Patel        

Punam Patel              

Tiffany Brewer


Group II, 204


136 Hutchison


132 Houston


Faunne Brown


Martha Gunn Poole, Bob Roberts

James K. Griffin  

Sarah A.   Griffin  

Brandilynn J. Griggs     

Dahlia M. Haddad     
Thomas H. Hester III 

John Anne Harris                    

Kayla A. Poindexter     



Group III, 207

118 Creekwood


174 Martin Westview (18)


Joe Ridgway


Jessica Hightower & Kim Simmons

Emily A. Jirik                

Corey L. Jones        

Haley N. Jones  

Justin L.   Jordan  

Jonathan M. Lewis             

Brandon D. Smith     

Adam R. Travis               

Ashish Patel


Group IV, 219


172 Waverly Central (18)


144 Memphis University School (8)


Robby Einerson, Kenny Crowell


Michael Schwartz, Analice Sowell

Carolyn U.  Nguyen     

Andrew T. Turner

Debra A. Perry       

Lepold M. Phiapalath     

Lauren H. White  

Brittany A. Wyatt  

Casey L. Turnage          

 Robert C. Unger     

Group V, 227


176 White Station


142 Madison Academic




Crystal Davis


Willie Chandler


Bowl Faculty, Staff and SAACS

Faculty and Staff

Biology: Drs. David Sammons, Ann Gathers, Kevin Pitz,, Tom Blanchard, and Matthew Pritchett

Chemistry: Drs. S. K, Airee, Robbie Montgomery, Carol Blanchard, Bob Hartshorn, Phil Davis, and Isaac A. Stayton

Physics: Drs. Cahit Erkal, Misganaw Getaneh

Staff: Lana Ferrell, Steve Lemond, John Abel & UC staff, Tomi Parriss

Grading Written Test: Steve Lemond (UTMCC), Dr. S. K. Airee, Punam Patel, Sarah Griffin, Casey Unger & Haley Jones


MC's: Robert Mitchell, Adam Travis, Kayla .P

MC Helpers: Ashish Patel, Lee Elliot, Colton Eaton, Corey Jones, Sean Malloy

Timekeepers: Sarah Griffin, Hailey Jones, Casey Unger, Marcy Glover, Jhalak Patel, Joe Cook, Bethany Aden

Score Keepers: Elizabeth Abernathy, Brandi Griggs, John-Anne , Carolyn Nguyen, Justin Jordan

Buzzers: Jessie Dvorak, Gilbert Forgays, Dahlia Haddad, Brittany Wyatt, James Griffin, Punam Patel

Room Assignments for SMACS Teams:

Ballroom: Jessie, Gilbert, Colton, Corey, Carolyn, Justin, Joe, Bethany, Robert, Kayla B.

Room 230: Dahlia, Brittany, Ashish, Sean, Brandi, John Anne, Marcy, Jhalak, Adam, Casey

Finals in Ballroom: James, Punam, Ashish, Lee, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hailey, Casey U, Kayla P



Semi Finals
White Station
White Station


Certificates of Merit

Creek Wood High School:

Houston High School


Madison Academic

Memphis University School

Union City


Waverly Central

Westview High

White Station

2009 Science Bowl Photos with ID’s



2009 UT-Martin High School Science Bowl Champions Memphis University School
Front:  Colin Thomas, Will Taylor, Andrew Chinn and Nicholas Rouse  Back:   Dr. Robert L Hartshorn, SMACS president Kayla Poindexter, VP Punam Patel, teachers Analice Sowell and Michael Schwartz, and Dr. S. K. Airee 



2009 UT-Martin High School Science Bowl First Runner-up: University School of Jackson;

FRONT:  Josh Self, Thomas Burton, Evan Baker and Neel Patel. Back: Dr. S. K. Airee, SMACS treasurer Ashish Patel, teachers Malea Mullins and Jane Ramer, Dr. Robbie Montgomery




Creek Wood High School

Row 1: James E Berry, Hudson T Bilbrey, Emily K Bull, Chelsea R Chandler, Kursten T Evans, Justin C Fisher

Row 2: Sydney A Franklin, Boyd D Griffin, Miranda E McCluskey, Wesley Northcott, Megan E Oakley, Ryan W Ponder

Row 3: Amanda B Ridgway, Raleigh E Scott, Kristen D Shouse, Drew T Wilson, and Joe Ridgway (teacher

Row 4: Faculty advisor Dr. S. K. Airee and SAACS president Kayla Poindexter

Merit List:

Highest School Score: Drew T. Wilson




Houston High School

Row 1: Martha Gunn Poole (teacher),Tusita Adris, Nathan S Berry, Scott H Boop, Tyler D Huss, Dr. Bob Roberts (teacher)

Row 2: Sebastin P Norrdahl, Olufemi E Osikoya, Aaron Park, Alexander E Preza, Marsalisa A Roddy, Faith E Smith

Row 3: Faculty advisor Dr. S. K. Airee and SAACS president Kayla Poindexter


Merit List

Highest Score:  Nathan S. Berry(one of top ten all schools)




Hutchison School

Row 1: Faunne Brown (teacher), Kelsey N Currie, Margaret R Green, Sarah G Helton, Kirra Horne, Amanda M Jones

Row 2: Jan Brown (teacher), Chinrong J Lee, Claire L McMullen, Elizabeth L Molinet, Sarah K Sherman

Row 3: Faculty advisor Dr. S. K. Airee and SM/ACS Tom Hester

Merit List




Madison Academic

Row 1: Patrick J Carey, Michael T Jones, Katie L Mosley, Emily E Mott, Brandon J Perry

Row 2: Willie Chandler (teacher), Anthony Simonutti, Elizabeth A Williams, Evan A. Williams

Row 3: SM/ACS James K. Griffin, Faculty advisor Dr. S. K. Airee and SM/ACS Tiffany Brewer


Merit List

Highest School Score: Michael T. Jones)




Memphis University School

Row 1: Andrew J Chinn, Howard Choi, Michael C Green, Nicholas M Rouse

Row 2: Mark J Sorensen, Will C Taylor, Colin G Thomas

Row 3: Dr. S. K. Airee, Analice Sowell (teacher), Michael Schwarz (teacher) and SM/ACS Caroline Nguyen

Merit List

Highest School Score: Will C. Taylor (one of top ten all schools)



Union City High School

Row 1: Walker L Barnes, Allison A Bruff, Abram Carroll, Kayla M Eason, Taylor Edwards, Carlo Guercia Sammarco, Rikki N Hardin

Row 2: Karly M Hollis, Hannah L Jackson, Katelyn T Ray, Sarah K Riley, Robert D Scott, Luke B Searcy, Sarah C Triplett

Row 3: Dr. S. K. Airee, Mandy Hopper (teacher) and SM/ACS president Kayla Poindexter

Merit List

Highest School Score: Allison A. Bruff




University School of Jackson

Row 1: Karrington E. Atkins, Evan S. Baker, Angad S. Bindra, Thomas N. Burton, Mahmood S. Dardas, Rachel A Deaton

Row 2: Parker Darnall, Colleen Gilroy, Harrison M. Donahoe, Russell T. Hollman, Kate W. McKnight, Kwame W. Nuako

Row 3:  Chirag Odhav, Kenny S. Oshiro, Leo R. Oshiro, Neel N. Patel, Maggie D. Rheney

Row 4: Josh D. Self, Habeeb A. Suara, Sophia Tan, Ross F. Thomas, Warner A. Thomas

Row 5:  Shane Vargasan, William J. Wheeler, Jane Ramer ( teacher), SM/ACS Sean A. Malloy, Malea Mullins ( teacher) Dr. S. K. Airee

Merit List

Highest School Score: Neel N. Patel (one of top ten all school)




Waverly Central High School

Row 1: Cody M Bancroft, Ian Bennett, Jonathan W Brooks, Joshua W Davis, Amanda Evans, Casey N Hansen

Row 2: Matthew W Larkin, Kayla K Leonard, Kaylee J Leydens, Steven C Parker, Michelle M Undis, Lacey B Wilkerson

Row 3: SM/ACS Ashish Patel, teachers Kenny Crowell an Robby Einerson, D. S. K. Airee

Merit List

Ian Bennett, Chemistry

Highest School Score: Steven C. Parker



Westview High School

Row 1: Ava Abad, Dionna Alaba, Devansh Acharya, Timothy L Bergman, Chantia B Brown, Cara D Burnham

Row 2: Rachel Coleman, Franco S Daprile, Marianel Daprile, Melissa M Darroch, Ashleigh A Fabianich, Ravyn M Farris

Row 3: Jessica Hightower (teacher), Pauline E. Ferguson, Rachel E. Fowler, Miles J. Gearin, Saba Getaneh, Brandt M. Gibson

Row 4: Kim Simmons (teacher), Tranequa S. Harrell, Abraham M. Haddad, Barkley R. Legens, Sydney E. McClure, Katie A. Mckenzie, Jesi L. Ogg

Row 5: Saumil V. Patel, Julie M. Reddick, Rachel Samuel, Tamika R. Sanchez, Tony Tang

Row 6: Dr. S. K. Airee, Tyler J. Willis, Kristin Williams, Bryelle White, Macy E. Vincent, Charmell A. Trice

Merit List

Highest School Score:  Mariane Daprile




White Station

Row 1: Crystal Davis (teacher), Carlos B. Barksdale, Jo Booth, Ben Finan, Seojung Kang

Row 2: Zain S Kinnare, Dustin D Le, Jonathan Lin, Natasha J Parekh, Shivm A Patel, Anh N Vo

Row 3: SM/ACS James Griffin and Kayla Poindexter, Dr. S. K. Airee 

Merit List

Highest School Score: Jo Booth (one of top ten all schools)


Student Members of the American Chemical Society at the University of Tennessee at Martin - Sponsors/Organizers



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