Twenty-second Annual
High School Science Bowl
Saturday, November 10, 2001
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Sponsored by
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS)
in conjunction with
National Chemistry Week




Students in Assigned Rooms
in Johnson EPS Building

 Written Test


  Johnson EPS Room G-2

 Refreshments &
Classroom Science Demonstrations for Teachers by UTM Physics Faculty

 10:30 & 11:15

 Johnson EPS Room 204

"CheMystry" Demonstrations by UTM SAACS and Dr. N. Hinds
and Group Pictures


Boling Center Lobby

Post Winners' List &
Presentation of Prizes* by Dr. Frank Black, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

 1:30 to 4:00

 Boling University Center
Rooms 206 & 230

Bowl Games

 4 PM

Boling Center Room 230

UT-Martin Chancellor
Nick Dunagan,

*Handbooks of Chemistry and Physics for top 8 schools and T-Shirts to the highest score from each school.
**Permanent trophies to champion and runner-up high schools, and appropriate medallions to the members of the top four teams in the bowl games.



SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers


Andrew Bernard
Casey Bevis
Alisha Clark
Kathryn Hayes
Chris Pollock

Group I, G-7


02 Univ. School-Jackson

09 Dickson



Jane Ramer

Phil Chadwick

Rebekah Kirkpatrick
Micheal Fultz
Jonathan Downs
Misty Evans

Group II, 103

12 Germantown

17 White Station


Melanie Contratto
Sueanne Sprunger

Paul D. Prather

Laura Hunt
Selena Parnell
Elizabeth Hinds
Dustin Summers
Melinda Garrett

Group III, 202

25 Kirby

29 Dresden

11 Hutchison

Jane Hackett

Linda Morris

Mary Lee Wesberry

Erika Tritt
Emily King
Brandon Newman
Chris Marshall
Dawn Taylor

Group IV, 207

23 Camden

82 Houston

84 Brighton



Sonya Chapman

Martha Gunn-Poole & Dr. Bob Roberts

Jinx Rasmussen


Hal Miller
Clint Myers
Ginger Phillips
Amanda Coke
Emili Reeves

Group V, 219

45 Bartlett

90 Overton (Memphis)

10 McEwen

Carrie Steakley &Teke Totty

Margret Jackson

Contance Brown


John Rippy
William Runion
Lindsay Watson
Beth Smith
Brooke Sykes

Group VI, 227

94 Obion

95 Smyrna

36 Martin Westview

06 Gleason

Dianne Austin

Barry Vetter

Marion Pitts

Betty Jackson


155 students from 15 high schools participated.

Top eleven scores on the written test are:

80 Kenneth Robertson, Dickson
75 Lingyun Xiong, White Station
73 James Adler, White Station
73 Andy Nishimoto, Houston
72 Jacob Trass, Houston
71 Ben Gabor, Houston
71 Joel Revalee, White Station
71 Jacob Sharp, Brighton
71 Sarah Williamson, Houston
68 Lauren Schussler, Houston
68 Matthew Taylor, Houston

Highest category scores are:

Biology: Jacob Sharp from Brighton with a score of 72.
Chemistry: Kenneth Robertson from Dickson and Denise Umpierrez from Houston both with a score of 88.
General Science: Joel Revalee from White Station with a score of 96.

Highest scores from each school are:

Bartlett: Kevin Holst
Brighton: Jacob Sharp
Camden: John Carruth
Dickson: Kenneth Robertson
Dresden: Linda Farmer
Gleason: Juliet Dillard
Houston: Andy Nishimoto
Kirby: Stephanie Lewis
McEwene: Spencer Simmons
Obion: Bradley Zill
Overton: Andrew Aoffman and Chemetra Patrick
Smyrna: Jason Parker
USJ: Christopher Field
Westview: Ron Peckham
White Station: Lingyun Xiong

Certificates of Merit in Categories

William Siler, General Science
Tricia Goetzka, General Science and Biology
Kevin Holst, General Science and Biology
Ryan Deboard, Biology
William Boywid, Biology
James Epling, Biology
Amber Iacopellid, Biology

Jacob Sharp, General Science and Biology

John Carruth, General Science

Kenneth Robertson, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry

Linda Farmer, Biology

Ben Gabor, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry
Andy Nishimoto, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry
Jacob Traas, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry
Lauren Schussler, General Science and Chemistry
Sarah Williamson, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry
Matthew Taylor, General Science and Chemistry
Denise Umpierrez, Chemistry
Xiao She, Chemistry
Dan Roberts, Chemistry
Wingyan Yeung, Chemistry
David Dralle, Chemistry and Biology
Nathan Karst, Biology

Stephanie Lewis, Biology

Adam Strength, Chemistry
Jason Parker, Biology

Matthew Evans, General Science
Christopher Field, General Science
Nathan Smith, Biology
Adrian Rutledge, Biology
Sergio Salazar, Biology

Ron Peckham, General Science

White Station
Lingyun Xiong, General Science and Chemistry
Joel Revalee, General Science and Chemistry
James Adler, General Science, Biology, and Chemistry

The top eight schools chosen for the Science Bowl were:

Bartlett, Brighton, Dickson, Houston, Smyrna, USJ, Westview, and White Station

Houston High School won the championship over first runner-up White Station. The second runner-up schools were Bartlett and Westview.



Biology: Drs. Nancy L. Buschhaus, Darrell L. Ray, Alice Mills & Wilburn A. Sliger
Chemistry: Drs. S. K. Airee, , Rosemary Effiong, Nancy W. Hinds, Jozsef Devenyi & Charles R. Thomas
Demonstrations: Dr. Nancy W. Hinds, and Physics Faculty
Education: Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn
Physics: Drs. Lionel J. Crews, Cahit Erkal & Richard S. Taylor


MC's ; M.C. Helpers :
Selena Parnell, Amanda Coke, Micheal Fultz, Clint Myers & Chris Marshall ;Dustin Summers, Alisha Clark, Brooke Sykes, Katie Hayes, Brandon Newman, Laura Hunt & Erika Tritt

Time keepers: Andrew Bernard, Ryan Hartley, Melinda Garrett, Elizabeth Hinds, Dan Comer, Casey Bevis, Katie Hayes, Emily King, Emili Reeves,
Score keepers
: John Rippy, Rebekah Kirkpatrick, William Runions, Eliza Whitten, James Clapper, John Rawlings

Demonstrations Program

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nancy Hinds

SAACS: Melinda Garrett, Micheal Fultz, Clint Myers, Hal Miller, John Rippy,

Glowing Pickle
Fire and Ice
William Tell
Stop Light
Beating Heart
Elephant's Toothpaste
Genie in a Bottle
Big Blow
Fire Works
Glowing Ammonia Fountain
Magic Wand
Indian Rope Trick



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