Twenty-fifth Annual
High School Science Bowl
Saturday, November 13, 2004
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Sponsored by
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society* (SAACS)

"Science Bowl Rocks" Streaming Video




Students in Assigned Rooms
in Johnson EPS Building


Written Test


  Johnson EPS Room G-2


A Climatology Workshop for teachers "SOS from Stratosphere Ozone Smog" by Dr. Mark Simpson.

Teachers Photo

 10:30 & 11:15

 Johnson EPS Room 204

Physics and Chemistry
(Photos below)

Group Photos


Boling Center Lobby

Post Winners' List &
Presentation of Prizes

 1:30 to 4:00

 Boling University Center
Ballroom & 230

Bowl Games

 4 PM

Boling Center Room 230


*SAACS: Officers: Minesh S. Patel, President; Andy R. Bernard, Vice President; Emily Bethart, Secretary; Kala Smith, Treasurer; & Dr. S. K. Airee, Faculty Advisor

**Handbooks of Chemistry and Physics for the highest scorer from each of the top 8 schools and T-Shirts to the highest score from each school.
***Permanent trophies to champion and runner-up high schools, and appropriate medallions to the members of the top four teams in the bowl games.

Room Assignments:

SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers


Emily C. Bethart
Alexandria L. Boyce
Kendra D. Salter

Group I, G-7

112 Bartlett

114 Brighton

116 Bruceton


Theresa Pierce (Teke) Totty

Richard Montoya & Linda Hersper

Larry Robison &
Theresa Scott

Dan Comer
Phoung Nguyen
Audrey Smith

Group II, 103


118 Creek Wood

122 Dickson

125 Germantown

126 Giles Co

127 Gleason



Phillip Chadwick

John Lett

Amy Adams

Jean Bryan

Betty Jackson

Meera S. Patel
S. Katie Allen
Andy K. Nielsen


Group III, 202

132 Houston

136 Hutchison

142 Madison Academic

144 Memphis Univ. School

Martha Gunn Poole & Bob Roberts

Faunne V. Brown

Wille Chandler

John Olson & Al Shaw

Ali Smith
Charles Orton
C. Brad Bledsoe

Group IV, 207

146 Obion Co

164 Union City


Kim Crews & Diane Austin

Melanie Thorpe Mitchell & Angela Keathley

Andy R. Bernard
Delana J. McDaniel
Jonathan A. Bain

Group V, 219

166 Univ School of Jackson

Jane Ramer & Malea Mullins

Kala Smith
Julie Liu
Rodel Cacas

Group VI, 227

172 Waverly County Central

174 Westview

176 White Station


Bobby Einerson

Marion Pitts

Paul D. Prather


The following schools participated

Bartlett High School

Brighton High School

Bruceton High School

Creek Wood High School

Germantown High School

Giles County High School

Gleason High School

Houston High School

Hutchison School

Madison Academic High School

Obion County Central

Union City High School

University School of Jackson

Waverly County Central

Westview High School

White Station High School



2004 HSSB Champions White Station High School
Sitting (l to r): Pulak Goswami, Eric M. Chin, Tianhe Zhang, John C. O'Connor ;
Standing : Dr. S.K. Airee, Rebecca W. Tang, Abhijith Eswarappa, Anand D. Parikshak, Gregory H. Burnham, sponsoring teacher Paul Prather, SAACS president Minesh Patel


2004 HSSB First Runners up Houston High School
Sitting (l to r): Roxana Naderi, Karlen E. Ruleman, Rachel M. Taylor, Jamie L. Jackson ;
Standing : Vicky E. Ruleman, Dr. Bob Roberts, Jack P. Mo, Xiaoshan Cai, Martha Gunn Poole, Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn, SAACS president Minesh Patel

2004 HSSB Second Runners up Bartlett High School
Sitting (l to r): Westley A. Simpson, Winfred P. Corder, Peter Ross, Michael C. Price ;
Standing : SAACS vice president Andrew R. Bernard, Dr. Nancy W. Hinds, sponsoring teacher Teke Totty, SAACS president Minesh Patel


2004 HSSB Second Runners up Giles County High School
Knealing : Sponsoring teacher, Jean Bryan
Standing (l to r): Dr. S.K. Airee, Giles Co. Bowl Participants, SAACS vice president Adnrew R. Bernard


(listed by random drawing)

A. Bartlett High School
B. Germantown High School
C. University School of Jackson
D. White Station High School
E. Hutchison High School
F. Houston High School
G. Waverly County Central
H. Giles County High School

Bowl Brackets


A. Bartlett   A. Bartlett  D. White Station  D. White Station
B. Germantown
C. USJ  D. White Station
D. White Station
E. Hutchison  F. Houston  F. Houston
F. Houston
G.Waverly  H. Giles. Co.
H. Giles Co.


Top Ten Scores

84 Eric Chin, White Station
84 John O' Connor, White Station
83 Tianhe Zhang, White Station
83 Peter Ross, Bartlett
80 Jamie Jackson, Houston
79 Pulak Goswami, White Station
72 Karlen Ruleman, Houston
71 Abhijith Eswarappa, White Station
68 Gregory Burnham, White Station
68 Justin Matthews, Giles Co.

High Score by School

Bryan Hulsey, Brighton
Brian Abbott, Bruceton
Michael Fye, Creekwood
Logan Mcneive, Germantown
Josh Verdell, Gleason
Anna Kim, Hutchison
Virgilio Gozum, Madison Academic
Albern Connelly, Obion Co.
Nancy Tan, Union City
Ryan Judd, USJ
Wesley Bradford, Waverly
Allister Wilton, Westview

Certificates of Merit in Categories
Students scoring above 50% in Biology and 68% inChemistry and 72% in Gen. Science earned certificates of merit in the respective category/ies.)

Michael C. Price, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Peter Ross, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Nathanial W. Mosher, Gen. Science

Bryan N. Hulsey, Gen. Science

Michael C. Fye, Biology
Christopher G. Smith, Biology

Marcia J. Turco, Chemistry
Anthony B. Coleman, Biology
Logan R. McNeive, Chemistry
Matt R. Ross Spring, Chemistry

Giles County
Benjamin T. Sweitzer, Chemistry
Justin B. Matthews, Biology, Chemistry

Jamie L. Jackson, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Roxana Naderi, Biology
Karlen E. Ruleman, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Rachel M. Taylor, Biology
Vicky E. Ruleman, Chemistry
Xiaoshan Cai, Chemistry

Anna M. Kim, Biology
Sara E. Jones, Chemistry

Madison Academic
Sonia E. Pernia, Biology

University School of Jackson
Alex J. Kovalic, Biology
Namrata N. Patel, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Zachary H. Cowden, Gen. Science
Ryan D. Judd, Biology, Gen. Science
Margaret A. Jaco, Biology
Robert T. Smallwood, Biology
Sarah E. Prid, Biology

Waverly County Central
Tazley A. Hotz, Chemistry
Wesley J. Bradford, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Andy L. Couch, Biology

Allister E. Wilton, Chemistry

White Station
John C. O'Connor, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Pulak Goswami, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Gregory H. Burnham, Biology, Gen. Science
Abhijith Eswarappa, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Eric M. Chin, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Tianhe Zhang, Biology, Chemistry, Gen. Science
Rebecca W. Tang, Chemistry, Gen. Science


Bowl Faculty & Staff:

Biology: Drs. Wilburn A. Sliger, H. Mike Turner, Jean Lu, & Heather Wilkins
Drs. S. K. Airee, Robert L. Hartshorn, Nancy W. Hinds, Rosemary Effiong & Charles Thomas
Geosciences & Physics:
Drs. Robert M. Simpson, Lionel J. Crews, Cahit Erkal, & Misganaw Getaneh
Staff: Lana Ferrell (Chemistry), John Abel (UC), Sreve Lemond & Holly Michael (UTMCC)


MC's: Minesh Patel, Andy Bernard, Dan Comer
President's Assistant: Emily Bethart
M.C. Helpers : Jonathan Bain, Rodel Cacas, Nick Appleton, Audrey Smith, Kala Smith
Time Keepers: Kendra Salter, Alexandria Boyce, Delana McDaniel, Emily Bethart
Score Keepers: Ali Smith, Phoung Nguyen, Meera Patel
Computer Grading: Roger Roney & Steve Lemond (UTMCC) and SAACS Minesh Patel, Kala Smith, Emily Bethart, Julie Liu, Kendra Salter

Climatology Workshop for Teachers (9 AM): offered by Dr. Robert M. Simpson on
"SOS from Stratosphere, Ozone, and Smog"

Physics & Chemistry Demonstrations (10:30/11:15):
Faculty: Dr. Nancy Hinds,
Students: Andy Bernard, Jonathan Bain, Dan Comer, Katie Allen, Delana McDaniel

The wrtitten test was prepared by Drs. S. K. Airee, William A. Sliger and Cahit Erkal, with proof reading help by Drs. Phillip Davis, William Solomons, and Tahira Arshed. Special thanks to chemistry department secretary Lana Ferrell for pains-taking formatting/compiling

The Bowl Questions submitted by the bowl faculty were incorporated into a PowerPoint set up for category and toss-up files for the games by Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn.