29th Annual
High School Science Bowl

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The University of Tennessee at Martin

Sponsored by

Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society* (SAACS)
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"Science Bowl Rocks" Streaming Video from 2004 Bowl


 8:30 - 9:00


Johnson EPS Building
Room G-7


Refreshments for Organizers & Teachers

 9:00 - 10:30

  Students report to
Assigned Rooms
(see below)


Written Test for students
Workshop for Teachers in G-7 (Vernier Software and Hardware for Data Handling) by Dr. Phillip H. Davis

 10:30 & 11:00

 Johnson EPS

Quad Entrance


Group Photos

 11:00 - 12 noon


Biofuels by Dr. Timothy N. Burcham

 1:30 to 4:00

 Boling University Center
Ballroom & 230

Bowl Games

 4 PM

Boling Center



* T-Shirts to the highest score from each school. Permanent trophies to champion and runner-up high schools, and appropriate medallions to the members of the top four teams in the bowl games.


Room Assignments:

SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers



Elizabeth Abernathy
Lauren Bivens
Bradley Bugg
Carol Chan
Joseph Cook

Group I, 204

127 Gleason (20)

166 Univ School of Jackson (20)

Trinity Christian Academy (20)



Betty Jackson

Jane Ramer, Malea Mullins, Judy Sanderson

Kelly Shanks

Matthew Davis
Casey Ellington
James Griffin
Christy Lowe

Group II, 202


136 Hutchison (6-7)

132 Houston (25)

Faunne Brown

Martha Gunn Poole, Bob Roberts


Carolyn Nguyen
Jonathan Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
Asish Patel

Group III, 219

118 Creekwood (6)

Bartlett (20)

174 Martin Westview (18)

Joe Ridgeway

Teke Totty

Jessica Hightower & Kim Simmons

Punam Patel
Kayla Poindexter
Robert Unger
Kiran Vaswani

Group 1V, 227

172 Waverly Central (18)

144 Memphis University School (8)

142 Madison Academic (5-10)



Robby Einerson, Kenny Crowell

Michael Schwartz, Analice Sowell

Willie Chandler



Bowl Faculty, Staff and SAACS

Biology: Drs. James Smart, Ann Gathers, Andy Sliger and Kevin Pitz

Chemistry: Drs. Nancy Hinds, Carol Blanchard, Bob Hartshorn, Phil Davis

Physics: Drs. Cahit Erkal, Misganaw Getaneh and Linglong Li

Agriculture: Dr. Timothy N. Burcham

Staff: Lana Ferrell, Steve Lemond, John Abel & UC staff, Tomi Parriss

SAACS: Elizabeth Abernathy, Tiffany Brewer, Carol Chan, Casey Ellington, James Griffin, Corey Jones, Christy Lowe, Carolyn Nguyen, Jonathan Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Ashish Patel, Punam Patel, Lepold. Phiapalath, Kayla Poindexter, Casey Unger and Kiran Vaswani

Science Bowl Report

One hundred nine students from eleven schools (four from Memphis inclung Bartlett & Germantown, three from Jackson, Martin, Gleason, Waverly and Charlotte) participated.

Highest overall score of 92 was made by Connor Gilroy of the University School of Jackson.

Highest scores in categories were:

Biology, 96 by Connor Gilroy of USJ and Isaac Park of Houston High School

Chemistry, 96 by Connor Gilroy of USJ and Rahul Kumar of Memphis University School (MUS)

General Science, 96 by Harrison Rea of MUS

Eight schools chosen for the afternoon Bowl games were: Bartlett, Houston, Hutchison, Madison Academic, Martin Westview, MUS, USJ and Waverly.

Second runner-up schools were: Bartlett and USJ

First runner-up: Memphis University School

Champion: Houston High School, Germantown

Top Ten Scores

1. Connor Gilroy, USJ, 92

2. Isaac Park, Houston 88

3. Amanda Jones, Hutchison 88

4. Harrison Rea, MUS 84

5. Robert Davis, Westview 84

6. Josh Feler, MUS 84

7. Ivan Noltenius, Houston 79

8. Eric Emerling, Houston 76

9. Rahul Kumar, MUS 76

10. Alec Emerling, Houston 73

Top Score From Each School

Bartlett, Morgan L. Henry

Creek Wood, Timothy B. White

Gleason, Katie Snider

Houston, Isaac Park

Hutchinson, Amanda M. Jones

Madison Academic, Hillary M. Gause

MUS, Josh Feler & Harrison Rea

Trinity Christian Academy, Rachel C. Adams

USJ, Connor C. Gillroy

Waverly County Central, Kerey Leydens & Maggie Ragan

Westview, Robert Davis