The following schools have registered as of October 18:

Fulton High School , Dale Reid

Dyersburg High School, Kim Decker

Hutchison School, Memphis, Faunne Brown

Madison Academic, Jackson, Willie Chandler

Westview High School, Martin, Marion Pitts

Memphis University School, Michael Schwartz

Scotts Hill High School, Henderson Co, Mark Powers

Trinity Christian Academy, Jackson, Kelly Shanks

Union City High School, Mandy Hopper

University School of Jackson, Jane Ramer

Waverly Central High School, Robby Einerson & Kenny Crowell

White Station, Memphis, Crystal Davis


Area high schools are invited to send teams to the 28th Annual Science Bowl at UT Martin and can register for the Nov. 10 event by email or phone. The registration deadline is Oct. 26. The rules for Science Bowl can be accessed on the web at


In conjunction with the Science Bowl, the Kentucky Lake Section of the American Chemical Society will offer a free workshop on Safety in the Chemistry Workplace on Nov. 10 at the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Participants in the workshop will be made aware of hazards which may have been overlooked and of the resources and options available to remedy those hazards. This workshop is intended to create a better, safer place for students to learn. Topics will include personal protective equipment, waste management, proper storage of hazardous materials, etc.

This workshop is sponsored by the Kentucky Lake Section of the ACS with support from an Innovative Projects Grant from the ACS. Literature and other mementos will be provided free for participants. Mileage will be partially reimbursed and a certificate of participation will be presented to each attendee.

The science bowl is sponsored by the UT Martin Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. For the written test covering biology, chemistry and general science, there is no limit on the number of students each school may enter. Each test will have 25 questions from each of the three categories.

From the written test, eight schools will be chosen for the afternoon bowl competition based on comparing the average total score of two of each school's highest scoring students. The rules are similar to the former TV show, "The G.E. College Bowl." The prizes will include trophies for champion and runner-up schools, gold, silver and bronze medallions for all team members. All schools will be provided Chem Time Clocks on which the element symbols replace the usual 24 numbers for military time and each students will get a wallet card and a drink cup featuring periodic table.

For registration or information, email skairee@utm.edu or call 731-881-7450/7454.


The program of last year's Science Bowl appears below.


27th Annual Science Bowl


The 27th annual Science Bowl is this Saturday, March 3.

The following eight schools have registered and they will all play the bowl games. Room assignments for the written test are as follows:

Room Assignments:

SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers


Brandy Griggs
Kendra D. Salter
James A. Fisette
Carol Chan

Group I, 202

127 Gleason

166 Univ School of Jackson

142 Madison Academic


Betty Jackson

Jane Ramer

 Willie Chandler

Tim Shortess
Phoung Nguyen
Audrey Smith
Charles H. Mitchell

Group II, 207

174 Martin Westview

146 Obion County


Marion Pitts

Kim Crews


Brad Bledsoe
Lucia Lopez
Kiran G. Vaswani


Group III, 219

132 Houston

136 Hutchison

176 White Station

Martha Gunn Poole & Bob Roberts

Faunne V. Brown

Paul Prather



Martin Westview

University School of Jackson

Madison Academic





White Station


This year instead of playing all the bowl games in the afternoon, we will start the games around 11 AM so that the four games would have been played by lunch time. After lunch the final three games will be played and everybody can go home before 3 PM. Instead of starting at 9 AM, we would start at 8:30. The program looks like below:


8:30 - 10.00 Written Test for students (EPS 219, 202 & 207)

Refreshments & Green Chemistry Presentation for teachers (EPS 227)

Drawing to match schools for the bowl games (A vs B, C vs D, etc)

10:00 ­10:15 Group pictures

10:20 ­11:00 Demonstration (EPS 204)

11:15 ­ 12 noon Bowl Games in UC (ballroom & UC 230)

Lunch Break

1:00 - ~2:15 Finals & Awards


Four top scoring students and teachers from all schools would get souvenir Science Bowl T-shirts. Champions/first runner-up teams get the trophies for the schools and gold medallions for team members. Second runner-up team members get bronze medallions. Top scoring students from each school and overall scores will be listed on the Science Bowl web page. The highest (overall) scoring student will receive CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Please let me know any comments that you may have. If 8:30 is too early, we can start the written test a bit late for your school. All schools need to have at least 4 students for playing the bowl games as per rules listed on the web at








Four to five students (from West Tennessee region for Kentucky Lake Section of the American Chemical Society) scoring high on the chemistry portion of the written test will be invited to participate in the national examination (to be administered in Martin either April 27 or April 30) for selection to the International Chemistry Olympiad (to be held in Moscow on July 15)


NOTE: Attention was given to changing the date but facilities availability and schedule conflicts forced us to stick with the March 3 date. In future we may come back to scheduling on the second Saturday in November.


Highlights from the last bowl:

Twenty-sixth Annual
High School Science Bowl
Saturday, November 12, 2005
The University of Tennessee at Martin
Sponsored by
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society* (SAACS)

Check the Bowl Rules by clicking here

"Science Bowl Rocks" Streaming Video from 2004 Bowl




Students in Assigned Rooms
in Johnson EPS Building


Written Test


  Johnson EPS

Room 318

(Lab 306)


Green Chemistry Mini Work Shop for Teachers by Dr. Sally Henrie

Teachers Group Photo

 10:30 & 11:15

 Johnson EPS

Room 204

Green Chemistry
Michael Tinnesand, Dr. Hinds & SAACS

Group Photos


Boling Center Lobby

Post Winners' List &
Presentation of Prizes

 1:30 to 4:00

 Boling University Center
Ballroom & 230

Bowl Games

 4 PM

Boling Center

Room 230


*SAACS: Officers:Andy R. Bernard, President; Jon Bain, Vice President; Nicolas Appleton, Treasurer; Delana McDaniel, Rodel Cacas, & Julie Liu are members of the Executive Committee; & Dr. S. K. Airee, Faculty Advisor
Homepage: http://www.utm.edu/saacs

** T-Shirts to the highest score from each school.
***Permanent trophies to champion and runner-up high schools, and appropriate medallions to the members of the top four teams in the bowl games.


Room Assignments:

SAACS Group Leaders

 Group, Room
School ID & Name

 High School Teachers

Alexandria L. Boyce
Kendra D. Salter
Sidney C. Abramson
Dani Avent
James A. Fisette
Jilandra F. Williams
Sam R. Patel

Group I, 202

112 Bartlett

118 Creek Wood


Theresa Pierce (Teke) Totty

Joe Ridgway



Phoung Nguyen
Audrey Smith
Dan Comer
Tymikia S. Glenn
Charles H. Mitchell
William W. Wade

Group II, 207


125 Germantown

127 Gleason


Amy Adams

Betty Jackson


Nick C. Appleton
Tucker Leigh
Edurne Lopez
Lucia Lopez
Andrew K. Nielsen
Kiran G. Vaswani


Group III, 317

132 Houston

136 Hutchison

Martha Gunn Poole & Bob Roberts

Faunne V. Brown




Charles Orton
C. Brad Bledsoe
Megan N. Malin
Chad R. Waters
Robert H. Mitchell
William J. Morrison

Group IV, 227


142 Madison Academic

164 Union City


Willie Chandler

Beverly Dones

Jonathan A. Bain
Delana J. McDaniel
Justin D. Sutton
Malinda G. Parman
Brolin G. Poole
Tobey A. Taylor

Group V, 219

166 Univ School of Jackson

Jane Ramer
Andy R. Bernard
Rodel Cacas
Julie Liu
Tanisha D. Stewart
Angela R. Murley
Shuntaro Tsutiyama

Group VI, 103


172 Waverly County Central

176 White Station



Bobby Einerson & Tracey Henson

Paul D. Prather


Bowl Faculty & Staff:

Biology: Drs. Ann Gathers, James L. Smart, Jean Lu, & H. DawnWilkins
Drs. S. K. Airee, Robert L. Hartshorn, Nancy W. Hinds, & Rosemary Effiong
Geosciences & Physics:
Drs. Lionel J. Crews, Cahit Erkal, & Misganaw Getaneh
Staff: Lana Ferrell (Chemistry), John Abel & Brad Hadley(UC), Sreve Lemond & Roger Roney (UTMCC)


MC's: Andy Bernard, Rodel Cacas, Tucker Leigh
M.C. Helpers : Jonathan Bain, Shuntaro Tsukiyama, Nick Appleton, Audrey Smith, Chad Waters
Time Keepers: Kendra Salter, Alexandria Boyce, Kiran Vaswani, Lucia Lopez
Score Keepers: Tina Knox, Tanisha Srewart, Phoung Nguyen, Robert Mitchell, James Fisette
Computer Grading: Steve Lemond and Roger Roney (UTMCC) and SAACS Delana McDaniel, Sam Patel, Tobey Taylor, Shuntaro Tsutiyama
Buzzers: Blake Poole, Will Wade, Justin Sutton, Megan Malin

Green Chemistry Demonstrations (10:30/11:15):
ACS Associate Director of Acaemic Programs Michael Tinnesand and Dr. Nancy Hinds,
Students: Chad Waters, Megan Malin, Rodel Cacas, Kiran Vaswani, Brad Bledsoe

The wrtitten test was prepared by Drs. S. K. Airee, Ann Gathers and Cahit Erkal, with proof reading help by Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn.. Special thanks to chemistry department secretary Lana Ferrell for pains-taking formatting/compiling

The Bowl Questions submitted by the bowl faculty were incorporated into a PowerPoint set up for category and toss-up files for the games by Dr. Robert L. Hartshorn.



This year 128 students from 11 schools located at Bartlett, Memphis, Germantown, Waverly, Union City, Jackson, Gleason, and Creek Wood participated.

White Station High School won the championship with Waverly Central as first runner-up. Second runner-up schools were Houston and Germantown.

On the written test the highest overall score was Abhijith Eswarappa of WSHS, and highest category scores were David Crowell of WSHS in biology, Eugene Ng of Bartlett in chemistry and Catharina Grubaugh of WSHS in physics/general science.

Waverly Central
Waverly Central
Waverly Central
Madison Academic
White Station
White Station
White Station
White Station

White Station High School were the champions in the 26th High School Science Bowl sponsored by the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) on November 12

Waverly Central was the first runner-up in this year's Science Bowl

Certificates of Merit
Top 10% in Category (Biology, Chemistry & Physics) School's Highest Score (SHS)

Bartlett High School:

Linda A. Beckwith: Chemistry & Biology
Mallory E. Bowden: Biology
Eugen Ng: SHS & Physics
Kristin E. Pugh: Physics
Creedwood High School:
Tommy McGee: SHS
Christin M. Smith: Physics

Germantown High School:
Kimberly A. Khod; Chemistry
Hannah Smith; SHS & Chemistry

Gleason High School:
Michael L. Musser, SHS & Chemistry

Houston High School:
Xiaoshan Cai; SHS, Chemistry & Physics

Hutchison High School:
Anna M. Kim; Biology
Jennifer Ward; SHS

Madison Academic School:
Virgilio Gozum; SHS
Gwendolyn J. Holtzclaw; Chemistry
Sonia E. Pernia; Chemistry

Union City High School:
Isaac H. Poore; Physics
Rebecca Regan; SHS

University School of Jackson:
Allan G. Hess; Chemistry
Will A. Lewis; SHS, Biology & Chemistry
Lucas D. Presley; Biology
Logan A. Williams; Physics

Waverly Central High School:
Wesley Bradford; SHS
Erin DeCarlo; SHS

White Station High School;
Katie Douglas; Biology & Physics
Abhijith Eshwarappa; SHS. Biology, Chemistry & Physics
David L. Crowell; Biology & Physics
Catharina Grubaugh; Biology
Elizabeth Gud; Biology


Participating Schools

Bartlett High School

Creekwood High School

Gleason High School

Houston High School

Hutchison High School

Madison Academic School

Union City High School

University School of Jackson

Waverly Central High School

White Station High School



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