Sarah McCormick, Associate Professor of Dance



Department of Visual & Theatre Arts



Dance is the hidden language of the soul.  ~Martha Graham


Guest Artists

As Director of UTM Dance Ensemble I provide and expose students to a diversity of Guest Artists and teaching styles.

2010: included an Alumni Dance Show, bringing back 4 Dance Education students to create works on Ensemble.

2012: Ms. Cornelia from Martin Ballet Studio taught a master ballet class Justin Paschall (alumni) came to teach K-5 teaching methods and approaches workshop; and Carone Tharp Hip Hop Artist choreographed a hip hop work for Ensemble

2013: Kevin Thomas from Collage Dance Collective in Memphis came to teach a master class in ballet

2014: Collage Dance Collective Company came to perform 2 major dance works as part of UTM Ensemble's Spring show 2014; Peggy & Murray Schwartz came as Honors Lecturers. During their visit they came into Choreography class to review a dance that was reconstructed by Ms. Schwartz based on African-American Dance Master, Pearl Primus. The students in Choreography I & II performed in their Lecture Demonstration March 2014. In Fall 2014, we had guest artist Sarah Fagan for ballet.

2015: Brandye Lee contemporary guest artist from Collage Dance Collective. In Fall 2015, Nikki Lewis from Memphis Ballet taught a master class in Ballet II.

Pics below are from Peggy & Murray Schwartz lecture with dancers from Bushasche as well as guest artists Sarah Fagan, Brandye Lee, and Nikki Lewis.