ENG 111

Fall 2002


READING GUIDE:  Extraordinary Minds, chapter 9—Lessons


Vocabulary . . .


Travail (p. 140)

Estranged (p. 141)

Leaven (p. 141)

Don (p. 143)

Garb (p. 143)

Iconoclastic (p. 145)

Explicit (p. 147)

Conundrum (p. 148)

Sine qua non (p. 152)

Finitude (p. 155)

Disillusion (p. 161)

Concomitant (p. 159)


Notes . . .


In this final chapter, Gardner returns to the third goal of his book:  to “look to the lives of extraordinary individuals for specific insights about how others—put bluntly, the rest of us mere mortals—might lead more productive and satisfying lives.”


I think most of the information is pretty straightforward and requires no additional comment from me.  Here are just a few things.