ENG 111.36 and AC2, ENG 111.29

Fall 2002




This is a day-to-day schedule of the work of our class.  If any changes are necessary—and I do reserve the right to make them—I will of course notify you with plenty of advance notice.


Week One:  Aug 19-23


Mon       introduction to the course, the materials, the teacher.


Wed       introduction Extraordinary Minds (EM).


Thu         practice quiz over EM, chapter 1.  (CHS only.)


Fri           practice quiz over EM, chapter 1.


Week Two:  Aug 26-30


Mon       quiz one over EM, chapter 2.


Wed       quiz two over EM, chapter 3.  Assign Paper One.


Fri           strategies for Paper One.


Week Three:  Sep 02-06


Mon       NO CLASS—Labor Day.


Wed       Paper One due.


Fri           quiz three over EM, chapter 4:  Mozart.  Assign Paper Two.


Week Four:  Sep 09-13


Mon       watch movie “Searching for Bobby Fischer.”


Wed       strategies for Paper Two.


Fri           Paper Two, written as an in-class essay.


Week Five:  Sep 16-20


Mon       quiz four over EM, chapter 5: Freud.


Wed       freewrite one over Einstein, chapters 1-3.


Fri           freewrite two over Einstein, chapters 4-6.


Week Six:  Sep 23-27


Mon       freewrite three over Einstein, chapters 7-9.


Wed       freewrite four over Einstein, chapters10-11.


Fri           Einstein, chapters 12-end.  Assign Paper Three.


Week Seven:  Sep 30-Oct 04


Mon       strategies for Paper Three.


Wed       Paper Three due.  Assign Revision One.


Fri           Fall Break for CHS; no class.


Week Eight:  Oct 07-11


Mon       Revision One due.


Wed       quiz five over EM, chapter 6:  Woolf.


Fri           freewrite five over Rich, “When we dead awaken.”


Week Nine:  Oct 14-18


Mon       freewrite six over Cassatt biography, paintings, and book review.


Wed       Dowd, “The baby bust.”  Assign Paper Four.


Fri           Fall break for UTM, no class.


Week Ten:  Oct 21-25


Mon       strategies for Paper Four.


Wed       strategies for Paper Four.


Fri           Paper Four due.


Week Eleven:  Oct 28-Nov 01


Mon       quiz six over EM, chapter 7:  Gandhi.


Wed       freewrite seven over Autobiography:  The Story of My Experiments with Truth (Truth), Part I, chapters XIII-XXIV.


Fri           freewrite eight over Truth, Part II, chapters I-XI.


Week Twelve:  Nov 04-08


Mon       freewrite nine over Truth, Part III, chapters VI-IX and XXII; Part IV, chapters IV-IX.


Wed       freewrite ten over Truth, Part IV, chapters XVIII-XX, XXVI, XXIX, XXXI-XXXVI.


Fri           Truth, Part V, chapters XII-XXV; XXIX-XXXIII, XXXIX.  Assign Paper Five.


Week Thirteen:  Nov 11-15


Mon       strategies for Paper Five.  (Veterans’ Day for CHS; no class.)


Wed       Paper Five due.  Assign Revision Two.


Fri           We begin to draw to a close:  seeing ourselves in the framework.


Week Fourteen:  Nov 18-22


Mon       Revision Two due.


Wed       quiz seven over EM, chapter 8.


Fri           quiz eight over EM, chapter 9.  Assign Paper Six.


Week Fifteen:  Nov 25-29


Mon       strategies for Paper Six.


Tue         Paper Six due (CHS).


Wed       Paper Six due.  (Thanksgiving holiday begins for CHS; no class for CHS students.)


Fri           Thanksgiving holiday; no class.


Week Sixteen:  Dec 02-06


Mon       Assign Portfolio.


Wed       course evaluations.


Fri           study day.


Finals Week:  Dec 09-13


Tue         Portfolio due at mass exam time (3-5 p.m.); place to be announced.