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Meet the Tennessee Great War Commissioners

  • Senator Douglas Henry and Commission Memebers
  • The Tennessee Great War Commission expresses its sadness for the passing on March 5, 2017 of one of its beloved members and Legislative Liaison, Senator Douglas Henry. Born on May 18, 1926, Senator Henry was the longest-serving member of the Tennessee Legislature, representing the 21st district.

Verdun in Pictures, 1916-2016

These pictures were taken by Dr. Stephen D. Carls during his and Dr. Alice-Catherine Carls’ visit to the Verdun battlefield in the summer of 2015. Clicking on a picture will bring up that picture’s caption.


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2016 Tennessee Great War Commission Symposium

Tennessee Great War Commission’s Commemoration of the United States’ Entry in World War I -- Memphis, April 8, 2017

Marilou Awiakta


There are no monuments
on the battlefield of love.
No verses for the brave,
no statues for the fallen,
nothing. . .
Except on damp grass
the footprints of children.

Verdun, 1965


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