Name(s) of Building:

Lovelace Home for Young Men; Freeman Hall; Blackman Hall; Atlanta Barracks


Construction Dates: 1921; Demolished 1973

Cost: $32,000

Brief History:

To meet growing enrollments, the Hall-Moody Normal School began construction of a new men's dormitory in 1921. It was completed later the same year and named the Lovelace Home for Young Men in honor of W. N. Lovelace, who donated to the college the land where the building stood. When the University of Tennessee purchased the Hall-Moody property it was renamed Freeman Hall and was used as a men's dorm between 1921 and 1973. A few sources from the 1930s inexplicably refer to the building as Blackman Hall. Newer dormitories grouped students on the south side of campus and were available after 1969. The building was demolished in the summer of 1973 to clear a site for the construction of  Gooch Hall.

When the junior college's male population departed for military service during World War II the building sat nearly unoccupied. After the Civil Aeronautics Administration expanded the UTJC flight training program in 1943, Freeman Hall was temporarily renamed the Atlanta Barracks and used to house Navy pilot trainees.